SETI: Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

CCRF encourages everyone to give SETI a wake-up call! Despite the incredible abundance of reliable eyewitness testimony provided by many highly educated and well trained individuals of unimpeachable integrity, SETI continues to waste time and resources searching for a radio signal from somewhere in a distant part of our galaxy far, far away! One cannot help but wonder whether SETI may be deliberately intent on leading our population to continue to believe that there remains any doubt about whether or not we are alone in the universe, We are not, and we have the word of many trustworthy individuals to prove it.

In the early 1960’s at the time of its inception SETI may have been a good idea. Today, knowing what we now know to be true, SETI is simply an embarrassment to the human race. Through their persistence in pursuing this project, they sustain a problem that continues to plague mankind – our basic unwillingness to place our faith in the word of our fellow man (or woman). This, despite the fact that these many individuals who have had first hand and up close experiences with UFO’s have come forward while risking their reputations and making themselves vulnerable to the ridicule of our society. This level of incredulity is wrong and cannot form the basis of an advanced civilization.

SETI, how about an attempt at direct communication with the highly intelligent beings leaving their calling cards in our crop fields and showing us their spacecraft in our skies on an almost daily basis? CCRF asks everyone to politely ask SETI to switch from “receive” mode to “transmit” mode, and ask them to transmit the message “We know you are here. How do we proceed?”