Apr 28, 2011

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My Brother-In-Laws’ UFO Sighting Over Fresno

Recently my wife and I were visiting family in California, and my brother-in-law, Cesar (approx. 45 years old, father of one son and two daughters), related to me an account of a UFO which he, his son Cesar Jr., and his wife Joy, witnessed from their back yard in Fresno this past February. To make sure I had the story straight, I asked Cesar to e-mail the details of their experience to me and describe what happened in his own words:

“It was on or about Feb.24, 2011, and I remember that particular day because it was very cold outside. The sky was clear that night which was nice after the bout of rain we had recently.The time was around 9:30-10:00 PM, and this is the time I take our three dogs outside to do their business as I try to stay warm and in a little bit of a hurry to get back inside where it’s warm. I noticed two of the dogs looking up, which normally they don’t, and I follow their gaze upward, and I notice through my neighbors trees at about 100 ft. up, three red lights blinking in order, vertically. The lights blink separately, yet as they blink there is a connective beam that weaves from one to the other. These lights are at about NW position, and moving to W. Now, before it get’s very much further, the lights begin to rotate clockwise until they become horizontal. Before it becomes fully horizontal, I can finally see a shape that I could’nt see before, and it is V-shaped. Now, for this discripiton I have to let you know that there is a street light almost directly below this craft that is orange in color and is about 3 blocks away. At this distance, the object appears to be at least 35-40 feet long and 25 feet wide by 8-10 feet high. It has block shapes on top of it, and I can see 4-5 of these on top. At full horizontal, it is headed about West now, and though I can’t see the top of it anymore, I can still see the side of it. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, and I want to share this with someone before it goes away. So, I run to my son’s bedroom window (his corner bedroom windows faces NW & W) and I begin tapping on his window to get his attention and explain what I’ve been looking at. He looks and see’s what I see, and about this time my wife Joy comes outside to throw out the trash and notices me and Ces Jr. looking up and pointing to the sky. Joy asks us what we are looking at, and she comes to the side of the house and see’s what we see , but by now it has moved from the West to heading South. It must have been moving slowly, because we could all still see the lights of it very clearly, and the time it took me to see it, go to my sons’s window, explain to him what I saw and show him, and have Joy come out and see it before it moved on must have taken some time. In my excitement, it seemed like it happened a little faster than that. Oh, also, the third of our dogs, when this first happened, ran like crazy for the kitchen door, and I’ve never seen her run that fast!

I hope this helps someone who may have had an experience like the one I had.
You might be able to get a reference of the house layout on Google Earth. The address is 3815 E. Terrace Ave., Fresno,CA, 93703.


Thanks for sending this. I am wondering if you could comment about a few other details of your UFO sighting. First, could you hear any sound associated with what you were seeing? Second, can you estimate approximately over how much time your sighting lasted from start to finish? Third, did you experience any physical sensations while you were viewing the UFO, i.e. vibration, hair standing up, heat? Did you ever at any point think to yourself that you might be looking at something that was not produced by human beings, or even on Earth? Did you feel anxiety, fear, excitement, nausea or any other associated emotional response. I want to try to present your experience in such a way that it becomes real to the reader and they can understand just what you experienced as nearly as possible. Thanks.


Good questions all. Well, I don’t recall hearing any sound, as low to the ground as it was. I asked Ces Jr. & Joy the same thing, in fact I recall asking them right after it happened, and we all agree that none of us recall hearing any sound. The time involved seemed longer than it was. Ces Jr. said it felt like 20 min, Joy said 15-20 min, and I would have to say 15 min. However, the actual time that went by was in reality probably about 3-5 minutes. When I looked at the clock, I kept thinking, man this had to have been longer than 5 minutes!

I didn’t feel any vibrations or the latter, but I do remember that it seemed like the air stood still, just as quiet as quiet could be. When I saw this craft, at first I didn’t know what it was, but as the craft turned, I felt that any familiar, rational explanation just didn’t fit. No, I suppose that in my mind “this was not of earth origin” is what I thought, and what I would have to say today. As far as what I felt goes, I was stunned and awe-struck at the scene I was witnessing! Excitement settled in right after, I mean I was kind of shaking with the feelings I had inside. However, the one thing Ces Jr. and I had in common was the feeling that we were being watched. We kind of laughed that off, and I kept that feeling to myself after that.

If there are any more questions, please let me know I’ll be happy to answer. Thinking of you and Conn.

  1. You know until I spoke to several people I really didn’t know how important it was to share my experience with others,only to discover that they had experienced things in their past that they could not easily explain.We may not know why these things happen yet,but we do know thay are happening,all around the world.Shared expierience is perhaps the only link we may have in common with an unpercieved goal that we can’t just let slip away,and maybe through communication between ourselves,can we weave this tapestry of events together,to understand the questions & answers that await us.

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