May 6, 2011

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Interview With Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar, a courageous and heroic individual.

This is a rather lengthy presentation from Mr. Bob Lazar, an individual who’s name is well known to the “UFO Community”. While Mr. Lazar’s claims of his employment and educational background have been discredited by UFOlogist Stanton Friedman, my instincts after watching this film inform me otherwise. For those of us who seek to know the truth behind the UFO and Crop Circle phenomena, these subjects have been rendered deliberately confusing, making it difficult or even impossible to separate fact from fiction. When attempting to discriminate fact from fiction, we are essentially forced to ultimately rely on our instincts or our “gut feeling” about whether we are being told the truth or whether we are being lied to. Personally, I do not believe that Mr. Lazar is lying to us about his experiences at USAF insatallation S4. He has maintained these otherwise outrageous claims over many years, he has not backed down, and, as you will note in this film, Mr. Lazar appears to be a highly intelligent and highly educated individual. I believe that Mr. Lazar is telling us the truth, and I thank him for his courageous work in trying to enlighten our world about a new reality. Thank you Bob Lazar!

Addendum (From Wikipedia, April 29,2011): Bob Lazar passed a lie detector test administered by ex-police officer Teddy Tavernetti. In an interview Tavernetti stated, “If he’s lying he ought to be in Hollywood because he gave absolutely no physiological indications of a telling deception.”[citation needed]

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