Apr 28, 2012

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Directions to the Jesse A. Marcel Library

The UFO phenomenon is real and a subset of Unidentified Flying Objects are manufactured and operated by non-human ET beings. It is important that all citizens become more educated about, accepting of, and comfortable with this “new” reality! At the Jesse A. Marcel Library you will find a safe space to discuss and to learn more about UFO’s, crop circles, and related subjects without fear of ridicule. If you have had a UFO experience which you would like to share, you want to hear about the UFO experiences of others, or you are simply seeking more information about UFO’s, crop circles, and related phenomena, then this is the place to visit! Please bring a friend!

Join us on Tuesday evenings from 7-10 PM at the Jesse A. Marcel Library (JAML). Here you will find books, DVD’s, reprints, and other materials available for you to “check out” which will increase your awareness of and knowledge about the UFO, Crop Circle, and related phenomena. Abundant evidence indicates that Earth is experiencing ongoing visitation by other highly advanced civilizations. Information will play a key role in determining how the UFO and its many implications will help move humanity toward the goal of a more peaceful and sustainable future. Discussions held at the JAML will help to open your eyes and your mind to this promising new reality!

A book return box is provided in front of the library where you can return materials you have checked out at times that may be more convenient for you.

If you need to return materials by mail, our mailing address is:
Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.
PMB 2336
1 Jackson Creek Road
Clancy, MT 59634

Admission is always free!

Driving Directions to the Jesse A. Marcel Library:  From Helena, take the South Helena exit from Interstate Hwy I-15. Go around the traffic circle and proceed south on the frontage road (Colonial Drive) toward Montana City to the first 4-way stop. Turn right onto South Hills Road, and proceed slightly less that 1 mile to Ponderosa Road. Go left on Ponderosa Road, proceed about 100 yards to the first driveway on your left at 11 Ponderosa Road. You will see a bright red barn down the hill on your left with a gravel driveway angling down to the red building which houses the Jesse A. Marcel Library. It is the only red barn in the area and you can’t miss it. The door will be open each Tuesday evening from 7-10 PM, so just come on in.

Questions?: Call the JAML at (406) 461-2823.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

  1. How very cool. What a wonderful idea and contribution to the public. I will have to arrange to visit.

  2. Michael Hatfield says:

    Wonderful! Are copies of Dr. Clarke’s book available on Amazon?

    • Dr. Clarke’s book is available through Amazon. She will be bringing copies of her book with her to her presentation at the JAM Library on Tuesday, May 14, at 7 PM for those who may wish to purchase the book.

  3. Peggy Ann Whiddon says:

    I AM ecstatic to find info re your Library and meetings. Just moved to MT recently so I was delighted to get your brochure from “Between The Worlds” in Hamilton. Planning to attend a Tuesday gathering. Do you have info on nearby hotels?…as we would want to spend the night in the area before driving back to Hamilton. Thank you ever so much. My Email: paws4peace9@aol.com

    • Peggy,
      Welcome to MT! I have lived here for 26 years and I still love it and I bet you will too. I hope you can make it over to visit the JAML some Tuesday evening. The closest place to stay would either be the Elkhorn Mountain Inn in Montana City or The Red Lion on Colonial Drive, but really none of the hotels in Helena are far away – all are probably within 15 minutes of the JAML. I have added you to the JAML email list and will let you know when something special is planned. It is likely that the next time we have a speaker at the JAML it will be a presentation by Keith Wolverton, previous sheriff of Cascade County, who wrote a book with Roberta Donovan called Mystery On the Prarie, an account of sheriff Wolverton’s investigations of cattle mutilations that occurred in the area. I don’t yet know when that is going to happen but I am certain it will be worth making the drive over from Hamilton to come listen to what Wolverton will have to say. Pete Howard, previous sheriff and current Justice of the Peace in Teton County, may also be there as well.
      Most Tuesday evenings when we don’t have a speaker I will present a video which we will then discuss. Last night we viewed some documents about Project Aquarius recently received by Dr. Steven Greer and discussed them in detail. It was an interesting discussion among some very nice people who all express their opinions freely and allow others to as well. We also viewed a 20 minute video of an interview with Richard Hoover, former NASA astrobiologist who has published a number of papers regarding his discovery of microfossils in various meteorites which prove that extraterrestrial life has already been discovered, but for some reason we are not being informed about this through the mainstream media.
      I look forward to meeting you, so please do come by the JAML. It would be unusual for the JAML to not be open on a Tuesday evening from 7-10 PM, but since you will be driving from Hamilton please call me (461-2823) to confirm that the JAML will be open before making the drive over. My email address id Richard@cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org
      Richard O’Connor, M.D.

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