May 22, 2013

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Previous U.S. Senator Mike Gravel Interview

Previous U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (AK) is interviewed here concerning what he learned while serving on the panel of 6 previous U.S. Congressional members who listened to the witness testimony presented at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (CHD). I also attended the CHD throughout all 5 days of testimony, and I can state without reservation that the witnesses who presented their testimonies were all extremely credible people who delivered a singular and important message: our civilization is being engaged by one or more Extraterrestrial civilizations. Although our current scientific understanding apparently cannot explain nor abide this reality, and although the White House and our U.S. military continue to deny this reality, there can no longer be any doubt that this is the Truth. For those who depend on and have faith in our major news wires and U.S. government spokespersons to spoon-feed them THEIR contrived version of our “reality”, this news will indeed be difficult to digest. But, ask yourself, which is the party most likely to be lying here? Is it the 40 witnesses who came to the Washington D.C. CHD to freely provide their testimonies concerning their experiences with UFOs, or is it a government and its military which have much to lose when the Truth is revealed?

While we are considering the CHD, below is but a sampling of one of 40 examples of the witness testimony presented at the CHD. Listen to Dan Sheehan, J.D., as he describes what he discovered after being allowed to peruse the classified Project Blue Book files during research he was carrying out for President Jimmy Carter.

It is not my intention to second-guess the manner and means by which this new reality (that we are not alone) has been dealt with by those in our government/military who over the past many decades have had to determine the best way to introduce all of humanity to this new reality. It is my intention to encourage all of my fellow citizens to now accept and come to terms with this new reality. We, the citizens of planet Earth, must stop ignoring this new reality and begin the process of talking this up, demonstrating that we are not afraid, and encouraging peaceful Contact with those ET civilizations who are coming here. It is extremely likely that we have much to learn from them that will help us all to share in the responsibility of designing a better human civilization on Earth, and becoming better stewards of our home planet.

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