Feb 27, 2011

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Letter To The Montana Environmental Information Center

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“The objective reality of unidentified aerial phenomenon, better known to the general public as UFO’s, is no longer in doubt… The climate of suspicion and disinformation, not to mention derision, which still too often surrounds the collection of reports, illustrates a surprising form of intellectual blindness”. (Yves Sillard, previous director of CNES, the national French government’s space agency).

This quote from UFO’s / Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record by Leslie Kean, et al. Harmony Books, copyright 2010, ISBN 978-0-307-71684-2.

Dear MEIC,

For several decades, the Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC) has successfully sought to act as a voice calling for the protection of the lands, animals, plants, and water of the great state of Montana from the never-ending onslaught of extractive industries whose foremost priorities lie primarily in satisfying the expectations of their shareholders. There has always existed a long line of those who would take those natural resources which they prize from our Montana lands and, after their profits have been realized, pack up their equipment and move on to their next targeted area of drilling, mining, or logging activity. MEIC has effectively functioned to provide a voice of reason and restraint to help buffer the impact of these extractive industry interests on the beautiful features of our state, and to closely monitor the activities and intentions of those industries, that we might all continue to enjoy the fresh air, clean waters, and pristine beauty of Montana’s mountains and plains, while continuing to benefit from the jobs these industries provide to our state’s citizens. Mr. Jim Jensen, Executive Director of MEIC, has been a consistent advocate for Montana’s environment for over two decades, and I, as Executive Director of the Crop Circles Research Foundation (CCRF) commend Jim Jensen, and the past and present staff and board of directors of MEIC, for their persistent efforts toward safeguarding the integrity of Montana’s environment. THANK YOU JIM JENTSEN AND MEIC for all you done in these regards.

I am writing to bring to the attention of Jim Jensen and the MEIC board of directors a matter which I and many others believe may have the potential to one day, possibly in the very near future, completely obviate the need for our civilization to continue to utilize fossil fuels to provide the prodigious energy our civilization requires to function and progress. The matter to which I refer is the UFO Phenomenon, and the profound implications it may have in freeing our civilization, and Earth’s environment, from the ongoing destruction wrought by our continued and escalating dependence on coal, oil, and petroleum. While the UFO Phenomenon unfortunately remains largely a subject of denial and derision, one of my goals, with CCRF, is to do everything in my power to bring a change to this prevailing attitude about the UFO Phenomenon, to help my fellow citizens come to the realization that the UFO Phenomenon is real, and it is ongoing.

The UFO Phenomenon may prove to be THE KEY to unlocking the door to a future for humanity in which we are able to produce the energy our civilization requires while bringing to a halt our current, destructive practice of combusting hydrocarbon fossil fuels for this purpose and which are, without question, contributing to the gradual and relentless breakdown of Earth’s biosphere through global warming, ocean acidification, and rising sea levels. In my judgment, there is NOTHING on the horizon concerning new energy technologies which holds as much promise to free our civilization from the ongoing ravages of our use fossil fuels than our widespread acknowledgement of, followed by our intensive study of, the energy and propulsion technologies that underlie the now well-described performance characteristics of the UFO’s. We as a civilization must now finally address the UFO Phenomenon in a serious and unrelenting effort to determine WHO, WHY, and, most importantly, HOW.

We are highly fortunate that at this time in human history, when we have only recently been able to recognize and define our use of massive volumes of coal, oil, and petroleum as the primary factors contributing to the degradation of Earth’s precious biosphere upon which we all depend for our very lives, that this potential alternative to our use of fossil fuels has now shown itself on our horizon. The challenge to our civilization is that we now find the will and the courage to confront this new reality with a spirit of hope and wide-eyed intellectual curiosity, and we become willing to leave our over-inflated human egos at the door. We must become willing to admit that there now exists a true embarrassment of evidence which confirms, beyond reasonable doubt, that there are civilizations who have quite apparently gained a more advanced understanding of the subtle principles underlying this universe in which we all reside, and we would do well to focus our undivided attention on the study of the UFO’s and the energy and propulsion systems they employ.

