Apr 2, 2012

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A Reminder of Why We Believe: JAL Flight 1628

The link below is to an excellent compilation of material documenting the very important incident of Japanese Airline Flight 1628 which occurred while the flight was enroute from Paris to Tokyo on November 17, 1986. Two excellent videos shown in this link explain the event in detail and serve as poignant reminders of why the UFO phenomenon must be regarded as real.

The technology underlying the function of these UFO craft will be important and perhaps indispensible to the future of human civilization as our requirement for an alternative source of energy to run our civilization becomes increasingly urgent.

You have likely heard of this incident. At times however, when we are feeling self-doubt and when we are surrounded by naysayers, it is helpful to review this type of evidence in order to remind ourselves that we are not crazy to cling to the belief that the UFO phenomenon is real. The crazy ones are those who want to continue to make believe that the UFO phenomenon is an imaginary fiction, and that there still remains a question about whether or not we are alone (as a sentient species) in the universe as, for example, the SETI project would lead us to think. The well documented facts supporting JAL Flight 1628 answer this question definitively. We are not alone, and we are having contact with at least one other intelligent species. Please take a few minutes to review the details of this remarkable and historical UFO sighting.

My hat is off to JAL Flight 1628’s pilot, Captain Kenji Terauchi. You actions surrounding this event, sir, are example of the forthright honesty which we all need to aspire to as we grapple with our inner conflicts regarding how we, as individuals, will come forward in support of all efforts to come to a better understanding of the visitors, their technology, and the nature of our future relationships with both.


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