Feb 21, 2011

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My Conversation With Nancy Talbott, President of BLT Research Team, Inc.

I have recently been in contact with Nancy Talbott, President of BLT Research Team, Inc. The BLT Research Team (www.bltresearch.com) has discovered the majority of the scientific data to date which has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals reporting on Crop Circle research.
Those publications:

Levengood, W.C. & Talbott, Nancy P. (1999)
“Dispersion of Energies in Worldwide Crop Formations”
Physiologia Plantarum, 105: 615-624.

Levengood, W.C. & Burke, John (1995)
“Semi-Molten Meteoritic Iron Associated with a Crop Formation”
Journal of Scientific Exploration 9:2, 191-199

Levengood, W.C. (1994)
“Anatomical Anomalies in Crop Formation Plants”
Physiologia Plantarum 92: 356-363

It is largely due to this data which has been gathered, analyzed, and published by the BLT Research Team that today we are able to state with some confidence that, in Genuine Crop Circles, the plants are not mechanically flattened.

One statement that Nancy Talbott made to me over the course of our conversation made a real impression on me. While we were trying to arrange a mutually convenient time (through email) for a telephone conversation, I related to Nancy that I would be in Hawaii for 8 days on vacation, and I suggested to her that with all of the massive snowfalls she had been contending with in Massachusetts over this winter, she might want to arrange a vacation to a warm weather destination as well. Nancy’s reply – “Wish I could afford a trip to Maui, but all of my money goes into the circle work….so have a good swim for me while you are there”. This statement is telling of the dedication Nancy Talbott and the BLT Research Team have shown over the almost 20 years they have been attempting to demonstrate, utilizing the scientific method, what truths may be discovered underlying the Genuine Crop Circles. Nancy Talbott and the BLT Research Team are of a rare subset of human beings who are truth-seekers, and these are the kind of people whose lives and efforts will, in the long run, move our human civilization up to a higher plane of being that is cast in the light of Truth and Understanding. My hat is off to Nancy Talbott and the BLT Research Team. I hold their work, which they have accomplished under difficult circumstances, in the highest regard.

The unfortunate present-day reality is that public funding for Crop Circle research is not frequently forthcoming, and yet there still remains much work to be done toward the scientific study and understanding of the Crop Circle Phenomenon. I contacted Nancy Talbott to discuss with her my idea of engaging in a scientific study of the microbiology of newly formed Crop Circles. Both Nancy and I realize that such a study will require a great deal of highly choreographed organization, and it will require significant funding to carry out. In order to study the microbiologic flora of the plants found in Genuine Crop Circles, the plants must be sampled very soon after that Crop Circle is created, and before it becomes contaminated by wind- or rain-born microorganisms. This study will require $$$ to carry out successfully, and like all scientific research, there is no guarantee that this study will yield any definitive results that will allow us to further define yet another (microbiologic) marker that will make the case ever more convincing that Genuine Crop Circles are not and could not be created by human beings using simply ropes and boards.

Nancy Talbott, BLT, and their multiple scientific consultants continue in their quest for a deeper understanding of the Crop Circle Phenomenon. They are determined to push on with the research, hoping that funding will continue to be available from private donors – those of us who also want to know the truth. Nancy Talbott and the BLT Research Team are in need of the financial support of those of us who know that the Genuine Crop Circles have much to teach all of us about the intelligence present here, in our reality, that may responsible for the creation of the Genuine Crop Circles.

To the point of this post. CCRF is a friend and an ally of the BLT Research Team. CCRF has recently donated $500 to the BLT Research Team. I know that this funding will be used by the BLT Research Team in an effort to study and learn more about the Genuine Crop Circles, but this $500.00 is not nearly enough.

You can help by doing one of the following.

Please either send your direct, tax-deductible donation in any amount you can afford to the BLT Research Team (BLT is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit). You can do this through the BLT website (www.bltresearch.com). Or, better yet, choose and purchase a genuine CCRF Crop Circle sweatshirt or jacket, and CCRF will then forward any profits we realize from the sale of our CCRF sweatshirts and jackets to Nancy Talbott and the BLT Research Team. Through this action you will then accomplish two goals at once; you will help to increase the world’s awareness of the Genuine Crop Circle Phenomenon by wearing your CCRF jacket or sweatshirt, and you will provide financial support to BLT through CCRF, thus enabling BLT to continue their very important work in their research of the Genuine Crop Circles. Whichever means of support you may choose to offer, CCRF thanks you for your help in moving our understanding of the Genuine Crop Circles forward!

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, CCRF, Inc.

  1. Like the modern appear. I liked the content. Credit for your impressive article.

  2. Kudos, Richard – you are stepping into an important rôle in offering assistance. Congratulations on taking a stand. 2011 should indeed bring surprises AND confirmation of our understanding/involvement with our own higher consciousness. Let me know if I can support your work with links, referrals, etc. While most of my blog traffic is generated during the CC season, there is a continuous flow of interest year-round; so any ‘new project’ you wish to share I shall gladly broadcast.
    [secondary blog at http://youngbloodblog.wordpress.com/2011/01/30/java-crop-circles-highlight-earth-changes/

  3. Nancy,

    I removed the image of the check from the post which you pointed out to me. At present anyone who might access that account wouldn’t recover much reward for their efforts, but hopefully in the near future that situation will change. Thanks for the “heads up”.


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