Aug 26, 2011

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Genuine Crop Circles – Humanity’s Safety Net

The Crop Circle Phenomenon will be the safety net which will help to catch humanity in the free fall we are about to experience when our world soon becomes fully awakened to the fact that the UFO Phenomenon is real and that we are being contacted by one or more ET civilizations which are “light years ahead” of our own in terms of intelligence, technological progress, and spiritual understanding. We are all, to one degree or another, anthropocentric. There will be surprises in the mix for all of us, regardless of how “ET aware” we might presently regard ourselves to be. The reassurance that we will find in the historical record of these beautiful, enlightening, and non-threatening Genuine Crop Circle masterpieces will serve a vital role in assuaging the anxiety that many human beings might otherwise feel when First Contact is reluctantly but unavoidably officially acknowledged by the “establishment”. Or when we find ourselves standing face to face with a living, breathing being from another world. The Genuine Crop Circles will serve as our touchstone, reassuring us that we need not be fearful of a people who share our sense of beauty, balance, and proportion and, through the Genuine Crop Circles, have been informing us of this fact in such a friendly way over a period of many decades. We must suspect that the Genuine Crop Circles are gifts to mankind intended to help prepare us and to sustain us through the process of First Contact. I believe that they are, by design, intrinsic to the First Contact protocol.

The 2011 Crop Circle season has revealed an incredible collection of amazingly complex Crop Circle designs which, to be truly appreciated, need to be viewed with more than a casual glance. In these videos, Jaime Maussan presents some beautiful video footage of selected 2011 Crop Circles, and some possible interpretations of their meanings. Thanks to Red Collie for bringing these excellent videos to my attention.

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