Jan 9, 2014

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Carol Byrd Recounts Her Encounter With An Extraterrestrial Being

CCRF ran a 4″ X 3″ ad in the Helena Independent Record asking for those persons in the Helena, MT area who had previously experienced a close-up-and-personal encounter with a UFO or Extraterrestrial Visitor to step forward and allow me to videotape their story. Carol Byrd contacted me and together we created this short video which tells the story of a very significant event in Carol’s life. Carol seems very credible to me and, given all that we have learned about the ET abduction phenomenon over many years, I believe the story that Carol relates below.

There are likely many other people in the Helena area with stories of their own, but either they did not see the ad in the Helena paper or they do not have the courage to come forward with their story as Carol has done. Helena is one small town in America. Think how many stories like Carol’s may be out there.

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