Oct 2, 2015

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Letter to Pope Francis Concerning Extraterrestrial Contact Goes Unanswered

I mailed a hard copy of the letter below to Pope Francis at the Vatican. This letter was sent to Pope Francis in concert with another letter written by UFO activist/ researcher Victor Viggiani from Canada. Although we have patiently waited for an appropriate reply, either Mr. Vigianni nor myself have received any response to our letters from Pope Francis or his representative, despite the passage of 6 months since I personally mailed our letters, along with a copy of Paul Hellyer’s book The Money Mafia, to Pope Francis at the Vatican. Notably, we have received no denial that the Catholic Church has been harboring “insider” information concerning the long-standing and ongoing Contact between visiting ET races / UFOs and humanity.

To suppose that the Catholic Church would have no knowledge of this topic, and likely highly detailed knowledge, is preposterous. We can only conclude that the Catholic Church is knowingly complicit in the ET / UFO cover-up, what many refer to as “The Truth Embargo”, and I view this complicity as both a(nother) sin of commission as well as a sin of omission against humanity. The list of serious infractions of the social contract between the Catholic Church and the human family continues to grow.

His Holiness Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
Vatican City State, 00120

Dear Pope Francis,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits.

I am a U.S. physician (anesthesiologist), still in active practice, residing in Helena, MT, USA. Because I was a medical colleague and a close personal friend of Dr. Jesse A. Marcel Jr., M.D. (who was directly involved in the “Roswell UFO Incident”), I am keenly aware that the world-wide and ongoing UFO phenomenon is real. I am also entirely certain that the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis remains as the most likely (least objectionable) explanation for what human beings have been observing in our skies for decades, and very likely for millennia. How this fact, when it is finally revealed to mankind by a credible and trusted source, proven with hard evidence, widely publicized, and then accepted by the majority of our world’s population will eventually translate into a new awakening for humanity I will attempt to explain and defend below.

I am writing to you for two reasons. First, to thank you and to express my strong support for your several recent public proclamations intended to raise our world’s consciousness about the “Golden Calf” worship of current-day Capitalism. I share the concerns you have so insightfully expressed about the alarming and far-reaching effects of the present-day Capitalist mindset as it continues to undermine the integrity of Earth’s biosphere, as well as exert its insidious and deleterious effects on the morale of mankind, as well as the social and spiritual fabric of humanity. The unrestrained pursuit of personal wealth, political influence, market-dominance, and military power by a highly influential minority now appears to be regularly superseding all sensible boundaries with respect to mankind’s proper relationship with the Creator, with our planet Earth, and with our obligations toward our fellow man. As with you, I too have grown extremely concerned about the speed and the direction toward which the unrestrained Capitalist mindset appears to be moving our world.
I am truly grateful for the several attempts you have made to re-align the current-day priorities of human affairs. However, given our present day international economic and geo-political realities, I am less than optimistic that those who pursue their lives in promoting this headlong rush toward Earth’s environmental destruction, and those who busy themselves in constructing what is gravitating toward an apartheid social system (“haves and have nots”) will prove to be at all receptive to your moral guidance. It is my opinion that in order to create a milieu in which those most in need of hearing and attending to your guidance will feel compelled to do so, a dramatic and wide-spread change in perceptions about our present day reality must necessarily become a part of the therapeutic prescription. More about that below.

For many centuries, some very influential people have held to the view that certainly here on planet Earth, and perhaps by implication throughout the vast Universe, human kind represent the crowning pinnacle of God’s creation. The result of the hubris incorporated into that worldview now appears in full blossom as planet Earth continues to be, according to climate scientists, “stewarded” by those in power toward an eventual, but perhaps still preventable, environmental collapse. In my view this is due primarily to the lust (greed) for power and personal wealth which motivates those in control to continue promulgating our civilization’s massive and unrelenting use/combustion of fossil fuels for energy. It is, as well, exhibited in the unconscionable design, production, and maintenance of current world stockpiles of nuclear weapons of mass destruction by the world’s military-industrial complex. These weapons, now pointed in every direction, unjustly but minute-by-minute threaten the very survival of all of God’s magnificent creation here on Earth. We will perhaps never know just how many other advanced planetary civilizations “out there”, once developed to a level of technological capability commensurate with our own today, have experienced a sudden annihilation by similar nuclear weapons of their own design and manufacture. There must become revealed a new social paradigm that will serve to entirely discredit and disenfranchise those who have for decades steered our civilization, and perhaps all of Earth’s life, toward the precipice upon which we now find our own civilization.

Let me now plainly state my second reason for writing to you, Pope Francis. There presently exists in the public domain “hints” that the Catholic Church may be harboring knowledge of, and perhaps evidence of, the real existence of the Extraterrestrial Beings who are here observing Earth and perhaps interacting with humanity. If the Catholic Church (The Vatican) does have in its vast and ancient archives definitive knowledge of, and can offer definitive proof of, the existence of intelligent Extraterrestrial Beings who are here observing Earth and our civilization, and who have designed, manufactured, and operate the technologically advanced UFO craft that are frequently seen in our skies, it is my opinion that NOW is the time for The Church to make this revelation known to the world. It would be most appropriate and most efficacious for you, Pope Francis, to be the bearer of this news to mankind. Such a revelation will result in several much-needed changes in mankind’s prevailing worldview that will have a highly significant, and I believe a very positive long-term impact on the direction in which our civilization is presently headed.

