Aug 1, 2013

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Crop Circle Makers: Please Respond.

CCRF, in collaboration with others who will for the time being and unless this project is successful remain unnamed, has undertaken a new Crop Circle research project. If this project is successful (it was not), it will:
1. Induce the creation of a Crop Circle at a location known only to approximately 5 people, none of whom has ever or will ever be involved in the hoaxing of a crop circle, and;
2. Hopefully capture in a rapid-fire series of still photos some or all of the process involved in the creation of a Genuine Crop Circle, and perhaps its creators – the Genuine Circle Makers.

Two Reconyx PC 900 Hyperfire cameras are mounted approximately 50 feet above an undisclosed wheat field in Montana. One camera is programmed to constantly record a time-lapse photo every 6 minutes as well as to record 15 photos, taken one second apart, if its motion detector is activated. The other camera is programmed to record a “RapidFire” sequence of 99 photos, approximately 2 photos per second, if its motion detector is triggered, programmed for 0 seconds between triggers. The motion detectors on these cameras are, under normal circumstances, activated only out to a maximum distance of around 50 feet. Details of the exact location of these cameras are being withheld for the time being in order to reduce to a minimum the possibility that human hoaxers will find their way to this particular wheat field being monitored. As far as we know, there has never been a Crop Circle created in this particular field, and only a very few (3) have ever appeared anywhere in the state of Montana over the years.

This posting will serve to record the initial date of commencement of this research project, June 23, 2013. Now we will simply need to wait, watch, and focus our thoughts upon the desired outcome of this project. CCRF will maintain these two cameras in working order over the course of the next 6 weeks, replacing batteries and SD cards as required.

Many will wonder why we have hopes that the Genuine Circle Makers will find their way to this particular wheat field in Montana (they did not). After all, Montana is known throughout the world as an important wheat growing region, and 2.2 million acres were planted in winter wheat in Montana in 2012. If this research project is successful, the Genuine Circle Makers will have recognized and acted upon our respectful request for the gift of a Crop Circle this summer at this singular location. If this unfolds as we hope, we will then inform everyone about our hypothesis which will explain how the Genuine Circle Makers might have found their way to this specific wheat field and graced our world with one of their magnificent Crop Circle designs in it. This hypothesis will highlight the amazement and wonder which we believe are part and parcel of the Genuine Crop Circle phenomenon. This project, if successful, will help demonstrate to the world that the Genuine Crop Circles are not a product of human activity.

View of wheat field from mounted camera.

View of wheat field from mounted camera.

Cameras were placed in service on June 23, 2013.

Cameras were placed in service on June 23, 2013.

Update July 6, 2013: I drove to the monitored wheat field this AM arriving at approximately 9:15 AM to check batteries and change out SD cards in both cameras. No Crop Circle discovered in field. Batteries in both cameras at 99%. Downloaded photos from SD cards from both cameras and reviewed content. Approximately 1440 photos from 12 minute interval time-lapse camera and 80 photos from RapidFire motion-activated “video” camera reviewed. Nothing anomalous identified in any photo. Condition of field OK at present but appears to be getting dry in some areas. We need more rain. Wheat plants measuring 17-18 inches in height. Center stem growth nodes measure 2-3 mm in length. I was not really expecting to find anything too remarkable this trip as wheat is still early. Farmer says he will harvest “back-half” of August. I will have higher hopes for the next two week interval.

Time lapse camera this AM 7/6/13.

Time lapse camera this AM 7/6/13.

UPDATE 7/11/13 @ 22:45: It is raining here in Montana City and I am hopeful that this rain is nourishing the wheat field currently being monitored. Today I am feeling insecure about the means by which the Circle Makers will come to identify the location of the monitored wheat field. The plan as it stands is completely out of the range of our normal reality. I do not want to miss this opportunity this summer to somehow communicate this vital information to the Circle Makers. I have spent time in meditation several times over the past few days attempting to communicate the whereabouts of the wheat field to the Circle Makers, as well as the pure intentions of this effort. Two other key people have been informed about the nature of this project but, deliberately, have not been informed about the specific location of the crop field. These two individuals have been sent photographs of the field with me standing before it, but will these actions be enough to inform the Circle makers about where we hope to be gifted with a Crop Circle in the field that is being monitored? If a Crop Circle does become manifest at this specific monitored location, and especially if the Circle Makers do see fit to insure that one or both cameras somehow record their activity there, and this results only from the information which has so far been sent to these 2 key individuals, then we will all know that a miracle has occurred. I am sticking with this plan for the present. As the time to harvest draws nearer and if no Crop Circle becomes manifest, perhaps we will need to alter this plan in some fashion.

