Aug 2, 2013

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Dear Senators Baucus and Tester,

August 2, 2013

Enclosed you will find a recently published brochure displaying information about Helena’s Jesse A. Marcel Library (JAML). The JAML is located between Helena and Montana City, MT. This library was opened in April of 2012 in recognition of our nation’s need to increase public awareness and consideration of the UFO phenomenon. The JAML is open on Tuesday evenings from 7-10 PM, and I invite you to stop in and “check out” the JAML. I will be most happy to open the JAML for you at any time you might be in the Helena area. Just give me a call (Richard O’Connor, M.D.) at 406-461-2823.

I have taken this step because our U.S. military, our U.S. intelligence community, and a few select members of our U.S. Congress who have been “in the know” about the reality of UFOs have, for many decades, abrogated their responsibility to inform the public about what is arguably the most significant development in the history of mankind – the arrival here of other intelligent species from elsewhere in our galaxy. Although perhaps initially justifiable, this ongoing policy of denial and ridicule which has been used to construct an effective veil of obfuscation surrounding the reality of the UFO has become a travesty which has and continues to hinder the proper social evolution and scientific understanding of human civilization. It is time for this dark veil to be lifted. Although the truth about this subject will be shocking to many, it is past time for this truth to be heard, and I intend to do my part to make it so.

Initially I became interested in the subject of UFOs through my acquaintance with Dr. Jesse Marcel as we worked together at St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena. As our friendship grew and as I became well acquainted with Dr. Marcel, it became obvious to me that that, indeed, a UFO must have crashed outside of Roswell in 1947. I know that Dr. Marcel is a man of great integrity, he is not a liar, and he is not prone to fantasy. Dr. Marcel has had the courage to tell the world on many occasions that he personally handled debris from a UFO that was “not of this Earth”, and I feel quite certain that this is the truth. As I have delved further into the UFO subject and considered other sources of information about the UFO over the past many years, my conviction about the UFO reality has now become unquestionable – UFOs are real, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is “the least objectionable hypothesis which explains their frequent sightings in our atmosphere” (a quote from Dr. James E. McDonald, an atmospheric physicist from the University of Arizona), and we, the American public, have been deliberately misled about the veracity of this conclusion for 66 years and counting. While the incidents involving Edward Snowden and/or Bradley Manning have recently caused a great deal of controversy in our country, wait until the news that “UFOs Are Real!!” hits the headlines. Although we can anticipate that the repercussions of such an announcement will likely be significant and long-lasting, this is an event which the U.S. must and will transcend. In my opinion, the sooner that such an announcement is made, preferably by President Obama, the better.

I, for one, am no longer willing to remain silent about this mendacious program intended to maintain the status quo for a U.S. military which is reluctant to acknowledge the existence of a more ancient, more advanced, and more technologically capable intelligence, for politicians who will not speak of this subject out of fear for their careers, for scientists who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that there is still much about this universe that we do not yet understand, for religions that do not want to deal with the probable need to amend their dogma, or, especially, for a petroleum industry which has no desire to relinquish its monopoly on our energy supply. Unfortunately, this monopoly’s business is in the purveying of products – oil, coal, and natural gas – which are largely responsible for global climate change and which now, ironically, represent the most significant threat to our national security. I read today in a new report from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that, on our current trajectory, 1,700 U.S. cities and towns will be “locked in” to eventually being substantially under water, that is, partially or wholly submerged under seawater, by the year 2100! That period is essentially one human lifetime from now.

As you know, the list of these soon-to-be-doomed cities includes many of our nation’s most important and most populated coastal cities, as well as much of the state of Florida and Louisiana. Surprisingly to me, the list also includes large portions of the San Joaquin valley, one of our world’s premier farming regions. We are in deep trouble, a trouble which is now morphing into a full-on emergency. As far as I am aware, we have no real solutions in sight that could be regarded as viable solutions to completely replace hydrocarbons as our primary source of energy.

