Mar 1, 2011

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Arizona State University Origins Project “Dear Aliens” Contest

Arizona State University’s ORIGINS PROJECT has recently launched the “Dear Aliens” contest involving the K-12 students of Maricopa county. The inspiration behind this campaign is Lucy Hawking, daughter of the brilliant astrophysicist Steven Hawking. Maricopa county students are being requested to compose their own “Dear Aliens” letter, expressing their ideas of an appropriate response from humanity should an intelligible message from an extraterrestrial race be one day received by the SETI project. A panel of judges will review all “Dear Aliens” letters submitted, and the letter deemed by the panel to be the most approprite response from humanity will then be transmitted into space! This sounds somewhat remniscent of a similar goal of CCRF.

CCRF applauds ASU’s ORIGINS PROJECT “Dear Aliens” contest, and we will be most interested to read the content of letters submitted (deadline for submissions is April 1, 2011) by the students of Maricopa county should the content of their letters be made public.

CCRF enthusiastically embraces the idea of sending out into space the “Dear Aliens” message composed by a student of the Maricopa county school district. CCRF is, through “The Letter”, and through a different means of transmission (the internet), similarly attempting to establish at least one-way communication with the “Dear Aliens”. The “Dear Aliens” contest will certainly serve to stimulate the interest in extraterrestrial life of all of the students who elect to participate, and perhaps even some of those who do not submit an entry. The “Dear Aliens” contest helps to bring the concept of the real existence of other intelligent races in our universe into sharper focus in our reality. But, there are some subtle implications regarding the “Dear Aliens” contest that deserve comment.

1. The “Dear Aliens” contest presumes that a message from an extraterrestrial race will be received by SETI radiotelescopes. Many believe that because SETI has not yet encountered (or reported) an ET message, that this is evidence that the UFO sightings in our skies do not support the ET HYPOTHESIS as the most likely explanation for their frequent (daily) reports. This is anthropocentric reasoning which assumes that if we are to receive a message from an intelligent extraterrestrial race that this would be accomplished through a radiofrequency or other electromagnetic frequency transmission which SETI could then receive. Such a signal may not be the preferred means employed by an extraterrestrial race for the purpose of establishing initial contact with our civilization, and by now we KNOW that they in fact have other, preferred methods.

The fact that SETI has not recieved an intelligible radio signal implies one of two things: either that the other civilizations who are now here visiting our planet passed through their window of using radiofrequency communication so long ago that the barrage of radiofrequency that their civilization did once emit into space has already passed by Earth before we ever even gained the capability of “listening” (i.e. prior to 1960), or that their civilization evolved on a home planet so far distant from here that, travelling at the speed of light, those transmissions have not yet arrived here (less likely). Either scenario implies that the civilizations which are presently coming here are more technologically advanced our civilization, but we have already been able to know that fact for a great while now. The well described performance characteristics of UFO’s seen in our atmosphere have already made that fact quite obvious.

2. The “Dear Aliens” contest fails to acknowledge the present embarrassment of evidence composed of eyewitness reports from some of the most credible people that have ever inhabited this planet, as well as videos, photographs, ground physical traces, ground radar, air radar, private, professional and military pilot eyewitness testimony, U.S. President’s eyewitness testimony (Ford, Reagan and Carter) and Genuine Crop Circle (Crabwood “Alien Face” and the Chilbolton “Response to Sagan/Drake Arecibo Message”) evidence that our civilization has already been contacted by at least one, and likely by more than one, extraterrestrial race. This has occurred on so many occasions that our “initial” contacts are becoming too numerous to count. Yet, academia continues to remain firmly entrenched in its position of suspended belief, or disbelief, and that all of this evidence amounts to nothing deserving of their attention. This, despite the now well publicized awareness that both Project Blue Book and The Condon Report were both methodically flawed and biased studies of the UFO Phenomenon from the very time of their inception.

It is absolutely unbelievable to this author that the large number of otherwise brilliant and educated people comprising U.S. academia keep their blinders on and their mouths shut in order that they not be singled out as the academician who takes “all that UFO garbage” seriously. I am completely flabbergasted at the degree to which the academicians of this country are able to turn their gaze away from this mountain of credible evidence. This is, figuratively speaking, an avian-like feat.

CCRF challenges U.S. academic professors at all U.S. colleges and all U.S. universities to sign “The Petition” , soon to be posted on this website, calling for: A) Open Congressional hearings determined to discover all that is presently known about the UFO and related phenomenon by any and all world citizens, including and especially U.S. military personnel, who have relevant information to share regarding their own first person experience with ET beings and/or their technology; B) Establishment of U.S. government funding of a UFO / ET task force directed to coordinate a rigorous scientific study of the UFO, Crop Circle, and related Phenomena, with the primary and ultimate goal of determining the energy source that powers the UFO’s. This task force will give the UFO and related Phenomena the serious and rigorous scientific study it deserves until the questions of Who, Why, and, most importantly, How, are answered.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, CCRF, Inc.

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