Mar 13, 2012

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CEFAA Provides Proof: UFO’s Exist, They Are Here, and They Are Under Intelligent Control

I recently attended the 2012 International UFO Congress which was held at Ft. McDowell, Arizona. An excellent presentation was given there by Chilean Air Force General Ricardo Bermudez, who is now the director of Chile’s CEFAA (Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon), an organization established within Chile’s equivalent of our U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. General Bermudez explained that in Chile, all information regarding UFO’s is shared between the Chilean military and civil aviation organizations. General Bermudez presented several cases which CEFAA has investigated and which provide clear evidence that UFO’s exist, they defy the laws of physics as we know them, and they are under intelligent control. There is no longer any doubt that this is true. In the first article linked below, please read Leslie Kean’s review in the Huffington Post of this information presented by General Bermudez. Leslie Kean is author of an excellent review of UFO evidence titled UFO’s: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record.

The second link, written by Alejandro Rojas, includes a brief video of General Bermudez presenting his data at the 2012 International UFO Congress. Both of there articles contain important information which you will not find in the mainstream media.

In my opinion the U.S. military-industrial complex which President Eisenhower warned us about, despite its many past opportunities to openly and honestly reveal the truth of the reality of the UFO phenomenon to U.S. citizens, has abrogated its responsibility to those that it supposedly exists to serve. They have made the short-sighted determination that it is more important to preserve the status quo of our government, our society, and our civilization, dysfunctional as it is, rather than speak the truth. We now have definitive proof that we are not alone in the universe and that there are, very likely, other cosmic races with knowledge of advanced energy technologies which we might discover and eventually understand through our scientific study of UFO’s. The powers that be would apparently rather continue to herd us towards the fighting of interminable wars over petroleum, while maiming or killing our sons and daughters and other innocents around the globe, than to give humanity the opportunity to adopt a new reality, adapt to the changes it will bring, and evolve on planet Earth with a new understanding of the universe in which we reside. This is a travesty and is not a situation which those who consider themselves moral persons should continue to tolerate. I never pray, but at this moment I am praying to whatever untimate conciousness exists in this universe, that those in the U.S. military-industrial complex who maintain their stranglehold on this information will finally be moved to tell the world the truth: UFO’s exist and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is the most likely explanation for their existence.

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