Jan 24, 2011

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Letter to the ACLU

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
PMB 2046
1 Jackson Creek Road
Clancy, MT 59534

American Civil Liberties Union
125 Broad Street
18th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Dear ACLU,

I am writing to bring to the ACLU’s attention a subject which carries far-reaching implications regarding the civil liberties of not only each and every U.S. citizen, but indeed of every human being now living, and of all future generations . If we grant that the biosphere of planet Earth is endowed, or should be endowed with a set of basic rights, it can be validly argued that the entirety of Earth’s biosphere should as well be included in the list of entities with a vested interest in gaining our civilization’s widespread awareness and acknowledgement of the reality of the UFO Phenomenon, and the immense significance it brings to much of what we perceive as our present day and our likely future reality.

The truth of the UFO Phenomenon, when it finally and completely unfolds, will dispel any notion that the U.S. military-industrial complex values or respects the right of U.S. citizens to be informed about these certain facts. The truth of the UFO Phenomenon, when finally known, will set our world down a different path and in a completely new and, in the long term, much more positive direction. How can we expect to organize and implement a functional civilization if we premise our decisions and our resulting actions on false information which belies the true reality of our existence?

The UFO Phenomenon, and with it the highly likely corollary that our civilization is being contacted by at least one other separate, technologically advanced, and highly intelligent civilization, has quite effectively been “kept in a closet” by the global U.S. military-industrial complex. This unfortunate situation remains just so because the authority of the U.S. military has disingenuously, deliberately, and repeatedly misinformed U.S. citizens through their maintaining, in the face of a great deal of highly credible evidence to the contrary, that there is absolutely no truth to the rumors originating from the “conspiracy theorists” or other “nut cases” who would have us believe that UFO’s, and the civilization(s) responsible for their manufacture, actually exist. Those who would insist that they be allowed a peak behind the closet door have been handled by whatever means necessary to insure that they have not become enlightened about the truth of our reality – that we are not alone as sapient life forms in this universe.

Yves Sillard, former director-general of the French government’s Center For Space Studies (CNES), recently penned the following statement in the newly published book by author Leslie Kean UFO’s: Generals, Pilots, and Military Officials Go On The Record (Harmony Books, ISBN 978-0-307-71684-2):

“The objective reality of unidentified aerial phenomenon, better known to the general public as UFO’s, is no longer in doubt… The climate of suspicion and disinformation, not to mention derision, which still too often surrounds the collection of reports, illustrates a surprising form of intellectual blindness. This is obviously the reason for the silence of so many witnesses who do not dare to come forward, and is particularly true for pilots, civilian or military, who fear jeopardizing their careers by speaking out. We must be very open with information, in order to minimize the drama and make it easier for witnesses to file reports….And finally, let us hope that our joint efforts will inspire unprejudiced minds to consider the extraterrestrial hypothesis with the seriousness and rigor it deserves, as long as no other credible interpretation has been formulated.”

In July, 1947, the U.S. military made the ignoble decision that U.S. and world citizens did not have a need to know, or a right to know, that irrefutable evidence supporting the existence of intelligent life from elsewhere in the universe had literally fallen into their laps. This evidence provided certainty that we are not alone in the universe, that there are indeed other intelligent, technologically advanced life forms originating from elsewhere in this universe, and that such life forms and the materials of their manufacture had arrived here to our nation. Since July 1947, the U.S. military-industrial complex has engaged in an orchestrated program to keep this knowledge secreted away from each and every U.S. and world citizen, thus allowing the U.S. military-industrial complex to pursue their own agenda which, colored as was then and is now by its military and national security state mindset, has inevitably led us down the unenlightened path we have been on for now well over 6 decades. Now, over 60 years later, U.S. and all world citizens have a basic right and a compelling need to be informed of this truth. The very survival of Earth’s biosphere in a form in which human beings can thrive and live fulfilling lives, incorporating elements of what most of us would consider universally necessary for a measure of quality and dignity in our existence, is being increasingly threatened from many directions.

If we fail to challenge this apparent claim to sovereign authority over this vital information by the U.S. military-industrial complex, if we fail to acknowledge this new reality, and if we fail to act upon what we will quickly learn from this new awareness, we will continue to progressively alter Earth’s biosphere through our imposed addiction to fossil fuels to such an extent that our nest will one day, in the relatively near future, be no longer fit to support our own existence. Energy technologies which may derive from our study of the energy production and propulsion systems of UFO’s may be key to providing the prodigious energy requirements our civilization presently requires now and into our future.

I am appealing to the ACLU to exert its considerable influence in an effort to uncover the truth of all that is known about the UFO Phenomenon and about the obviously intelligent life forms who operate these machines within U.S. airspace; who they are, from where they originate, the nature of their intentions, and, most importantly, the simple fact that they exist in our reality. It has become evident that these truths will have to be wrenched from the grasp of those who have conspired to control this paradigm- changing information and keep any awareness of these truths and their far-reaching implications from all U.S. and world citizens. If we are successful in bringing these truths to the world’s awareness, I feel it is certain that virtually each and every issue which the ACLU has prioritized and addressed over the years will be positively impacted and in some way positively transformed by this new awareness. The significance that this new knowledge will have with regard to our science and indeed to nearly every facet of our civilization’s current foundations of understanding cannot be overstated.

The task of prying the truth about UFO’s and their occupants from the grasp of those who have had a self-appointed “need to know” will clearly not be a simple matter. It is likely that we will not be told the entire story for years, if not decades. But, one clear statement from U.S. President Barak Obama, in concert with identical statements from other G-7 world leaders, is all that will be required to get this ball rolling. Once the truth of the UFO Phenomenon has been officially verified, our scientists will take us where we need to go in the light of this new awareness of the true nature of our reality.

I ask the ACLU to call upon President Obama to publically state the simple truth about the UFO Phenomenon – that it is real – and for President Obama to appoint a commission to gather data and to study the UFO Phenomenon in an objective and scientific manner in order that we may begin to learn all that we can that will be of benefit to present and to future generations. I ask the ACLU to publicize this request through the most publically visible means at its disposal. In my opinion it will be a grave error to allow this charade to continue on, unchallenged, into our future. If I can be of any help in advancing this agenda, I am most willing to assist.


Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, CCRF, Inc.

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