Mar 25, 2012

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SETI and the Sounds of Silence

In 2010, Arizona State University physicist, cosmologist, and astrobiologist Paul Davies published a book titled The Eerie Silence (HMH Publishing, ISBN 978-0-547-13324-9). The title of his book refers to the unexpected silence which has been encountered by the SETI project (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) over the 52 years that it has been searching for a radio signal originating from an ET civilization in outer space. We are told that the SETI experience has, thus far, only verified the existence of a very mute universe since the inception of the SETI program by astrophysicist Frank Drake in 1960.

I will argue that because SETI has been methodically and diligently searching for an ET signal for now over 50 years, but has not yet encountered an obvious radio signal from an ET civilization transmitted in the format SETI has been expecting to receive, we can now infer some startling and profound conclusions. As the “eerie silence” encountered by SETI continues, and while evidence which clearly indicates that our civilization is presently being monitored, and at times visited, by one or more ET civilizations piloting structured UFO craft in our atmosphere which are obviously of non-Earth origin continues to mount, we are led to the realization that THE “EERIE SILENCE” ENCOUNTERED BY SETI IS A MESSAGE IN AND OF ITSELF. The fact that SETI has not received the expected radio signal it has been seeking is making it increasingly clear that the ET civilizations which are coming here are deliberately avoiding open communication with our civilization via the SETI protocol. They are here, but they are not speaking to us through SETI. Why?

Surely the ET civilization(s) visiting here would, by now, be aware of the existence and the location of SETI’s Hat Creek, California radio telescope array. Surely any ET civilization with the technological capability of arriving here would also be quite capable of sending a radio-frequency signal directly to SETI’s radio-telescopes, but according to SETI this event has not yet occurred. By now ET’s silence has become a deafening silence to anyone who accepts the fact that we are being observed and visited by at least one, and likely more than one, ET civilization. We should really stop to seriously consider this paradox. What message can we infer from ET’s silence? We need to consider this question because if SETI has been honest with us, and if no ET signal has been detected, then it is now evident that ET knows we are calling but they are simply not picking up the phone. I believe that the following reasons may explain why ET has chosen not to communicate with us through SETI’s radio-telescopes.

Our World Leaders Have Not Revealed the Truth

Presently there are human beings living on Earth who do not simply BELIEVE, as I and perhaps you do, that we are currently being visited by one or more intelligent ET civilizations. Rather, they KNOW this to be true, but for reasons which only they can know with certainty, they are not revealing this truth to you nor I, and this has been the case for what has now been at least 65 years! Essentially, these individuals understood long ago that we were and are presently being observed by ET civilizations piloting UFO’s. These persons long ago concluded that these were interplanetary spacecraft, and they apparently decided that “for the good of our own civilization” that it would be better if you and I were misled to believe that this was not actually happening. These individuals, or their successors, now form the foundation of our world’s military and corporate leadership, the “military industrial complex” (MIC). It is a certainty that many of these individuals would be encountered each and every day in the hallways of the U.S. Pentagon. Sixty-five years is a long time to have withheld this information from the rest of humanity, and, in my opinion, way too long. Their strategy, which we might have initially regarded as a period of cautious assessment of an alarming and unprecedented new situation, at some point (but long ago) morphed into what can now only be regarded as a contrived effort (i.e. a conspiracy) to hide the truth from humanity for reasons that appear to be simply self-serving and very likely based in greed and focused on schemes for maintaining power.

The leaders of our nation’s MIC are acutely aware of the several instances when ET visitors to our planet have clearly and strongly advised our nation, and all nations, to abandon our nuclear weapons programs and to make a commitment to “learn to live together in peace and goodwill”. They have warned us, directly, of the high probability of a disastrous outcome for our civilization if we fail to comply with their advice (please see on this website). If they are a very ancient civilization, they have very likely been witness to this exact scenario unfold on other planets in our galaxy which had evolved a species at a similar level of intelligence and at a similar level of (nuclear) technological advancement as that which we ourselves exhibit today. We should remind ourselves that a message of this nature is very likely time-sensitive and that the value of this message does have a shelf-life, a time beyond which the information content of this message will become no longer relevant. Events of low probability (like, for example, nuclear catastrophes) can and eventually will happen. The Fukushima tragedy would be our most recent example. Our MIC leaders have delayed in taking these actions, but they must know that it would be unwise for us to wait any longer to act upon this advice. Please take the time to view the video Countdown to Zero which can be found on this website (please see on this website).

