Oct 22, 2013

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Our Heart-Felt Gratitude to W. C. Levengood

“Progress in science is made by dropping assumptions”

Dear Bill (“Lefty”) Levengood,

You will be missed by your family, friends, and those of us who, although we never met you, truly appreciate the efforts you put forth to help us all to better understand Genuine Crop Circles (those not produced by the mind and/or foot of man). Due in part to your efforts, we now can strongly suspect the Genuine Crop Circles are being gifted to humanity from an as yet unknown agency. Yours were the first steps taken, utilizing scientific methods, which helped prove that Genuine Crop Circles do exist, and that mechanical flattening using ropes and boards cannot be an adequate explanation for their real existence. Thank you, W. C. Levengood, for the work you did to help enlighten our world, despite the criticism you received from the debunkers and the naysayers. I, personally, do not care that you did not have a Ph.D. in plant science. Your work with the crop circles was motivated by your own innate curiosity and your willingness to open your mind and search for the Truth. You went “out of the box” and out onto the proverbial “limb” to investigate the unknown. This is the mark of the true scientist, and one of the defining qualities of a real human being. The morphologic and microscopic changes that you discovered and cataloged in plants taken from what we can now label as Genuine Crop Circles continue to stand as the most recognizable and reliable markers for this distinct subclass of the incredible crop circle phenomenon. The Genuine Crop Circles serve as a reminder that an “other” intelligence is present here with us, and it remains for those who follow in your footsteps to elucidate the source of that “other” intelligence – who or what it belongs to and why it appears to be interacting with the human race. We will continue to strive toward gaining a more complete understanding of the source, the nature, and the intentions of that other intelligence, and we extend to you our most heart-felt gratitude for your work in this life, on this plane. Your work with the crop circles was instrumental and indespensible in sending us down this new and previously unexplored path for humanity. You did good work, Lefty!

For a more in-depth historical account of W.C. Levengood’s involvement as the scientist involved in the work of BLT Research Team, Inc. and what they accomplished together, please read the obituary for W. C. Levengood written by Nancy Talbott (the “T” in BLT). Nancy has written a brief but excellent recap describing the coalescence and collaboration of three lives who were all spontaneously drawn toward the magnificent phenomenon of the Crop Circles, and their efforts to understand. We are not there yet, but today we are much closer to understanding thanks to the efforts of Burke, Levengood, and Talbott.

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