Jan 31, 2011

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Eye Witness Testimony: Roswell Crash Debris “Something That Came From Outer Space”.

Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr.

This is Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. In this video clip (see below), Dr. Marcel tells us that he saw, and held in his hands, debris recovered from the crash site of an ET SPACECRAFT which occurred outside of Roswell, NM, in July 1947. I have known Dr. Marcel well for 22 years. I worked with Dr. Marcel in the operating rooms of St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena, MT, for over a decade. I have been to his home, and I know his wife, Linda. I GUARANTEE you that Dr. Marcel is an honest man and that he speaks the truth. I have never known him to anything other than honest and forthright.

Dr. Marcel had nothing to gain in bringing out his truth of what really happened at Roswell in 1947, but he felt obligated to bring this exceedingly important reality to our world’s attention. This would not be an easy road for anyone to take, making a pronouncement such as this to a skeptical world. Especially when the U.S. military has gone to such great lengths to lead us all to believe that Dr. Marcel’s story isn’t true, or is just a misinterpretation of what happened. The U.S. military has been lying to you about this for decades. Dr. Marcel has not.

A great deal of evidence has been uncovered in recent years that supports Dr. Marcel’s statement that the materials recovered at Roswell were those of an ET SPACECRAFT. Please read Witness To Roswell by Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt, (New Page Books, ISBN -13: 978-1-56414-943-5), and The Roswell Legacy by Jesse Marcel, Jr., and Linda Marcel (New Page Books, ISBN 978-1-60163-026-1).

An ET SPACECRAFT did crash to the Earth ouside of Roswell, NM, in 1947. Knowing Dr. Marcel as I do, I have not one shred of doubt that this is the truth. Dr. Marcel has been speaking this truth to us about the Roswell Incident for over two decades, and we all owe Dr. Marcel a debt of gratitude for the courage he has shown in his attempt to awaken our world to this new reality. Think about the implications.

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