Feb 2, 2011

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New January Crop Circle In Indonesia

This beautiful Crop Circle was discovered in a rice paddy on the island of Java in Indonesia on January 24, 2011. To our knowledge this would be the earliest appearance of a Crop Circle in any calendar year, and this fact may portend 2011 to be a year of an escalation in the intensity of this years Crop Circle events.

As pointed out in previous post on this website, CCRF believes that most Crop Circles have occurred in the U.K. for a very good reason, this reason being the need for DOCUMENTATION. The U.K. has been better suited as a location to stage the initial awakening of our world to the remarkable Genuine Crop Circle Phenomenon primarily because the U.K. harbors more resources to insure detailed, clear, crisp aerial photographic documentation of Crop Circle events.

The documentation of the Indonesian Crop Circle has been, as we might expect, less than ideal. While it is apparent from the ground-shot photos and hill top video documentation of this remarkable formation that it is symmetrical, balanced, beautiful, peaceful, and inspiring work of art, the fine nuances of this formation cannot be appreciated form the documentation of it which is, so far, available.

Despite the shortcomings of the quality of the documentation of CC events which occur outside of the more affluent areas of our world, at least we know that they are occurring, and this has much significance. The Circle Makers have our attention, and the Phenomenon they are producing is now increasingly escalating world wide (as we might expect) as it builds to a crescendo of activity around the world and eventually becomes impossible to ignore by even the most recalcitrant skeptics.

Several news sources imply that CC’s may represent physical landing sites of UFOs. CCRF does not believe this to be the case at all, and we feel that this is a rather absurd, and frankly rather primitive mode of thinking, reflecting the linear thought processes from which we must divorce ourselves if we are to grasp the fundamental and amazing nature of the Genuine Crop Circles. CCRF believes that the changes we see in the plants, which result in the formation of the Genuine Circles, result from the technologically skilled and highly precise application of directed, focused energy on the plants which must be laid down to form the design. We do not claim to know exactly how this is carried out by the Circle Makers, and we do not know how their UFOs “fly”, apparently unaffected by gravity or inertia, nor do we yet understand the nature of the UFO energy source. But, we do know a few things: Genuine Crop Circles display measurable characteristics which lead us to no other possible conclusion than that they could not be produced by human beings, and that the UFOs that we are seeing in our skies, and that are bringing these intelligent Circle Makers into our reality to produce the Genuine Crop Circles, are real. From these two truths we begin our journey toward understanding.

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