Jun 8, 2013

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Dear Extraterrestrials,

While reviewing recent time-lapse RCX trail camera photos I find two which have captured “specks” in the sky. These are the first photos I have come across (out of several thousand) which have captured any data of possible significance relative to the purpose of this camera – searching for you. Photo below, left, was taken on June 12,2013 at 11:15 AM. Photo on right was taken on June 13,2013 at 16:17 PM. These small dots in the sky are probably helicopters from the National Guard which I have previously seen flying in the sky on many occasions. If these specks in the sky are not helicopters, i.e. if this is you, might you please bring your spacecraft in closer to the camera in order that a positive identification that it is you would be possible? Might I suggest parking your “UFO”/spacecraft/home right over the tall Ponderosa pine tree located in the center of the photo. Then we will know for certain! Watching and waiting.

Small speck upper right - is this you?

Small speck upper right – is this you?

Small speck upper left of center?

Small speck upper left of center?

ORIGINAL POST: I keep hoping to see one of your spacecraft / homes in the photos that are being recorded each and every hour by the time lapse camera that is mounted and looking toward the Southeast sky at the Jesse A. Marcel (UFO) Library (Latitude 46 33.228 N, Longitude 111 58.448 W). I have reviewed every single photo taken thus far, but I have not seen your spacecraft appear in a single one of what by now are many thousands of previous photos. I am pretty sure you have “been in the neighborhood” because we have this report ( http://mtstandard.com/news/local/did-you-see-it-butte-resident-recalls-unusual-sighting-of/article_7480d060-cb39-11e2-aa44-0019bb2963f4.html ) of what was very likely one of your spacecraft that was seen in Butte, MT over Memorial Day weekend. So, its not like it would be a great travel distance to make your way on over here to Helena to appear in one single photo. If you came across the galaxy, then it shouldn’t be a big thing for you to come here to Helena! So what’s the problem? I will hope that you are making your way over this direction. Just park yourself for a little over 1 hour in the sky within range of this camera and this could be the start of a new relationship!


You might have shown up to appear in this photo (above), but you did not. In this photo you see cars that belong to people who are interested in learning more about you. These cars brought people to the Jesse A. Marcel Library on a recent Tuesday evening at 7 PM, so I am not the only one who is interested in knowing about your people. The Jesse A. Marcel Library was established as a place where our people can learn more about your people – or at least as much as we can learn. But, between what appears to be your elusive and unpredictable behavior, and the deceptions we are fed by our military and political leaders about your people, we are all just left to struggle with our presumed logic about what may be real about you and what is not. When will it be time to establish a more open relationship between our peoples? We are not all deceptive. Many human beings, I think really most, are nice, honest, and straight – up people who would love to get some answers about who you are, where you come from, what you are doing here, and how we might establish some type of mutually beneficial relationship with your people.

There are several “posts” on this website which I have written which have attempted to draw your attention to the JAML, the camera mounted there, and the interest that many of us have in establishing, or at least beginning, some type of relationship between our people. So far you have not responded, at least in a way that makes much sense to any of us. This “letters to you” strategy has been based upon a number of what I feel are logical assumptions, but any one of which I will readily acknowledge may be incorrect. I will admit that it is beginning to look that way even to me, so I can imagine what others who may read these types of “letters to you” probably think. Basically, it seems logical to me that if your people have the capability of arriving here, a feat which our scientists keep telling us is just “impossible”, then you must be able to monitor our internet and intercept these messages in space. If you can and if you are, then how about meeting with us next Tuesday evening at 7 PM at the JAML? I will be watching for you and will alert any others there upon your arrival. Thanks.

6/12/13: 10 people (including myself) made it out to the JAML last evening. We watched 2 short videos and had an interesting discussion afterwards. The garage door was open throughout the time we were there. I went outside several times to scan the skies for any sign of a visible UFO. None appeared. I took random photos of the sky. No UFO in those photos. This attempt at communication with ET through the internet was the SECOND FAILURE attempting to utilize the internet as a means of inviting ETs to show and interact with us in some manner. Possible conclusions:
1. ET does not monitor our internet.
2. ET monitors our internet but missed this invitation.
3. ET saw the invitation but declines to respond (not interested, safety concerns, success might overwhelm the internet?)
At any rate, 2 attempts at communicating with ET through the internet have proven unsuccessful. This does not appear to be a fruitful avenue to pursue in attempting to establish some type of communication/interaction with ET. Back to the drawing board.

  1. Bill Cain says:

    The first mistake in trying to understand the extraterrestrials’ motives is to think they should behave like we do. They don’t. In some cases they are millions of years more advanced than us. It’s like ants who are aware they are being studied by a person. “Why”, they may ask, “doesn’t this person just make himself known, and carry on a conversation with us?” The answer, of course, is because the person doesn’t speak ant-talk.

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