Sep 14, 2012

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A Questionnaire For Farmers In The U.K.

A crop circle being preserved for a little while longer.

Crop Circles Research Foundation. Inc.

Questionnaire for Farmers in the U.K.

September 13, 2012.

 U.K. farmers: This questionnaire represents an honest attempt to acquire your up to date information about crop circles. Please, only responses from farmers in the U.K., either actively farming or retired, are desired and requested. U.K. farmers, please respond below, or send your responses to, or mail your responses to Crop Circles Research Foundation, PMB 2336, 1 Jackson Creek Road, Clancy, MT, USA 59634.

1. Have you ever had a personal experience with a crop circle which has been discovered in one of your crop fields?

2. What is your name and your mailing address? (Your name and address will not be made public. Responses which appear to be valid responses to this questionnaire will be followed up by a letter from me, Richard K. O’Connor, M.D., to you in an attempt to insure that you are who you say you are – a farmer, either active or retired, in the U.K. I will make every attempt to screen out pranksters.)

3. In which county of the U.K. do you, or did you, farm?

4. Over the years, how many crop circles (total number) have you discovered within your crop fields?

5. Have crop circles resulted in a lower yield of crop that you were able to harvest?

6. What would you predict your emotional response might be at any time that you might first discover a crop circle in your field?

7. What is your estimate of the financial impact (resulting from crop loss) of an average crop circle which has appeared in your crop field?

8. What is your estimate of the approximate total financial losses that crop circles have caused (due to loss of harvestable crop) to your farming operation over the years?

9. Do you welcome tourists who come to view crop circles that have been discovered in your crop field?

10. Are you annoyed by tourists who come to view the crop circles that have been discovered in your crop fields?

11. With regard to crop circles, do you believe that serious and concerted attempts have been made by your local law enforcement agencies over the years to safeguard your crops against trespass and vandalism by circle makers? If not, then what is your opinion regarding why they have not done so?

12. Do you believe that U.K. law enforcement agencies could put a stop to most crop circle making activity (possibly through crop field surveillance using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with infra-red cameras) if they made a determined effort to achieve this goal?

13. Have you ever given permission to anyone to create a crop circle within your crop field? If so, how many times have you done this? If so, were you financially compensated for allowing a crop circle to be created in your crop field?

14. Do you view the making of crop circles without your permission as a crime?

15. If you view the creation of crop circles without your prior permission as a crime, do you view them as a crime which is not worth the effort of, or the expense to, your local law enforcement agencies in attempting to apprehend and prosecute the circle makers (i.e. a “petty crime”), or do you view crop circles as a crime which law enforcement agencies should work hard to prevent?

16. What punishment, fine, or sentence, in your opinion, would serve as an effective deterrent to discourage circle makers, when apprehended, from engaging in making any future crop circles in your crop fields?

17. Are you aware of any person who has ever been apprehended and convicted of trespass and/or vandalism in connection with the making of a crop circle?

18. Are you financially compensated by tourists who come to view crop circles in your crop fields? If so, does the amount of this compensation effectively cover the projected loss of revenue which will result from crop within the crop circle which is not harvestable?

19. On balance over the years, have you overall profited (financially) from crop circles which have appeared in your fields?

20. Have you ever utilized security surveillance devices of any description (even a dog) to detect, identify, thwart, discourage, or apprehend circle makers? If so, what was the result of this effort?

21. If you could stop all crop circles from appearing in your crop fields from this day forward, would you do this?

22. Do you believe that all crop circles are made by human beings?

23. People have described “balls of light” associated with crop circles. Have you ever seen anything resembling a “ball of light” within or over your crop fields?

24. Have you ever observed anything which you felt was “anomalous” in connection with a crop circle?

25. People have described unusual electromagnetic disturbances such as malfunctioning compasses, cell phones, and/or drained camera and cell phone batteries within crop circles. Have you ever tested these claims yourself, and if so, what did you observe?

26. Is there any information that you would care to volunteer regarding your views of, or experiences with, crop circles which has not been covered in the questions above?

Thank you taking the time to provide your honest responses to these questions. If you know of other farmers who might be willing to respond to this questionnaire, please make them aware of this opportunity to voice their experiences and/or opinions about crop circles. I will contact all respondents through a letter which I will send to you at the address you have provided, and I will post results of this questionnaire on the website I will not make your name public and I will hold your contact information in complete confidence.


Richard O’Connor, M.D.


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