Feb 2, 2011

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CCRF Proposes AMNESTY for any and all who will come forward.

UFO Disclosure will bring on an avalanche of accusations directed toward our U.S.military, our news media, our scientists, and our government. CCRF proposes that a U.S. Presidential pardon, AMNESTY, be granted to any and all individuals who will come forward within a specified period (within one year) to add their truth to what is known about UFOs and the civilizations coming here who manufacture and operate the UFOs. The UFO cover-up has been operational for 64 years, and there will be many individuals who will have information that needs to be shared with the world. We can be certain that a great deal is known about these ET beings and their spacecraft, and we must make the revelation of these truths completely non-threatening to the personal lives of those who have important information to share and that we will need to know. If we want to know the truth, and if we want to move forward as a civilization, we must not allow ourselves to become mired in a never ending, zero-sum cacophony of accusations and counter accusations, dwelling on past events that will do nothing to help our civilization come to grips and move forward in the light of this new reality.

It could be argued that U.S. citizens have long been living under a social system of APARTHEID for two, now going on three generations. Rather than racially motivated discrimination, this brand of segregation has been characterized by the existence of a self-appointed group in control of UFO secrecy who have had essentially no oversight and answered to no one, and then the rest of us.

As we cope with the unfolding of this new reality, we would do well to turn to the example set previously by the people of South Africa and their democratically elected leader, Nelson Mandela. During that very perilous time in their history, as South Africa divorced itself from the racial oppression of racial apartheid, there existed a great potential for South Africa’s people to descend into chaos. President Mandela’s insightful leadership, at that dangerous period in the evolution of South Africa’s society, allowed a relatively smooth transition to the peaceful and prosperous nation of South Africa that exists today. This model could well serve as a path for us to follow as we navigate our way toward a new reality for the entire human race.

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