Jun 7, 2012

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A Poor Connection

To those of you who may have been following previous posts on this website, I want to make you aware that our group was not successful in making ET Contact during our June 5 attempt. Two written invitations for Contact, directed at the ET civilization(s) who are here visiting Earth, were recently posted on this website specifying a date, time, and location for a proposed Contact event. A group of people who were interested in and motivated to be involved in an ET Contact event did assemble for this proposed meeting, but ET did not show up. It would therefore appear that, for several possible reasons, the internet was not an effective tool for initiating ET Contact as had been hypothesized. We can postulate the following possible conclusions explaining why this attempt failed:
1.ET does not monitor our civilization’s internet;
a. ET is not technologically capable of monitoring our internet. (doubtful)
b. ET has the technological capability of monitoring our internet, but they do not do this. (doubtful)
2.ET does monitor our civilization’s internet;
a. ET monitors our internet and utilizes information gained from it, but will not respond to direct messaging attempts made through it. Why?
1. ET intends to build a relationship with humanity but;
a. At this point in the evolution of our “relationship” with them, ET desires to utilize more subtle means of communication;
1. Avoid any destabilization of our society.
2. Potential to overwhelm the internet.
a. ET is not capable of responding to a possible deluge of requests for Contact.
3. Close-up exposure of human beings to ET spacecraft is a biohazard to human beings?
a. 250 milliroentgen exposure to x-ray / gamma ray photons at 1000 meter distance from UFO have been measured and reported (500 times our legal standard limit – see Unconventional Flying Objects by Paul R. Hill).
2. ET does not seek a relationship with humanity at this point in time.
a. ET monitors our internet but uses this information only as a tool for maintaining their awareness of the “beat-to-beat” status of our civilization.
b. ET prefers to maintain the current boundary conditions of a long standing social system which continues to be under their observation.
1. ET does not interfere with the social evolution of civilizations under their surveillance.
2. It remains only ET’s prerogative to initiate Contact;
a. ET has their own agenda, and does not vary from it.
1. This premise is not supported by the reported Contact experiences of CSETI / Steven Greer.

Whatever the reason, this proposed method of initiating ET Contact through the use of the internet did not appear to work as we had hoped.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to all who came together yesterday evening to share in our attempt at ET Contact. Thirteen of us met together on June 5, 2012 and meditated for one hour between 8 – 9 PM MST at the Jesse A. Marcel Library while employing Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS) which has been previously described as a method of initiating ET Contact by Dr. Steven Greer and the CSETI group. Over that one hour we did not record any UFO activity in the sky above us on 2 video cameras which we had running throughout most of that hour, nor did any of us perceive ET through our 5 senses. (The weather was not ideal – low clouds, lightning and thunder, rain, and high winds gusting to 40 knots I would guess). In addition, we displayed a design to the sky, the specifics of which will remain unpublished for the time being. We will wait to see if this design might turn up as a Crop Circle design somewhere in the world at a location far remote from Montana over the course of this summer’s Crop Circle season. If that event does in fact occur, then we will have good evidence that, although it presently appears that our invitation for Contact was ignored, our gathering was in fact noted, closely observed, and a form of Contact did take place of which we were simply unaware.
If we do see this design become manifest in a Crop Circle over the course of the coming summer, I will definitely let you know.

To any ET civilizations which may obtain and utilize information from our internet

I am reasonably certain that you were aware of our invitation and that you (apparently) chose not to respond. Our group was disappointed that we were unable to meet with you in some fashion. If your decision to not respond to this invitation was due to your concerns regarding your own safety, the physical and/or social safety of our group, or to concerns that such a meeting, initiated through the internet, might prove be too destabilizing in the current milieu of our society’s understanding of your presence here, then of course this is understandable, we defer to your decision, and we are most grateful for your concern. We must then go about finding other ways to develop a relationship with your people.

If, on the other hand, you are simply ignoring our invitations to enter into a meaningful relationship between our people and have no real desire to interact with us in an honest and transparent exchange, and if you have no intention of ever doing this, then you should take your machines which are seen in our atmosphere and move on to another place in this big universe, leaving us to work out our social evolution, and our personal lives, in the absence of your interference. I, for one, expend a great deal of time, energy (money), and effort in trying to understand what your presence here might mean for our civilization. There are some people on this planet who feel they understand who you are, where you come from, why you are here, and what your agenda is with regard to this planet and the past, present, and future of human civilization. I am not one of those. All that I think I know (in the absence of not seeing you myself but having faith in the word of my fellow human beings) is that you are here. It is time for you to become much more specific in outlining for all of our civilization just who you are, why you are here, and what are your intentions. I am sick of all the speculation. Let us, in some way, make this real. I, and likely several others, will be at the JAM Library most Tuesday evenings from 7-10 PM MST, and we will be watching for you.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

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