Apr 27, 2011

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Bending At Nodes In a Genuine Crop Circle: Watch This.

Bending of growth nodes is clearly shown in this video. This configuration could not be produced through mechanical flattening of crop (barley) with ropes and boards, or a garden roller. We maintain that this finding of bent nodes could only result from an intense energy applied to the plants within the Crop Circle formation as described by the BLT Research Team.

  1. Richard,
    I don’t know if you realize that bending at the plant stem nodes is ONLY SIGNIFICANT in some cases…when it is present immediately after a formation occurs–particularly if that formation has happened in young crop. Node bending ALWAYS occurs in young, vigorously growing plants which have been flattened by any means, so long as they are not killed in the flattening process.

    There are 2 natural “recovery” processes (phototropism and gravitropism, the natural responses of the downed plants to reorient themselves to sunlight and gravity) which young crop will immediately utilize if the plants are still alive.

    THEREFORE node bending is ONLY “significant” if (a) you see it in a crop circle within a day or two of the circle forming (before phototropism/gravitropism can set in), or (b) if you see it in a crop circle which has formed in old, dry crop (where the plant’s growth stage is nearing its end and the plants do not have the energy to reorient themselves).

    One other clue that can be utilized to know whether the bending is caused by the circle-making energy system or not is to see whether the bending points the heads of the plants DOWNWARD, or to the LEFT or RIGHT. If the bending is due to gravitropsim/phototropism the bending will point the seedheads UP…not down or to the left or right.

    See the “Plant Abnormalities” section of the BLT web-site for photos and more details:

    Nancy Talbott
    BLT Research Team

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