Feb 25, 2011

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CCRF encourages your support of The Disclosure Project. Dr. Steven Greer, M.D., has worked tirelessly and dedicated much of his life to helping our world to become aware of a new reality – that we are not alone in this universe. Please visit the website of The Disclosure Project, where you will learn a great deal about the ET civilizations who are here observing our world and interacting with our civilization. History will eventually reveal The Disclosure Project’s May, 2001 National Press Club meeting to be perhaps the seminal event in the ongoing Disclosure process, and the 2001 NPC DVD should be viewed by anyone who desires to become more informed about our new reality. CCRF extends our deepest thanks to Dr. Greer, Emily Greer, Debbie Foch, Charlie Balogh, Linda Willitts, Jan Bravo, the courageous Disclosure Project witnesses, and TDP’s support staff for all that they have done to help elevate our civilization’s awareness of the Truth.

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