Jun 1, 2012

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Should We Fear ET Contact?

The Crop Circles are meant to reassure us.

I am posting this email I received from one of the individuals I invited to participate in the CCRF Contact Group, and my response to her. M.K.H. had what was very likely a close encounter with ET years ago while she was involved in an ocean crossing on a small sailboat. Her feelings about ET contact which she expresses in her email probably reflect the trepidation which many people feel about Contact with ET.

In addition to what I have written below in my response to her, I would like to say this. If our civilization survives long into the future, our eventual Contact with ET civilizations is inevitable. It will happen sooner or later. In my opinion, the time for this is now. We are at an impasse in our understanding of ET’s presence here due to our military leadership’s long-standing efforts to obfuscate the truth of this reality. Because we have not been allowed to deal with this truth head-on, the social and scientific growth of our civilization has been held back for over 6 decades. I believe that “evolution” functions on many levels, not simply in the realm of the natural selection of physical traits which render a species more or less fit to survive. Evolution may function to extinguish species which become stagnated in their social evolution due to that species’ inability or unwillingness to adapt to new information. That is the place where we are now. There is a great repository of new information which will come to light when Contact with ET civilizations occurs, and some of this new information may prove indesensible to the progress, the social evolution, of our own civilization. It is imperative that we embrace this new reality and leave our fear behind. The Crop Circles can reassure us that ET shares our sense of balance and beauty.

On 5/31/2012 9:33 AM, M.K.H. wrote:
> Richard,
I have given your proposal a great deal of thought and realize that I am unable to participate. I can understand your quest and I can understand your zeal with regard to a potential encounter. Personally I don’t think an encounter would be “friendly” and I think that there are many risks involved in any potential encounter.
>I told you that when my good friend and I were sailing from Hawaii to Annapolis we encountered or were approached by “something” mid-ocean. Bill and I were/are convinced that it was an alien encounter although there are many people who tried to discourage this belief. But the thing I remember the most is that I did not feel it was a friendly approach and my sense was that there was a great deal of surveillance and/or possibly scrutiny. The encounters that Bill has had both as a Navy pilot and as a commercial pilot were similar in nature – he never felt that there would be “friendly” contact. This could just be my nature since I am basically not a trusting person or it could be real, but I’m not sure that I am ready to find out given the potential magnitude of your endeavor. Likewise given my feelings I think that I might be hindrance to any possible contact.
>You are more than welcome to share this letter with the group and I do wish you all the very best. (Attachment for easier printing should you want to)
>The following sums up my feeling with regard to extraterrestrial contact, again I wish you well but feel at this time that I do not want to participate: The ultimate results of such contact could vary greatly based on the benevolence or malevolence of the extraterrestrial civilization, the technological advancement of the extraterrestrial culture, whether communication takes place through electromagnetic waves or directly, and the mutual level of understanding between the two cultures which are contacting each other. Based on these factors, there are various contact scenarios, which cover different types of civilizations and contact, and the specific implications of contact with each type.
>The cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact has often been likened to the cultural impact resulting from the meeting of two vastly different human cultures on Earth. Results of such contact have included the devastation of the civilization being contacted, and this has been suggested as one of the possible results of extraterrestrial contact. However, as the nature of extraterrestrial civilizations is not known, and contact with any such species has not yet taken place, it is impossible to state with absolute certainty what the result of extraterrestrial contact will be for humanity. Nevertheless, various systems of assessment of the cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact have been created.
>Even if contact with an extraterrestrial civilization takes place by means of electromagnetic radiation only, the civilization, acting in good or in bad faith, may send humanity biological information with which humans themselves create lethal biological weapons.
>Wishing you the best,

My response:

No worries. Anyone who participates in this effort definitely needs to feel comfortable with doing this, so if you have misgivings about it you should wait to participate until you feel comfortable with the idea. I have no way of knowing whether or not an ET encounter, in the unlikely event that one does occur, will be friendly or not. I have held to the logic that if the ET’s coming here are hostile or malicious then I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing to you. Logic also leads to the conclusion that given the fact that they are able to arrive here they also, very likely, have developed weapons technologies that would be quite able to subjugate our civilization in short order if they chose to do this, but they have not taken this path over at least 6 decades, and quite likely over centuries of being here as observers. I do not feel fear about meeting with them.

My intuition is that they are here observing how we as a civilization handle ourselves and whether or not we will eventually self-destruct. I suspect that they are not very impressed. Unless something changes, and soon, I feel that the path humanity is on will in fact ultimately lead to our own self-destruction. I do not like to sound so pessimistic, but that is how I see our situation. We have nuclear weapons pointed in every imaginable direction, there are multiple armed conflicts going on somewhere around the world every day, we are laying waste to Earth’s biosphere due to our civilization’s use of fossil fuels to produce the energy we require, and yet the petroleum companies, who make billions in profits every quarter, do not use these profits to seriously develop alternatives to petroleum. The gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen and greed is rife in our own society, and corporations are pushing the people aside with the unbridled capitalism which is practiced and revered here. This is not the only possible reality, but it is the one which we continue to create.

I forgot to mention that our own military lies to the American people about the reality of the ET presence here. They know that ET is here, they know they are from somewhere else, and yet they treat us like children in order to continue to propagate a system which is seriously flawed, even immoral (nuclear weapons), in the interest of not “rocking the boat”. In its sum, all of these are very short-sighted strategies, and there is no question in my mind that an open dialogue with ET might lead to some major breakthroughs resulting from what we might learn from what is very likely a much more ancient, and a much more experienced, civilization(s). I am not in favor of the devastation of our civilization, and I value highly the rule of law, but if contact with one or more ET civilizations led to some major changes in the way we do business down here, in my opinion, that would be a good thing. Foremost, they have given us very clear indications that they do not approve of our systems of nuclear weapons. Check out UFO’s and Nukesby Robert Hastings, and Faded Giant by Robert Salas.

If in fact we do have some kind of a response from ET, if they do show up, I will keep you well informed of the nature of the encounter and whether or not I perceive any hostility from them. I will be quite surprised if they do show, even dropping by to so much as “blink” at us but, if they do, perhaps that will be a start to a more open dialogue which might unfold in the future. Our civilization really needs a new direction. Business as usual is taking us farther down a path of no return and I do not see anything new on the horizon. We are in desperate need of some new input which might turn people’s heads in a direction which has not yet been explored.

I will keep you informed of what transpires, and thanks for considering this. That is farther than most people are willing to go.

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