Oct 28, 2010

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A Message To Our President Barack Obama 10/28/10

Richard O’Connor, M.D.

PMB 2046

1 Jackson Creek Road,

Clancy, MT 59634

October 28, 2010

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to request that you convene a meeting at the United Nations with every world leader who will agree to be present and to cooperate in an unrelenting and unfailing effort to negotiate an International Treaty providing for an immediate, world-wide, monitored, and enforceable ban of any and all Weapons of Mass Destruction. This world-wide ban of WMD’s would include a ban on the very concept of WMD’s, and would include all chemical, biological, and, most importantly, thermonuclear weapons, now and into the future. I request that the treaty call for the immediate dismantling and scrapping of all systems which support every nation’s current stockpiles of WMD’s of any description.

It is entirely appropriate that you, the President of the United States of America, be the one to bring this proposal to the negotiating table of the United Nations. It was the United States that first deployed an atomic WMD, it has been the United States that has played a key role in the escalation of the nuclear arms race, and it is the United States that now has a moral obligation to instigate a world-wide movement to ban the design, production, or deployment of WMD’s and the menace they represent to Earth’s biosphere and to the progress of our own civilization.

World stockpiles of nuclear arsenals represent a grave and unconscionable threat not only to the citizens of the United States, Russia, China, England, France, Israel, Pakistan, India, North Korea, and Iran, but to every man, woman, child, plant, animal, tree, fish, microbe, vertebrate and invertebrate on planet Earth. Policies supporting the production and potential deployment of WMD’s for any reason are unethical and immoral, and no longer can we consider any WMD to be a viable option in the protection of U.S. sovereignty or in the resolution of international conflict.

That the U.S. would never initiate a pre-emptive strike using a nuclear WMD is immaterial. There exists no system created by human beings that is fail-safe and fool-proof. As additional countries work to come online with their own nuclear WMD capability, the discrimination of phenomena that represent a true threat to the U.S. will become increasingly complex, problematic, and confusing. An accidental discharge of a single nuclear weapon could potentially unleash a chain of events resulting in the total devastation of the biosphere of planet Earth as we know it.

As the stewards of this garden we call planet Earth, we must refuse to countenance any longer the situation whereby we, of our own free will, expose the biosphere of Earth and our own civilization to potential devastation through an act of our own choosing. The citizens and the biosphere of Earth have been extremely fortunate that a tragic and devastating nuclear WMD accident has not occurred thus far. Our luck could run out tomorrow. Humanity must act decisively to extricate our civilization from this WMD conundrum, and time is of the essence. You, President Obama, are the world leader that can bring this dream of a WMD, nuclear weapons-free world, to our reality.   

I would be most happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as these arguments are presented to the U.S. Joint Chiefs, to the U.S. Secretary of Defense, and to any and all others who need to hear this message and act upon this proposal. Any support that you might require in implementing this proposal I am ready, willing, and eager to provide to you.

Thank you for your leadership and for your serious consideration of this proposal.


Richard O’Connor, M.D.

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