UPDATE July 17, 2013: Drove to site of monitored wheat field. Checked cameras. Batteries at 99%. Changed out SD cards. Reviewed all photos recorded by both cameras. Nothing anomalous identified in any photo. Crop field needs moisture. Farmer informs he will begin harvesting wheat crop “back half of August”. Secured camera access doors with cable ties.

UPDATE July 31, 2013: Drove to site of monitored wheat field. No Crop Circle. Wheat field appears to be approximately 95% mature / golden. Rain predicted for tomorrow. Climbed up ladder to check cameras. Both cameras functioning well. Batteries in both cameras at 99%. Cleaned lenses of cameras. Changed out SD cards. Cable ties placed on cameras to lock / prevent tampering. I meditated at the location for approximately 1/2 hour, attempting to draw the attention of the Circle Makers to this location, humbly request this gift, identify the other, far-distant individuals involved in this effort (through their own meditation), and focus on why this effort is important. Hopefully the Circle Makers will pick up on these thoughts. If this happens, we will know that something truly remarkable has occurred. At home, I reviewed 3420 photos taken by time-lapse camera. Nothing anomalous identified in any photo. On Friday morning, July 26, from 01:48 through 06:00 AM various single, bright lights appearing in a separate, more distant field in an otherwise black photo – harvesting of a pea field? Strange time to do this. I will query farmer about this.

Note 2 cameras mounted on pole.

Note 2 cameras mounted on pole.

Identifying structures at the site.

Identifying structures at the site.

Wheat Field July 31 2013 2013-07-31 003
The wheat field. Long line of poles.

The wheat field. Long line of poles.

UPDATE August 2, 2013: No word from the farmer this morning about any newly discovered crop circle. A hailstorm occurred yesterday at our place. Marble size hailstones and lots of them. I am hoping that the wheat field survived this. It requires 3 hours for a round trip to the field and therefore I cannot go as frequently as I would like. This hail storm is an example of the myriad challenges that farmers must deal with as they try to grow food for all of us and make a living themselves. It is a pity that human crop circle “artists” cannot seem to understand just how destructive their activities have been in the crop fields of the U.K. They have deliberately muddied the water for all of us with regard to our understanding of the origin of the Genuine Crop Circles, and they have inflicted yet one more obstacle that farmers must overcome to successfully complete their mission. It is no wonder that U.K. farmers have now taken to cutting out newly discovered crop circles.

UPDATE September 21, 2013: I have reviewed several thousands of photographs and short motion activated videos derived from the 2 Reconyx cameras. I did not discover any photos of UFO or anomalous activity in the proximity of the crop field which was monitored. No crop circle appeared in the field that was monitored. In short, I have obtained no significant results to report.

CONCLUSIONS: An invitation to produce a Genuine Crop Circle within a chosen time-lapse photo and motion-activated video monitored wheat field in Montana was not successful in inducing the production of a Genuine Crop Circle. No anomalous activity, either in the air or on the ground, was recorded by either camera. If there is a non-human agency responsible for the creation of some crop circles (Genuine Crop Circles) throughout the world, then this effort was not successful in gaining its attention or cooperation. There are many possible reasons for this, and commenting on any of these possible reasons would simply be speculation.


The Reconyx PC900 HyperFire High Output covert IR cameras were $649.99 each and I purchased 2 of them, along with 2 Master Python cable locks. I also purchased a 2 lag-bolt secured mounting system which works very well (you can swivel the mounting arm to adjust the aim of the camera and then lock it in place) and a security housing for the cameras as well that I think would actually protect them from a shotgun blast – they are heavy armor. Total cost of everything I bought was $1,609.08. Take a look at the Reconyx website.