The leaders of our nation’s MIC are aware that the ET visitors have the technology to produce and to utilize energy through methods which are not dependent on the petroleum industry, the industry which presently forms the foundation of our world’s economy. The MIC currently reaps enormous wealth and power from our civilization’s absolute dependence on petroleum and other fossil fuels to produce the energy we require, and they have not been willing to surrender this advantage, no matter what the longer-term benefits to our civilization and to Earth’s biosphere might be.

These leaders are, very likely, concerned that a revelation of the truth will have the potential to undermine the sovereignty of the U.S. and other world governments, as mankind realizes that there are more technologically advanced races coming here from other locations in the universe. It is primarily for these reasons, and likely several other reasons having to do with religious beliefs and concerns centered upon the potential undermining of the world’s perceptions of U.S. military potency, that the well known (by some) fact that we are not alone in the universe, and that other ET civilizations are visiting here, remains an unacknowledged and deliberately obfuscated truth. Perhaps they are hoping that ET will eventually just go away. But ET does not appear to be going away, and the evidence continues to grow which indicates that they are still here with us, and we would do well to take note of this fact and to begin to explore what we might learn from them.

Why Have We Not Come to Realize This Situation Until Now?

Aside from being deliberately misled regarding the truth of ET visitation to our world, any one of us will realize, if can be honest with ourselves, that we are married to a social system which isn’t really working for the majority of our world’s citizens, or for our planet, very well any more. The demands of daily living are frequently difficult and sometimes, for many of us (myself included), almost overwhelming. In our current life situations there is almost nothing left over to compel the majority to expend energy in thinking about that which we have been led, over the entirety of our lives, to believe doesn’t even exist in our present reality. We cannot feel motivated to expend any effort to do our own research on a subject which has, by intention, been deliberately rendered a silly subject and relegated to the round file of the “paranormal” by those who have socially engineered our collective society’s world view . We have been deliberately misled into believing that ET is not here and that anyone who says that ET is here is either crazy or they are a liar. But the truth is that ET has, essentially, landed on the White House lawn, or at least “flown” (UFO’s do not “fly”) over it on multiple occasions, but we have all been simply dissuaded from recognizing this fact by those in power who successfully manipulate our media. The evidence which reveals that this is true is now embarrassingly abundant.

It would seem very likely that ET is observing the logic and the processes by which we, as a separate intelligent species, are employing on our path to finally resolve the most profound revelation that will ever dawn upon our species. We have, for tens of thousands of years, been ignorant of, but curious about, whether or not we are alone in the universe. Through their observations of this process, ET is learning a great deal about our level of intellectual honesty, and about how intelligently we as a global civilization are reacting, or failing to react, to this new reality. These observations have revealed (and will continue to reveal) to them a great deal about the ethical and moral fabric of our species as this process continues to unfold. They have undoubtedly already learned a great deal about us, and this information will prove to be extremely valuable to them as a basis upon which they will formulate their own conclusions and they will make their own decisions when a diplomatic relationship between or among our respective civilizations does finally emerge.

We Are Unwilling To Trust In One Another

Mankind at large has not yet been able to become substantially awakened to this new reality, but our awakening is now gradually coming about and is in fact beginning to accelerate. Our full awareness will be required in order that we gain the confidence, the will, and the courage to confront those in the MIC who know the truth but, through a well designed and implemented program of social engineering, have thus far managed to successfully keep this extremely important realization from humanity’s conscious realization. The success of this effort has been due, in part, to our naivety in believing that our governments will be honest with us in all matters of such extreme importance, but there is a deeper root cause which has its origins in our individual fears of straying too far from the consensus opinion, and in our proclivity to place more trust in our governments than in the word of our fellow human beings. While our MIC instructs us to “move along, there’s nothing to see here”, at the same time we have many of our fellow human beings telling us, over and over again, of profound experiences of ET contact which many, if not the majority of us, continue to discount. Volumes of books, photographs, and videos have been produced describing the nature of this very solid evidence (please see, but very few give these accounts their attention. Our ability to trust in the word of one another has been overwhelmed and undermined by messages from the MIC, and from Hollywood, which continue to obfuscate the reality and the importance of ET visitation, and which unwisely present ET contact in the context of fantastic, hostile, and primarily fear-based encounters.

So Is SETI Just a Charade?

