Sep 8, 2012

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CCRF Made a Donation To Temporary Temples

A wall display of Steve and Karen's work at the JAML.

On September 6, 2012, CCRF made a significant donation to help support the efforts of Steve and Karen Alexander ( ) in their work which is providing high quality photographic documentation, each summer, of the ongoing Crop Circle Phenomenon. CCRF also purchased one of their beautiful 2013 Crop Circle calendars! Steve has pointed out that each overflight, which is absolutely necessary to carry out their work, comes with a price-tag of around 500 GBP (about $800 USD). In CCRF’s opinion, the work of documenting the annual progress of the Crop Circle Phenomenon is going to prove to be of vital importance to our civilization in the near future.  CCRF, which sponsors the Jesse A. Marcel (JAM) Library, has a display of Steve and Karen’s work on the walls of the JAM Library. These displays never fail to impress those who visit the JAM Library and who were previously unfamiliar with the Crop Circle Phenomenon.

CCRF asks everyone to support the work of Steve and Karen Alexander by purchasing one of their calendars, posters, yearbooks, or DVD’s, or by simply making a donation of any amount on their website (


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