Apr 17, 2013

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Dear Star People (“Extraterrestrials”),

Camera “snaps” a photo every hour.

Dear Star People,

Although I have not yet had a personal sighting of you or your spacecraft, it is apparent that you are still around Earth. My fellow citizens continue to report their sightings of your spacecraft in “our” skies. I am writing to make you aware of new developments at the Jesse A. Marcel library, as well as several new circumstances which might be utilized, with your cooperation, to help facilitate humanity’s awareness of your presence here with us, and promote the introduction of yourselves to our civilization.

The Jesse A. Marcel Library will resume opening its door to Earth citizens who are interested in learning more about your people on Tuesday evening, April 30, and will be open each Tuesday evening throughout the summer and fall seasons. A re-finished driveway and a new parking area have been completed which will hopefully make the area more inviting to visitors, perhaps even yourselves! On Tuesday evenings at 10PM MST we will look for you in the heavens above us.

At the JAM Library a camera has been mounted on the green colored post which “snaps” a photograph once each hour (see above photo). It will continue doing so throughout this summer. Below is a photo taken by that camera. In this photo you can appreciate the portion of the sky which this camera views. The camera is located at latitude 46 33.228 N, longitude 111 58.448 W. It would be great if you might show up in that portion of the sky at a time when the camera takes a photo, hovering above the 2 trees you see in the photo, and allow the camera to record a photo of your spacecraft. If this happens, I will publicize the event in every way I know how. I now have a contact who is presently the Montana state director of MUFON, and I know that he would be very helpful in making the world aware of such an event.

View the camera “sees”.

In the first photo above you see the white sign leaning against the red barn / Jesse A. Marcel Library. The sign’s position has been reversed just for this photo in order that no one will see the design which is printed on the other side and which, otherwise, always remains displayed to the sky. It is hoped that you will see fit to reproduce this design in a crop circle in a U.K. crop field of your choice this coming summer. If this happens, we can be sure that the design will not be placed by human beings. In my opinion this would provide evidence which some of my fellow citizens would find convincing of your role in the crop circle phenomenon. Such an event I would also attempt to widely publicize. All of Earth’s citizens need to become aware of your presence here with us.

Star People, you have been seen and photographed in our skies for many decades. It is becoming increasingly obvious that you have been coming here around Earth for many centuries. Described in this letter are attempts now being made to interact with you on some very basic level. It is my hope that you will, at some time in the near future, respond to these overtures for Contact. Many of us feel that it is time that we developed some kind of relationship with your people. These methods may help that happen if we can enlist your cooperation.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

  1. www.zlewozmywaki.info.pl says:

    I like it when folks come together and share ideas.
    Great site, continue the good work!

  2. Bob Evans says:

    As Pope Pius XII found out from Bishop Francis McIntyre after he left the 1954 meeting with President Eisenhower, the ET’s were already here on Earth.
    Bishop McIntyre was personally invited by President Eisenhower to be at the meeting at the old Air Field MUROC … now Edwards AFB to meet with three Alien Races.
    The problem the US and Vatican faced was the lack of education we had with Space Travel and possible Alien Contact … So several things were put into place … until we humans were ready

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