Mar 8, 2013

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CCRF, Inc. Announcing Our Withdrawal of Support For the 2013 Crop Circle Challenge

To all interested parties, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc. (CCRF) hereby announces that we are withdrawing our support for the 2013 Crop Circle Challenge sponsored by the EHA group in the U.K.

To any human circlemakers who may have been considering entering The Crop Circle Challenge please be advised that, for a variety of reasons, CCRF has determined that continuing to challenge crop circle hoaxers to reproduce the Galaxy crop circle this coming summer is an unwise strategy. CCRF hereby withdraws it’s offer to reward U.S. $1000 to any group of human circlemakers who are able to reproduce the Galaxy under the conditions specified by those (EHA) who are sponsoring the 2013 Crop Circle Challenge. It is CCRF’s hope the the 2013 Crop Circle Challenge will be called off by EHA, but we have no control over their decision. Thank you for your attention to this announcement.

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