Sep 8, 2012

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Dear Lewis and Clark Library Board Member,

The Jesse A. Marcel Library

August 7,20102

Dear L&C Library Board Member,

I am Richard K. O’Connor, M.D., an anesthesiologist who has practiced anesthesiology at St. Peter’s Hospital for 22 years.

I am writing to make you aware of the existence of a new library in the Helena area, the Jesse A. Marcel Library. The library is named after Major Jesse A. Marcel, Sr. (deceased), the man who, in 1978, had the courage to re-introduce the subject of UFO’s to the general public’s awareness after the devastating blow the UFO subject sustained in the wake of the University of Colorado’s misleading Condon Report, which was published in 1969. He is the father of Jesse A. Marcel Jr., M.D., a local ENT physician (retired) whom I have known, worked beside, and trusted for many years. Perhaps you are familiar with their story which, without exaggeration, will prove to be one of the most significant events in human history.

The new Jesse A. Marcel Library (JAML) is experiencing a very humble beginning, as it is currently housed in an attractive but obscure location in what is essentially an elaborate barn situated next to my residence in northern Jefferson County between Helena and Montana City. The JAML is open to the public from 7-10 PM on Tuesday evenings. I invite you to come out to the JAML any Tuesday evening if you have an interest in talking about or investigating the subject of UFO’s. It is my goal to establish the JAML as a bona fide, albeit specialized, library which will be focused on acquiring and disseminating all information available regarding the UFO and possibly related phenomena. Although I have spent many hours in libraries and I consider libraries to be hallowed ground, I have had no previous experience in establishing a library.

I decided to open the JAML for several reasons:

  1. I have come to the firm conclusion that the UFO phenomenon is real and that the UFO phenomenon will prove to be a very important factor in the future evolution of human civilization.
  2. Although definitive proof is yet to be re-obtained, we can now reasonably hypothesize that some UFO’s are in fact intelligently guided, technologically advanced machines which are not manufactured on this planet and are of non-human origin. UFO’s operate freely in our atmosphere, exhibiting technological capabilities beyond the limits of current human understanding. It appears increasingly likely that they are guided by an intelligence which is here observing planet Earth and our human civilization. All indications are that their occupants are non-hostile and non-threatening. This explanation, as you know, is termed the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.
  3. While ideas regarding the UFO subject are discussed more and more freely in our society, the serious incorporation of the reality of the UFO phenomenon, and more specifically the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, into one’s world-view remains basically, yet inappropriately, taboo in our society. This situation needs to change and, given the path our civilization is currently pursuing, it needs to change sooner rather than later.
  4. This change will only come about through the free exchange of ideas and information about the UFO subject among our population on a grassroots level. Politician’s hands are tied with regard to the UFO subject, as well as those of mainstream scientists. Only when the majority of our population lets our nation’s leaders know that it is acceptable, and in fact desirable, for our world’s political leaders to address the social and geopolitical implications of extraterrestrial races coming here, and only when our society reassures mainstream scientists that it is in fact desirable and necessary to seriously study the UFO phenomenon through the application of our tools of science, will we begin to make rapid progress in our understanding of just what the UFO Phenomenon will mean to the future of human civilization.
  5. Roper Polls indicate that approximately 7% of our population has experienced what they believe to be a UFO encounter. A smaller, yet significant number report that they have had direct contact with ET beings. The JAML provides a forum for these people to speak freely about their experiences in a non-judgmental atmosphere, absent any censorship or ridicule. This is important for the mental health of these individuals, and helps to educate others about the nature of these encounters.

Through this letter I simply want to make you aware of the JAML’s existence. Perhaps you may have seen a small notice in the IR advertising the JAML. Well, the JAML is real, it is not a prank, but rather it is a grassroots attempt to disseminate what I hope will be accurate information regarding what is known and what is not known about the UFO and other, possibly related, phenomena.

Because we live in an infinite universe, we know that whatever can be, is. We are still far from knowing the precise limits of just what can be. It is time for the human race to begin to accelerate our understanding of what is happening with regard to the UFO Phenomenon, to study it, to discuss it, and to approach it openly, without fear of ridicule. There is now a great deal of evidence attesting to the reality of the UFO Phenomenon available in the public domain. Our population needs to become aware of this evidence, and this is what the JAML is all about. I hope to meet each one of you there on some future Tuesday evening from 7-10 PM. I will greatly appreciate any constructive support or advice you may have to offer regarding the care and feeding of a new library.


Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.

The video below illustrates quite clearly why the UFO subject needs to addressed in the public forum. Please scroll through the video to the 15 minutes, 45 seconds mark and listen to this interview with Joe Kiernan of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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