May 27, 2011

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Astronomical Proof of a Genuine Crop Circle?

This Crop Circle may provide the irrefutable proof we have been looking for!

CCRF needs to bring to your attention a rather brilliant analysis of the enigmatic Crop Circle which unfolded in three stages at Milk Hill beginning June 21, 2009. This analysis is provided by Mr. Red Collie and Horace Drew, PhD. Please go to and read through this analysis.

We may have another important piece of the puzzle provided to us next Wednesday, June 1, 2011. If this analysis does prove to be correct, the information displayed in the June 21, 2009 Milk Hill formation will provide the additional proof that we have been waiting for – that this Genuine Crop Circle could not have been produced by human beings, for mankind was completely unaware of the existence of comet McNaught C1 at the time this Crop Circle was created! Comet McNaught was not discovered by the prolific comet hunter Robert McNaught until February 10, 2011, almost 2 years after the Milk Hill formation was created! Lets see what is in the sky on June 1, 2011. If comet McNaught C1 becomes much brighter, displaying an “outburst” after orbiting the sun at perihelion, and if it appears to be in the same relative position as it is displayed in the 2009 Milk Hill formation, then in our opinion the Circle Makers will have provided to us irrefutable proof that the 2009 Milk Hill formation could not have been produced by human beings. This will be a monumental revelation!

CCRF would like to extend our thanks to Red Collie, Horace R. Drew, Mark Fussell, Stuart Dike, Julian Gibsone, Lucy Pringle, Olivier Morel, Annemieke Witteveen,, and any and all others who have expended their time, money, and energy to photographically document, analyse, and increase our understanding of the meaning behind this very enigmatic Milk Hill formation. CCRF would also like to thank Cesar Mendoza of Fresno CA for bringing this timely analysis to our attention.

Addendum 6/1/11 @ 21:30: I will at this time submit a new interpretation of the significance of the June 21, 2009 Milk Hill Crop Circle. It may have been predicting a highly significant event that will unfold over the El Castillo pyramid located at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico over at least a twelve hour period. This event may be a UFO which will likely be deliberately and plainly visible and will be witnessed by hundreds of tourists visiting the Chichen Itza complex. A UFO may be hovering over the pyramid for at least 12 consecutive hours on June 2, 3,and/or 4, 2011. We will see what, if anything, happens over the El Castillo pyramid at Chichen Itza in the very near future.

If this event does (incredibly) transpire as described above, I will present a more detailed explanation of why I have come to this conclusion. The explanation will center on Mr. Red Collie’s Facebook photo album, his analysis from which the dates of this event were derived, and the many dedicated individuals who document the Crop Circles in order that we may all have the opportunity to see excellent reproductions of the CC’s and have these images to ponder. My thanks and gratitude to all of you.

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