Jun 1, 2012

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2nd Message to ET Visitors Re: June 5 Contact Request

Woolaston Grange Crop Circle

Dear ET Visitors to Planet Earth,

Another reminder that we hope to meet with you on June 5 at the Jesse Marcel Library at 8 PM. Again, the library is located at latitude 46′ 33.23″ North, longitude 111’58.48″ West, elevation 4390 feet above sea level.

In moving toward our goal of opening a true conversation between our civilizations, we would like to present to you a series of questions which we believe are relevant to the creation of a relationship between our civilizations which will be built upon transparency, honesty, and trust. It is likely that you have acquired a great deal of information about human civilization over the time that you have been here observing this planet. Now we need to obtain certain information from you at the time of this initial meeting, and your responses to these questions will help to guide our future interactions with you. At this early stage it would be unwise for us to request a face-to-face meeting with your representatives, as there exist many unknowns to us, and very likely risks to you, in such a scenario. Therefore, we suggest that our initial meeting consist of you simply showing up, which in and of itself will represent a huge step forward in this process. In addition, we present to you the following list of questions to which you might respond through light signals sent to us from your spacecraft. We will be video recording your interaction with us and we will be able to discern your responses to these questions upon our review of our video data, allowing us to correlate your series of light signal responses with the order of our questions.

Please give us the honor of meeting with you and attempting to give to us your honest responses to these questions which we present below. We feel that our meeting will mark the beginning of new era for our own civilization and will hopefully be of benefit in some ways to your own civilization(s) as well.

Our questions:

1. Thank you for this meeting. Can we communicate now? (1 “BLINK” (light signal) = YES, 2 “BLINKS” = NO, 3 BLINKS = MAYBE, 4 BLINKS = CANNOT, OR SHOULD NOT, ANSWER)
2. Do you oppose deception?
3. Can we trust in what you say?
4. Do you have any intention of harming human beings or human civilization?
5. Is a friendship possible between our civilizations?
6. Do you, or another ET race of which you are aware, make some of the Crop Circles?
7. Can we collaborate in the production of this Crop Circle design in the U.K. this summer? (Show ET the design). Take a photo of Contact group holding the design. (Check the date / time settings on camera)
8. Do you perceive ways in which your civilization might benefit from a relationship with ours?
9. Have you, or other ET civilizations of which you are aware, been visiting this planet for at least 65 Earth years?
10. Do you believe that our nuclear weapons are immoral?
11. Have you tried to warn humanity about the dangers of our nuclear weapons?
12. Did your civilization ever struggle with finding solutions to your own “nuclear weapons conundrum”?
13. Has the U.S. military ever attempted to harm you or your spacecraft?
14. Is it your perception that our society has been deliberately misled about the reality of your presence here?
15. Do you have the capability of monitoring our internet?
16. Are you capable of communicating telepathically?
17. Is there more than one race of Extraterrestrial people visiting Earth?
18. Should we regard any race of Extraterrestrial people visiting Earth as a danger to our civilization?
19. Please rate your perception of humanity’s current level of overall “development”: (scale 1-10 “blinks”)
20. Do human beings share any traits in our physical appearance with your race?
21. Did your race evolve on a planet separate from Earth?
22. Does it please you to begin this relationship with us?
23. Does your civilization embrace the concept of the existence of a supreme being or conciousness in this universe?
24. Can we meet again for more in-depth discussion?

Thank you SO MUCH for meeting with us and for your honest answers to these questions. We will do our best to help build upon this relationship! We look forward to meeting with you on June 5. Peace out.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.
Adopt. Adapt. Evolve.

  1. I think there are some pretty good questions there, I’d like to know also if your civilisation has encountered the same problems we are having here on earth and how did you overcome these problems.

  2. Why use the image of Wollaston Grange crop circle?

    • Andy,
      I can reveal nothing regarding the source of the design at present. If the design shows up in a Genuine Crop Circle I will make you aware of the original design immediately. The word I used, “ilk”, was not intended to be pejorative, but simply descriptive of the mindset of those, apparently like yourself, who believe that all crop circles are man-made. My apology if you found the word offensive. I do try to be “love and light” to the extent that I am able. I, and many others, are trying to understand certain enigmas occurring in our world which appear to be possibly connected. These would include the Crop Circle, UFO, alien abduction, and cattle (or large mammal) “mutilation” phenomena. The sum of evidence which derives from each of these enigmatic phenomena strongly suggests an agency which is not a part of our normal reality, and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis provides the most likely explanation for each of them. Time will tell if this is the correct explanation. I will admit that the Crop Circle Phenomenon may all be due to human activity, but given the fact that the UFO Phenomenon has been proven (to my mind) to be real, it then seems plausible that these Visitors may be involved in the Crop Circle Phenomenon as well. In my life’s experience of 57 years I have not yet come across human beings who are capable of consistently and repeatedly producing complex, error-free, highly detailed work in the dark, on a tight time schedule, “for free” and without hope for fame or publicity, thousands of times, in all kinds of inclement weather, while risking potential fine or imprisonment. I might believe in Extraterrestrials, but I do not believe in Superman.
      The line you refer to in the August 26 Hackpen Hill formation may be a “construction line”, or it may be intended as an integral part of the overall design. It certainly fits nicely within the design. I make no assumptions about this feature. If it is a “construction line”, would this rule out an Extraterrestrial explanation for the source of its creators? I do not think so. This is all the time I have for now Andy. Be well and do good work.

  3. No, I think you misunderstood my posting, probably I failed to explain it correctly…

    Having had many experiences at close quarters I believe we are being visited by many ET races for a variety of different agendas. I think the majority of crop-circles currently (and currently is an important word there) man-made. As for the reasons these guys do it, well art is a powerful motivator, ‘Why do they do it’ is one thing Colin Andrews and I regularly discuss, and having got to know some circle makers, it is obvious they regularly go out and do these things because they are there in the landscape. But we could debate that one for hours…

    Anyway, I write articles for a variety of magazines (such as Nexus etc) and I would be interested in interviewing you and your motivations for attempting contact experiments, which I think is excellent. I sometimes think we need to be less passive about contact…

  4. So, what was the outcome of this arranged meeting? Did any UFO appear, or any other phenomenon out of the ordinary?

    • Melissa,
      So far there has been no result, but this “experiment” is ongoing. Our proposed CC design remains on display to the sky here in Montana and will, hopefully, show up in its entirety this coming summer in a crop circle in the U.K. If it does then this will provide, IMO, very strong evidence that there is a non-human agency which is, and has been, deeply involved in the CC phenomenon. The design is displayed at an obscure, rural location here in Montana, and it is highly unlikely that its content could possibly be discovered by any group of CC hoaxers in the U.K. If an exact copy of this design appears in the crop fields of the U.K. this coming summer, and if this is discovered and noted by those in the U.K. that follow and document each new CC, I will definitely let you and everyone else know of what will be, if it occurs, a defining event in the CC phenomenon. Thanks for following the progress of this effort.

  5. Bob Evans says:

    During my research into this subject, I found several suggestions to, or possible Contact attempts … all seemed to be withheld … not sure why, but have possible theories

    The ET’s upped their over flights in October of 2010 … possibly to force our News Media to cover them and lead to an official First Contact … with no affect so far

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