One camera is set to take a time-lapse photo of the field every 12 minutes (programmable to any interval desired, 1 minute to hours-long intervals), the other camera is set to take a burst of 40 “RapidFire” photos, 2-3 photos / second, if and when its motion sensor is activated. All photos are stamped with the date/time taken.

I chose 12 minutes for the time-lapse camera thinking that even if the motion activated camera is not triggered during a CC event, not even Team Satan themselves could argue that they were able to produce an intricate and expansive CC in a 12 minute time interval. I would have programmed an even shorter interval but did not want to saturate the SD card in the camera too quickly. The site I am monitoring is a fair distance from where I live so it is a trip for me to get there to maintain the cameras. There are wheat fields much closer to where I live but I was interested in making this arrangement with a particular farmer who is very well respected in Montana as being an honest, up-front, no nonsense guy. He understands what it will mean if a CC shows up in this/his wheat field. I was surprised that he consented to allow me to do this. I told him that I would not reveal his name or the location of the cameras unless and until a CC occurred in this singular wheat field. If a CC does appear in this wheat field, the chances of it being a hoaxed CC will be close to 0. In that event I am going to try to convince him to allow me to publicize his identity, get him on board as a proponent, and publish a statement, and I think he will do this.

I bought the cameras directly from I chose the Reconyx cameras because these cameras are used in wildlife research here in Montana and have a reputation for being robust and reliable. I spoke with a woman who used them in her wolverine research project and she recommended them. I will have a better idea at summer’s end about whether or not they are going to serve well for this purpose. They run on 12 AA lithium hydride batteries which are kind of expensive (about $30 per load) so I am hoping that each camera will require no more than 2 loads of batteries over the course of the summer. So many people have reported that their camera batteries go “dead” in and around CCs, so I hope that this doesn’t happen to these batteries if a CC occurs in this field.

I have in my refrigerator a bunch of agar plates (TSA w/ 5% sheep blood, Sabouraud’s agar) to be ready to attempt to obtain microbiological cultures of the CC plants should a CC occur and I am able to get to it quickly. The farmer has agreed to alert me the minute a CC is discovered in this field. I will gather plant samples to send off to Nancy Talbott (she is aware of this effort), and I will of course obtain ground shots and aerial photos of the CC as well.

It is my hope that the Genuine Circle Makers will somehow become aware of this effort to help clarify what is real and what is fake, and will oblige us with a convincing CC in this wheat field. Exactly how this could happen I do not know, but perhaps the thoughts/prayers of just a few of us that take this phenomenon seriously and realize that there is something miraculous happening in our world that really needs to be exposed will be enough to inspire “them” to act. We will see what happens.

I feel certain that all of our efforts, in whatever form they take, that are honest attempts to help our world understand what is happening are valuable. With the cooperation of the Genuine Circle Makers, I hope and I believe that we will eventually be successful. We must keep trying.

However Janez, I came to feel that the CCC carried too much risk for you and for Sarah – and too many things that could go wrong. I am elated that you were able to accomplish what you set out to do. The fact that there were no takers for the CCC I think shows that Team Satan cannot do what they claim they can do. I am sure that there are many others who are beginning to recognize this fact as well. But, I’ll take my risks going up on a ladder.


  1. Jim Lough says:

    Congratulations on the beginning of an experiment that could yield important results.

    • Jim,
      I do hope that something important will result from this effort. This is a sincere attempt to invite the Circle Makers to interact with humanity in this specific wheat field, and to hopefully capture photographic evidence of that interaction which will help our world come to a clearer understanding of what is happening. I assure you and everyone else that if a Crop Circle is discovered in this wheat field before the farmer harvests in mid-August, it will be a Genuine Crop Circle – one not created from the mind (or feet) of a human being. Nobody other than me, the farmer, and his immediate family are aware of the location of this field. If the cameras installed and overlooking the wheat field are able to capture any evidence of anomalous activity if and when a GCC is created, all the better. We will see what happens. It is time to get this crop circle business sorted out. Thanks for your interest in this project.

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