Aug 18, 2011

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Former British Ministry of Defense UFO Investigator Apologizes.

How about the following recent statements from Nick Pope, former Chief of the British Ministry of Defense Office of UFO Investigations. Mr. Pope has made some very significant statements in this interview. We don’t even need to read between the lines!

Mr. Pope said:
“I believe the UFO Phenomenon does raise important defense, national security, and air safety issues, and if I helped kill any initiative on that, I am deeply sorry.”

“It was all part of the way we spun the (UFO) subject, to try and discredit it.”

“However, there are plenty of sightings that I think show that we are dealing with more than just aircraft lights and weather balloons.”

Here is the link to the full (exclusive) article published August 18, 2011 in the Huffington Post:

With recent statements such as these made by Mr. Pope, there can be no doubt that the UFO Phenomenon is real and is regarded as being highly sigificant to our world’s governments. We all need to write to our congressmen/women and demand open Congressional hearings to determine what is already known by the military and intelligence agencies of our respective governments about the UFO Phenomenon. This should be followed up by the establishment of the International UFO Study Group, organized through the United Nations, in an international effort aimed at determining who these people are, where they come from, how they have arrived here, what energy sources do they employ, what languages do they speak, how long have they been coming here, what are their intentions, what information they might be able to convey to us regarding our own world’s history, the social structure of their own civilization, and how might we establish an open and mutually beneficial relationship with them. These topics would only scratch the surface of the possible dialogues which might be possible when OPEN CONTACT comes about, which it surely will, and possibly in the very near future.

This is good! Please, please, please – ignore the information you will find on the internet with speculative, sensationalist, fear mongering content containing phrases like “alien invasion”, “how will we defend ourselves”, “the evil aliens” etc. If these people coming here represented a threat to us we would have already been “toast” a long time ago. They very likely have the technology to have done this, but they haven’t despite at least many decades, and more likely many millennia, of being here with us while they have been closely observing our civilization’s development. It is now time that we open ourselves to pursuing an actual relationship with these people, and the sooner the better. First, we must stop shooting at them. If you do not believe that we have been doing this, listen to Milton Torres’s testimony, and read Richard Dolan’s UFO’s and the National Security State. The only thing we (and they) should fear are our own reactions to them as we try to come to grips with this whole new reality.

We forgive you for your past deeds of deception, Nick Pope, and CCRF extends to you our sincere THANKS!! for your courage in coming forth with your truth. Now, let’s get on with changing our world in the light of a new reality.

Please, everyone, read and sign “The Petition“.

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