Most importantly, this announcement will result in an abrupt awakening by many to the fact that almost every living world citizen has been, for their entire lives, deliberately misled (lied to) about this reality. The intentional obfuscation of the reality of ET’s existence and presence nearby, and perhaps even on this planet, has mendaciously hidden from view a most important Truth concerning mankind’s relationship with God’s greater cosmos. While this strategy has so far served to maintain the primacy of the existing, but in many ways corrupted, geo-political power structures on Earth, it has denied every human being the certain knowledge that there are others here with us who hail from far more ancient civilizations. These civilizations have very likely evolved to incorporate social, economic, and spiritual practices commensurate with their highly advanced technological development. They have, quite obviously, devised ways and means of producing and harnessing energy that could quickly and completely displace fossil fuels as our civilization’s primary source of energy. Humanity will never learn more about these Beings until the curtain is lifted and we are allowed to become fully aware of their existence. Then and only then will all of mankind become free to explore the many possibilities inherent in peaceful and transparent relationships with what we are likely to discover are myriad races of visiting, and interested, ET Beings.

I would further state that if The Church does harbor knowledge of, and especially evidence of, Extraterrestrial Beings attempting to engage with the human race, but The Church has for some reason elected to withhold from revealing this information, then in my opinion that policy should and must be rescinded immediately. The Truth about this “new” reality is eventually going to reveal itself, one way or another. It is my conviction that this revelation is going to come about sooner rather than later. The Church’s window of opportunity to retain the moral high ground with regard to “Disclosure” may well be closing. If The Church fails to act on this and it is later determined, after the fact, that The Church has been complicit, to the bitter end, in hiding this Truth from all of mankind, this revelation is going to be extremely damaging to the credibility of The Catholic Church. The adage “better late than never” provides excellent guidance if the Catholic Church has in fact found itself trapped within this conundrum.

A law of thermodynamics informs us that nothing in this Universe can remain unaffected by change (entropy). If the revelation of the existence of Extraterrestrial Beings here with us necessitates significant changes in the Catechism of The Church, how could we regard such changes as anything other than the result of a process, inherent in this Universe, which naturally drives the progression of all sentient species toward greater levels of understanding and spiritual growth? I am unqualified to assert precisely what, if any, changes in Catholic dogma might eventually become necessary as a result of this revelation, but of one thing I feel certain. If the Catholic Church assumes a leadership role in making this Truth known to the world, thereby changing our current path toward destruction upon which mankind presently treads, the Church will be acknowledged and embraced by many as the singular influence that acted responsibly at a critical crossroads in mankind’s social, spiritual, and scientific evolution. Such action, in my opinion, would be widely regarded by both Catholics and non-Catholics alike as the work of God.

Thank you once again for your efforts to bring about much-needed change. I ask that you and your advisers carefully consider what action the Catholic Church might presently take toward bringing about “Disclosure”. May peace be with you and yours.

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, the Jesse A. Marcel Library, Helena, MT, USA.

  1. That was a beautiful and eloquently written letter. I appreciate what you are doing. Thank you!

  2. I am so in tune with your message here…I have a history and personal experience that has led me to pursue this subject for years. My father worked on experimental aircraft in Peenemunde,Germany…he was a solid believer in ET existence and contact although as a child growing up here in the States, he never talked about this with me.. if in fact he even knew..
    I had one episode involving a sighting and one lost time experience….I have sadly come to the conclusion that perhaps it is the ET’s themselves that are directing disclosure…perhaps THEY do not feel we are ready, because of our violent natures, and have instructed all world Govt’s to suppress any disclosure and discredit or rebuff anyone delving to close to this matter…In the meantime I think their DNA and Gene modification experiments continue in the hope of producing a hybrid next evolution of Human..one with non-violent tendencies and more elevated conciousness…

    • Dear Jeffry,
      With regard to their “DNA and gene modification experiments”, if such programs are actually in progress, I would agree that “they” have their work cut out for them. To be fair, however, I feel that the UFO / ET cover-up has effectively and seriously derailed what should have been humanity’s natural and unimpeded scientific, social, and spiritual evolution for at least the past 68 years and counting. Had Disclosure been allowed, as it should have been at least 68 years ago (at the time of the Roswell Incident), our entire civilization might have been much further along the path toward what we would all consider to be a more enlightened present-day human civilization. My own conclusion is that the aborted Disclosure that never happened has been purely and exclusively of human origin, motivated by several of “The 7 Deadly Sins” – the lust for power, greed, and military / industrial superiority accompanied by a complete disregard for the imperative of Truth in a Universe that, perhaps by design, will apparently exterminate species incapable of abiding by such higher moral principles. If human civilization ends up in the waste bin of the Universe, it will be due to our own inability, as an unfit species, to conduct our decisions and actions in concert with higher moral principles. Barring natural disasters, it is us who are solely responsible for the fate of our civilization, which is why we must work overtime and against the ticking clock to obtain real Disclosure, and in doing so hopefully correct the malign course in which humanity is currently headed. If we cannot do this, then, with nuclear weapons armed and ready for deployment, at some point in the not too distant future, IMO we are going to be done as an evolving civilization. For us it will be back to the stone age to try this again, providing that there is any remaining biosphere on Earth capable of supporting life at all. Shifting blame to ETs for what is going on in our world is, IMO, counter-productive to creating the kind of world we would all like to see; one in which Truth is paramount and all life on Earth is regarded as an indispensable treasure, which it is.

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