Aug 23, 2011

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CCRF Does Not Believe It’s Our Scientists/Military.

In the video below, recently deceased ex-NM State police officer Mr. Gabe Valdez reports that his prior investigations into the cattle “mutilations” occurring around Dulce, NM in the 1970’s led to his conclusion that scientists, possibly connected with our U.S. military, were responsible for carrying out these acts. This conclusion appears to be based upon his discovery of “gas masks”, “glo-sticks”, and “radar chaff” found in the same location as the dissected animal(s). Mr. Valdez and Dr. Howard Eliason present various conjectures to explain the reasons why our scientists and/or the U.S. military might possibly be involved in this activity.

First of all, we need to do away with the word “mutilations” when we refer to these by now well characterized and recurrent events. These events are not “mutilations”. Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles has documented and studied these events in detail, and thanks to her we now have a very clear picture of the highly repeatable characteristics that clearly define these enigmatic, recurrent events. These acts are much better characterized as highly skilled animal dissections and organ harvests. There is nothing random or haphazard about how these procedures are carried out.

In a recent article which can be found at, Linda relates the story of a dead and dissected one year old female white tail deer discovered on August 16, 2011 by a man (alias “John Smith”) at his home outside of Jackson, Georgia. A few of the points in Linda’s report warrant detailed consideration:
1. Any person who has ever hunted white tail deer will know that being able to get close enough to a white tail deer to accurately fire a dart gun to physically subdue the animal is quite difficult and would entail the use of highly specialized, purpose-designed equipment. This animal was not killed with a firearm – there was no bullet hole found by Mr. “Smith”. White tail deer have an internal “radar” for sensing danger that is incredibly well developed.
2. The Dan-Inject CO2 rifle which might be used for this purpose is stated to be accurate at a range of 15-20 yards and lists for $2,995.00 on the Dan-Inject website.
3. If you were to somehow be able to come into physical contact with this deer while it was still alive, you would be in for the struggle of your life. These are strong animals. Therefore, you would need to use (an apparently lethal dose of) an anesthetic drug to finally subdue the animal in order to carry out the procedure (dissection). But, Mr. “Smith” specifically states that there was no signs of struggle at the site where he found the animal. Mr. Smith stated “But because it is so dry, if the animal struggled or was dragged or moved, I would have been able to see a trail”. He didn’t find any evidence on the ground in the area surrounding the deer to suggest that the deer had either struggled there or had been dragged there. More likely it had been dropped there.
4. This dissection was carried out utilizing surgical techniques which human beings have not yet developed. “Mr. Smith” stated there was no blood to be found within the wound, and none on the ground. This morning I provided anesthesia care for a patient undergoing a laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy performed by an excellent, experienced surgeon. Estimated blood loss for this procedure was 200 milliliters. Human beings are not yet capable of performing a procedure such as the one which we see has been performed on this deer without some evidence of blood loss.
5. “Mr. Smith” states that when he walked out of his home “I almost stepped on the the body of the deer”. If the U.S. military and/or scientists, or some weird cult group were covertly carrying out these acts, why would they deliberately leave the deer’s carcass right at the back door of a U.S. citizen? They wouldn’t. They would remove the carcass to some undiscoverable location.
6.”Mr. Smith” states that “I could not have cut that good of a circle out of the deer’s hide with an X-acto knife”. “There were no hairs inside the cut circle and there were no cuts on the red muscle meat inside that circle – not one drop of blood anywhere. And there were no hairs on the ground”. This clearly tells us that this act was not done by predators but was in fact a high-precision surgical procedure carried out with great skill in a very deliberate manner.
7. Linda provides a photo of another, separate incident of a deer dissection that occurred March 20, 2008 in South Carolina. The surgical incision appears essentially identical to that in the photo provided by “Mr. Smith” in his photo of the August 2011 dissection.
8. The Animal Dissection Phenomenon came to the attention of our civilization at about the same time as the Crop Circle Phenomenon (approximately 30 years ago), and both have been frequently and repeatedly occurring since that time. Both are rightly regarded as true Phenomena – there is no (proven) explanation regarding the perpetrators of either type of event.

I defy anyone to come within this close range of a white tail deer, dart it, subdue it, carry out a highly skilled, bloodless, surgical dissection on it while leaving no signs of struggle, and leave it at the back door of an isolated home of a U.S. citizen without those who live there becoming aware of the “ruckus” outside and investigating. Perhaps you might think you could do this with a white tail deer? How about a cow, a horse, and/or a buffalo? Each of these animals have been found dead and dissected on hundreds of occasions in both North and South America! The buffalo was found dead and dissected in a locked corral.

We can find comfort in knowing that this scenario has not involved the discovery of a similarly-dissected human being, and we might rightfully question why this is so. Thus far human beings appear to be regarded by the perpetrators of these animal dissections with a status that is apparently separate and distinct from the other animals of planet Earth. May we be sure to comport ourselves in ways that insure that we will continue to maintain this favored status!

In conclusion, that Mr. Valdez found U.S. military gas masks and glo-sticks at the site of his previous investigation of a cattle dissection event proves only that those items were deliberately left there by the U.S. military in order to obfuscate the truth behind these occurrences in the same manner in which they have gone about obfuscating the truth in connection with the UFO Phenomenon and the Crop Circle Phenomenon. They do not want us to go there, but we must go there if we want to save this planet and our civilization . If we continue on with “business as usual” and choose not to acknowledge the reality of these Visitors and make every attempt to begin open communication with them, we may miss our opportunity to learn form one or more ancient civilizations which may have acquired extensive and hard-earned wisdom over millennia regarding what works and what doesn’t in the ways of running a just and sustainable world-wide civilization.

The U.S. military has, on many occasions in the past, gone to great effort to make certain that we will not come to the inescapable conclusion that we are being visited by one or more extraterrestrial civilizations who are, for reasons as yet unknown to us, involved in carrying out these high precision surgical dissections on Earth’s animals. In light of what we now know about UFO’s and Crop Circles, it is the only reasonable and logical explanation. One day, and I hope soon, we will find out why.

CCRF encourages everyone to subscribe to Earthfiles and thereby support the work of Linda Moulton Howe. The Earthfiles archives are an invaluable source of archived information that will prove to be indespensible as we continue to go about trying to sort out The Truth about the ET civilizations who are here with us and who are observing our civilization.

Linda – If you haven’t done so, please consider obtaining blood samples for drug analysis with any future investigations you may carry out on dissected animals, looking for any commonly used sedative/hypnotics employed in tranquilizer dart systems. I will bet that the result will be negative. If there are no drugs discoverable in the blood of these animals, then human beings as the perpetrators of these animal dissections are effectively ruled out, leaving no other explanation but the ET hypothesis. I realize this may not be possible because in many instances the animal has been drained of its entire blood volume, but I think it would merit an attempt at this type of analysis. RKO

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