Feb 26, 2011

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Previous Arizona Governor Fife Symington’s Eyewitness Testimony Regarding “The Phoenix Lights”

Please listen to the following testimony of Fife Symington, previous two-term governor of the state of Arizona. Mr. Symington describes his first-hand, eyewitness experience of the evening of March 13, 1997, when a massive, mile-wide UFO glided silently in open sight over the Phoenix metroplex. The “Phoenix Lights” were observed by thousands of Phoenix residents who all knew exactly what they were looking at – a physical manifestation of a technology that could not possibly have been manufactured by our human civilization. Yet, we were told by our U.S. military that what Mr. Symington and thousands of other Phoenix citizens saw that evening in the Phoenix sky were either military flares and / or a formation of A10 Warthog military helicopters!

Statements like these from OUR U.S. military make it clear that they have no interest in making the TRUTH known to U.S. citizens, and this is highly unfortunate. As the saying goes, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”, and there are many, many brilliant minds out there among U.S. and world citizens who, had they not been duped for the past 64 years into believing that the UFO Phenomenon was rubbish, might have by now made great strides in learning about the UFO’s and their energy and propulsion systems. Today we might not still be relying on the combustion of coal and petroleum (“so primitive, even a caveman can do it”) to produce the energy our civilization requires, and we might have spared the biosphere of this planet a great deal of the damage that has resulted from our combustion of 86 billion barrels of oil per year, with no end to this practice currently in sight. We (and the lives of many American soldiers) might have been spared being engaged in the wars that have occurred, and those yet to come, as we fight for jurisdiction over the last remaining oil reserves that our dear planet Earth has yet to surrender to a civilization that is struggling to advance in our social, scientific, and spiritual understanding but is being held back in those endeavors by the past and ongoing campaign of lies told to us by the U.S. military about the UFO Phenomenon. Those in the U.S. military who have taken it upon themselves to decide for all of mankind that we are not, for some reason known only to them, worthy to to be made aware of the true realities of this wonderous universe in which we exist are WRONG to continue on in this mendacious campaign of debunking what history will show to be the most significant series of events in the evolution of human civilization.

For a detailed account of “The Phoenix Lights” , please view the documantary of the same title produced by Dr. Lynn Kitei, M.D., and Steve Lantz which you may order from http://thephoenixlights.net . I have met and conversed (at length and in person) with Dr. Kitie about TPL incident (to which Dr. Kitei was also an eyewitness on more than one occasion), and I give you my personal assurance that Dr. Kitei is an individual of the highest credibility.

We must begin to call out loudly for an end to this 64 year charade. Too much is at stake for the future of human civilization and for the biosphere of planet Earth for us to continue to blindly accept these absurd explanations from OUR U.S. military. We all deserve to be told the TRUTH about the UFO Phenomenon, and then we need to get busy, in the light of this new understanding, to discover all of the ways that this new paradigm can be put to good use for the benefit our civilization and the ecosystems of planet Earth.

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