Sep 22, 2013

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JAML Camera Parameters Changed

SEPTEMBER 21, 2013: For the past several months the RCX2 trail camera mounted at the rear of the JAML has been programmed in a time lapse mode, acquiring 1 still photo of the skies each hour on the hour. This has generated several thousands of photos (>4500) with no capture of an image of a UFO.

Yesterday, September 21, 2013 I CHANGED THE CAMERA’S SETTINGS TO CAPTURE ONLY A 15 SECOND MOTION-ACTIVATED VIDEO. Time lapse acquisition of photos has been discontinued. Why?

This is one of the >4500 photos taken by the JAML camera. Your obvious presence in this photo is conspicuously absent.

So far you have chosen not to be seen in these photos. Why?

So far you have chosen not to be seen in these photos. Why?

Given the advanced technology apparent in the design and operational characteristics of your transportation (what humans refer to as UFOs) it is a reasonable assumption that, by now, you are aware of the JAML, this camera, and the intention behind this effort at establishing communication with you. So far, you have chosen not to respond by allowing this camera to capture a photo of your craft. This effort is directed toward helping our civilization gain additional, real proof that you exist and are here observing human civilization and the biosphere of this planet. There are no “tricks” here, and, specifically, no DECEPTION. This is a straightforward attempt to begin establishing communication with you by citizens of Earth. There is one crop circle, one which I and many people believe to be a Genuine Crop Circle (one made by you) which specifically states “WE OPPOSE DECEPTION”. If this is a True statement and your people do oppose deception, then why do you choose to avoid responding to this overture at establishing this very rudimentary form of communication with us?

If you exist and if you are here, then SHOW US this by allowing your craft to be photographed by this camera. If and when your craft does appear in a video captured by this camera, I can assure you that this information will be shared with those who visit the JAML and with many others through our social media. Evidence such as this will, over time, begin to capture the attention of many who have been deliberately misled about your real existence here with us and will serve as an antidote to what has truly been a deception perpetrated by our own kind. This is a deception which is in serious need of a correction and methods such as this effort at capturing a “premeditated” photo of your craft will help immensely to overcome the “Truth Embargo”. Please cooperate in this effort.

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