I ask that the MEIC join with me and CCRF in helping our citizenry to come to grips with the fact that the UFO Phenomenon is real, and that we as a civilization must get on with the business of funding an intensive program of study (similar to the Manhattan Project), international in scope, to eventually understand the energy source utilized to power the UFO’s, and then proceed to manufacture such systems for the betterment of Earth’s biosphere and mankind.

CCRF realizes that for the MEIC to take this stand with us will be perceived by Jim Jensen and the MEIC board of directors as a risk to the credibility of the MEIC, an organization which has worked hard over many years to become an effective voice for Montana’s environment. To this concern, which I acknowledge as a legitimate concern, I can only point out that until the day comes when the MEIC, and other established environmental organizations, are willing to step up and take this risk, we will remain in a stalemate with those who have made a determined effort to keep the widespread awareness of the UFO reality from the large majority of our citizens, and to maintain the status quo in keeping our civilization “addicted” to the use of fossil fuels to provide the energy we require. What has been lacking in this effort for over six decades of UFO secrecy has been leadership, and I am asking the MEIC, and all other environmental organizations with a proclaimed mission of protecting and preserving the biosphere of planet Earth, to provide that much needed leadership and step up to this new responsibility.

I am not asking for the MEIC to continue on with a decades-long effort calling out for an end to “UFO secrecy” or to help end the “UFO cover-up”. The work of debunking the claims made by those who have effectively (until recently) and deliberately misled humanity about the reality of the UFO Phenomenon has already been accomplished by many highly credible individuals who have now provided the convincing evidence that has previously been lacking to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that the UFO Phenomenon is real. History will show that we owe these courageous individuals our gratitude and our respect. I submit that the time for debate about the reality of the UFO Phenomenon is over, and our proper tactic at this time is to simply state that now that we know for a fact that the UFO Phenomenon is real, we must call upon our elected U.S. senators and representatives, and the United Nations, to enact legislation which would establish funding for an intensive international study to determine what the UFO’s are, who pilots them, and how they produce the energy they require to arrive here in our atmosphere. As you read in the statement above made by Mr.Yves Sillard, there is no longer any doubt that the UFO Phenomenon is real. What now remains to be done is to gain a complete understanding of the UFO Phenomenon, and this will only be accomplished through the funding of an intensive international effort directed toward the scientific investigation of the UFO’s to eventually gain that understanding of these truly incredible vehicles.

While I readily admit that I may be incorrect in my contention that Genuine Crop Circles may represent signposts provided to us by these visiting civilizations intended to gently inform us of their presence here in our reality, I am 100% certain that many of us are correct in stating that the UFO Phenomenon is real. One need only review the many and widespread descriptions of the operating characteristics of the UFO’s to know that there is an energy technology implicit in their operation that simply demands further intensive and detailed investigation.

Should you Jim, and/or the MEIC board of directors determine that a campaign calling for international federal funding of a study of the UFO Phenomenon is worthy of your attention and that it may indeed, as I and many others have argued, hold promise as a legitimate area of investigation directed toward providing for the future energy needs of the human race, I would be most willing to meet with the MEIC board for further discussion regarding the form that such support from the MEIC might take. I will not be asking for financial support, but rather for your courage and your leadership. If we as a civilization continue to delay in demanding funding from world governments directed toward the serious study of the UFO Phenomenon, and we continue to wait for an official statement from our federal government or our U.S. military regarding the reality of the UFO Phenomenon, I fear we will wait too long. Our federal government and our military are not in the business of spelling out potentially destabilizing and paradigm changing new developments in our understanding of our reality, and they will not take this step unless and until they are compelled to do so. We must provide the loud and irrepressible voice calling for the serious investigation of the UFO Phenomenon. In my opinion, nothing less than the biosphere of planet Earth and the future of our civilization are at stake.


Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

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