What, then, are we to believe about the SETI organization? Is it even remotely possible that its Director Jill Tartar, its Chief Astronomer Seth Shostak, and the 150 employees of SETI, mostly astronomers, are knowingly engaged in an elaborate hoax? Is SETI simply another disinformation program designed to continue to deceive the public into believing that they are actually engaged in a search of the heavens for a radio signal which originates from intelligence and which thereby proves that there is other intelligent life in our galaxy, as if this question has not already been answered over 65 years ago? Does the SETI@home project harbor a manipulative intention to draw the world’s population further into “the Matrix” through a false-facade program intended to usurp the computer power, the time, and the attention of the many who wish to become personally involved in the project and who must feel in their hearts a genuine desire to finally experience contact between humanity and at least one other intelligent civilization which has evolved “out there”. Is it possible that both Tartar and Shostak are so naïve (like the rest of us), and have been so completely duped by the disingenuous program of disinformation promulgated by the MIC that they have been dissuaded from looking at the evidence and grasping the truth that we have been visited and are being visited by groups of intelligent ET races on an almost daily basis. Is SETI for real, or is it just another facet of a program designed to keep all of us off-balance and in the dark regarding the reality of ET life at our very door step?

While only Jill Tartar and Seth Shostak may know the answers to these questions, my guess is that these individuals actually do believe that they are doing what they say they are doing, and this conclusion underscores the tragedy of the continued UFO cover-up. While the little funding available to study the very important ET phenomenon is swallowed up by the SETI program, and while the minds of otherwise brilliant people like Tartar and Shostak remain occupied with searching for this needle in a haystack, little attention is given to actually addressing the more important questions which become obvious when one realizes and accepts that ET is already here but is deliberately remaining relatively silent.

My guess is that Tartar and Shostak believe that if we had already experienced contact, they and we would have all been informed of this fact by now. After all, this is what most of us believe. Both are highly educated scientists who must believe in their hearts that they are engaged in an extremely important mission which, if successful, would potentially be of benefit for all of mankind. After persisting in the SETI mission for most of their professional careers, they can only continue now to follow this path, and the longer they remain committed to the SETI project, the more emotionally wrenching it becomes to admit that they have been misled and that ET is, in fact, already here with us.

SETI has not been a wasted effort however, because its existence makes it clear that ET has had ample opportunity to speak directly to humanity through SETI’s radio-telescopes, but they have chosen not to do this. ET has gently and non-threateningly spoken to us through individuals, through groups, through the Crop Circles, and even through our own television sets, but not through what would have been the most efficient, but at the same time the most alarming, method available to them. SETI’s very existence compels us to ponder just why this is so, and we can surmise that it may have to do with ET’s desire to actually aid us in coming to what will be a profound and world-changing realization while causing as little perturbation to our civilization as possible. To my mind, ET’s avoidance of Contact through their non-use of SETI has very likely been a wise and informed decision. They are not forcing us to understand this new situation abruptly, but they are allowing us to exercise our free-will to determine when and how we will allow ourselves to accept the Truth.

Both Tartar and Shostak may have an underlying, yet unspoken, hope that a Nobel Prize might be awarded to them at the end of this road if they are one day successful in detecting “the signal” they have so ardently sought to find. Achieving personal fame or fortune, otherwise known as the bolstering of human ego, has arguably been the underlying driver which has motivated many of our species’ past achievements over the centuries. On the one hand we could say that they are dedicated scientists, and on the other hand we could suggest that this is just one more example of how the human ego frequently stands in the way of human progress. These two, like most of us, have apparently been unable to look with discernment at the sum of evidence which clearly indicates that we have been and are being contacted by ET, because they are steadfastly unwilling to accept the word of their fellow man as a credible source of Truth. They may believe that they are so intelligent and so informed that they would know this if it were true. They continue to approach the ET question with a scientific mind-set and methodology which they and all scientists have been trained to utilize in all other efforts of human scientific inquiry, while failing to acknowledge that the ET question presents unique characteristics which have never been previously approached by human science. ET is a scientific enigma which brings with it its own array of highly advanced technological capabilities, its own free will, and its own intellect, an intellect which may be far more evolved than that of a human being. We have had no other standard with which to compare ourselves, and we thus remain ignorant of the possibilities. But, we need only think about the word “infinity” to realize that this universe in which we reside will very likely harbor immense surprises in just what has been brought forth throughout all of creation. How exciting, and yet how humbling, these future revelations will likely be.

When the inevitable happens, those within the MIC who have deliberately misinformed humanity about this profound new reality for so many years will have some serious explaining to do. It is quite likely that the life of this charade has been prolonged simply because those who now know the truth hope to be gone from this Earth by the time that the truth does become fully realized by the majority, and therefore the cycle grinds on into the indefinite future. There are going to be many individuals who will rightfully be extremely annoyed (to say the least) with the lack of honesty which has been shown by the leadership of our own nation’s MIC regarding their knowledge of the ET reality for what has now become, by any standard of measure, far too long. It is time for every responsible world citizen to stop, to take a critical look at the existing evidence in its entirety, and to use their own discernment in order that we may each come to understand the Truth and that we may each begin to seriously consider the implications of this new reality for the future of our human civilization.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

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