Could the energy and propulsion systems which power the UFO offer our civilization new insights into as yet unknown methods of producing and utilizing energy? Well, we cannot really investigate that possibility because we remain trapped in the deception that UFOs and the beings that manufacture them and bring them here do not exist. Our universities and our national laboratories should presently be intensively studying UFO energy and propulsion systems via any and all means possible until we have answers that will, quite possibly, provide a new way forward that might free us from the shackles of our current oil-for-energy conundrum. But, we are disallowed from undertaking such projects by a military-industrial complex that continues to obfuscate and deny the reality of the UFO. We are caught in a trap of our own making, sustained by a lie that has gained so much inertia that it now appears there is no way of stopping it except, perhaps, to tell the Truth.

We do not need to re-invent the wheel. The wheel has already been invented by one or more ancient and more technologically advanced civilizations in our galaxy, and they are operating these “wheels” around Earth in our atmosphere. It is time to officially acknowledge this fact, tell the world the truth, and to get on with well-funded projects aimed at discovering what we might learn from them and, for politicians, determining how we might go about establishing peaceful diplomatic relationships with the ET races that are coming here. We should have been engaged in such projects many years ago, but a cover-up has interfered with our ability to investigate the UFO out in the open light of Truth. This is a tragedy that needs to be corrected immediately.

Encouraging our world to wake up to and embrace the UFO reality is what the JAML is about. This is necessarily the first order of business, as it apparently will be we the citizens who must clear the way for our military leaders, politicians, scientists, and religious clergy to finally, openly, and honestly address the UFO issue. Recently, The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure took place in Washington, D.C. There, six previous members of the U.S. Congress heard testimony from approximately 40 highly credible witnesses concerning their first-hand experiences with the UFO phenomenon. Those previous members of Congress attending that week-long hearing were Carolyn Kilpatrick, Roscoe Bartlett, Merrill Cook, Lynne Woolsey, Mike Gravel, and Darlene Hooley. Also in attendance were Joe Buchanan and Daniel Sheehan. At the end of the week a resolution was passed by this panel directing that a petition be submitted to the United Nations requesting that the U.N. host a similar hearing, world-wide in scope, at sometime in the near future. I suggest that if you have doubts about the reality of the UFO phenomenon and what the near-term implications of the Disclosure of this news will mean to American society, you might get in contact with one of these individuals who I am certain would be happy to inform you about their own impressions of the material/testimony they heard presented at the CHD. I personally attended every hour of the CHD hearings, I found the testimony to be credible and riveting, and I am doing my best to inform my fellow citizens about the details of those proceedings. This is taking place every Tuesday from 7-10 PM at the JAML.

I welcome your future visit to the JAML. If you have any ideas or other help that you may wish to offer and which you feel could play a role in assisting the JAML in its mission to appropriately become one of our nation’s centers of public education and information exchange about the UFO then I would welcome any such advice or assistance. To participate effectively in our democracy, American citizens need to be fully informed and aware of the UFO reality. The past policy of denial and ridicule of the UFO has resulted in a great deal of damage with regard to how American citizens have perceived this reality. Those misperceptions must be undone before we can begin to move forward toward an unrestricted, publically supported, scientific assault intended to arrive at an understanding the physics of the UFO and its potential applications in solving our present energy conundrum. This is the mission of the Jesse A. Marcel Library.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Founder, Jesse A. Marcel Library, Helena, MT

  1. Just saying what needs to happen beyond the invitation. Several hundred if thousands of people need to call and or write to these politicians and ask if they’ve been yet.

  2. Bill Cain says:

    Read some of the letters written to members of the US Congress immediately after the May 9, 2001 Disclosure Project National Press Club event, and the replies which were sent back, and you will begin to understand that writing to your congressman about this subject is about as effective as writing to a stone wall. The US Congress is a collection of spineless jellyfish whose main priorities are re-election, and going along to get along.

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