Nov 1, 2012

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The Art of Discernment

Another incredible example of Simon Beck’s snow art!

The Art of Discernment, or, Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Nothing that you read in this article should be construed as being critical of the incredible works of snow art which have been produced by Mr. Simon Beck. To the contrary, I am simply compelled to admire the passion and the dedication Simon Beck brings to bear in these real works of art which he has produced on many occasions, reportedly using tools which are no more complex that an orienteering magnetic compass, a rope, and a pair of snowshoes. Truly, my hat is off to you, Mr. Simon Beck. Your work is amazing!

I will admit that when I first laid eyes on photographs of Simon’s snow art creations I was taken aback, and I immediately became aware of an uneasy feeling which I can only describe as feelings that were threatening to my previous conclusions about the nature and the origin of what I and others refer to as “Genuine Crop Circles”. I will readily admit that for many years now I have considered the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis to be “the least objectionable explanation” for not only the crop circle phenomenon, but also the UFO phenomenon, the “alien abduction phenomenon”, and the “cattle mutilation” phenomenon, the last of which I feel loathe to even mention in context with this consideration of Simon Beck’s work which is so beautifully presented through the medium of a pristine snow field.

The obvious similarities between Simon Beck’s snow art designs and the as-complex, and as-beautiful, crop circles which have been appearing in the crop fields of the U.K., and elsewhere around the world, are inescapable. I find that upon gazing at Simon’s beautiful art forms in snow, I feel uplifted and joyful in my appreciation of their balance, their beauty, and the degree of attention to perfection which has been instilled into each of Simon’s works. I feel somewhat awed by the dedication and the passion that this man brings to his chosen path of living as a human being. These are the kinds of things that real human beings do, and the way that they do them.

I am writing this essay not only to inform, but also to process for myself, by means of some serious soul- searching and critical thinking, just how I can integrate what I am seeing in Simon Beck’s work with my own world-view. So here goes.

The first time I came across snow art, and this was not Simon Beck’s work, I recall that I immediately felt disgusted. Here was yet another person who, through their artistic endeavor (which was not nearly as intricate as Simon Beck’s work), was going to further complicate the picture as to how our world perceives the Crop Circles. I just knew that everyone’s line of thinking would be “If he can do it in snow, then they can do it in crops as well. It’s all people. Roger that! Over and out!” My thought was that we were going to re-hash the Doug and Dave fiasco all over again, and that may indeed be the case. But, that cannot be helped, it is what it is, and that’s why I am taking the time to write this essay.

I praise Simon Beck not only for his passion, his dedication, his aspiring towards perfection, and the attention to detail he brings to his work, but also for his HONESTY, about which I will comment in a later paragraph.The effort and planning required to create his works of snow art must be considerable. I am grateful to Simon Beck for engaging in an activity which uplifts our spirits and brings smiles to our faces, and yet very likely contributes little to providing a positive balance to his checking account. Simon Beck’s work really does seem like a rather selfless effort which is intended only to raise up our spirits to a higher plane. Thank you for this Simon Beck. You are a special human being. But, this is where I get off the bus.

Let us now carefully consider what we know about crop circles, and let us consider these facts in light of what we see in Simon Beck’s work:

  1. First and most obviously, Simon Beck has identified himself as the artist responsible for his snow art creations, and so this is not a mystery. We do not know who is responsible for making crop circles, and this is an extremely important distinction when we compare and contrast these art forms side-by side. I will expound further on this point below.
  2. Crop circles are created in the dark. Logistically, this would make the creation of a crop circle a much more difficult project. For the most part, Simon Beck’s work is all done in daylight.
  3. Crop circles have been observed by witnesses to be created over very brief periods of time (reports range from 2 to 20 to 45 minutes). Many new crop circles have been discovered at morning’s first light, indicating that they were likely formed within a period of up to six hours under the cover of darkness in mid-summer. (Mr. Beck requires 8-10 hours to produce each example of his snow art).
  4. Crop circle plants have been methodically studied in the laboratory and are known to demonstrate either elongated, or completely blown-out, stem nodes (expulsion cavities). This is felt to be the hallmark of a “Genuine” Crop Circle. This stretching or expansion of stem nodes decreases in length  in a linear fashion from the center of the formation toward its periphery.
  5. Crop circles are known to demonstrate unusual electromagnetic anomalies such that magnetic compasses, cell phones, and camera batteries will oftentimes cease to function within the formation – most recently this anomaly was clearly demonstrated within the Chillicothe, Ohio crop circle. (Simon Beck uses a functional magnetic compass to create his snow art).
  6. Genuine crop circles reveal no evidence of mechanical compression or trauma to the plants within the formation. (Snowshoe prints define Mr. Beck’s snow art).
  7. Crop circles are not simply pretty designs. Many crop circles convey real information in the form of physical constants (pi), mathematical formulae, future astronomical events, previously unknown geometric theories, diatonic ratios, and even worded messages, encoded in binary format, from their creators. Unknown systems of writing, using symbols, are found in some Crop Circles.(Mr. Beck’s designs are beautiful but do not deliberately encode or convey real information).
  8. Soil samples from crop circles reveal the presence of iron microspheres which are not found in soil samples taken from outside of the confines of the formation. These microspheres demonstrate a linear decrease in density in numbers as one moves away from the geometrical center of the formation.
  9. Soil samples from crop circles demonstrate evidence of changes in the crystalline structure of soil particles. Similar changes have been noted only in soils which have been previously subjected to extremes of heat and pressure over prolonged periods of time.
  10. Eyewitnesses have confirmed an association between UFO’s and / or beams of electromagnetic energy in connection with the creation of crop circles. People have seen this happen.
  11. Crop circles have appeared all over the world, and in large numbers.
  12. Despite today’s extremely sensitive and accurate aerial surveillance technologies (aerial drones), to my knowledge only a single person has ever been arrested and prosecuted in association with creating a crop circle, despite the fact that over 10,000 crop circles have appeared over that period, with some of those occurring every summer, for now over 30 years.
  13. Insects have been discovered that are “welded” to plant stems and seed heads within crop circles.
  14. Some seed heads of plants within crop circles have been discovered which show evidence of having been scorched by an intense heat source.
  15. Seed heads of wheat crop are straightened-out on plants which are laid down within a Genuine Crop Circle.
  16. Animals have been discovered within crop circle formations which appear to have been completely desiccated by the intense energy applied in the production of a Genuine Crop Circle.
  17. Crop Circles have been discovered in which no footpath of ingress through surrounding crop and   leading into the actual crop circle formation is discoverable.
  18. British military helicopters have been recorded on numerous occasions flying over, and hovering over, U.K. crop circles, and these helicopters have been observed, and filmed, as they have had interactions with “balls of light”.
  19. Balls of light have been observed, and filmed, on numerous occasions over the crop fields of the U.K. in locations where crop circles will commonly occur. These balls of light precisely fit, both in size and in appearance, the descriptions of similar objects which were observed by allied pilots in WWII. These balls of light back then were labeled as “Foo Fighters”.
  20. Crop circles have occurred in many different species of plants; canola (rape), wheat, barley, corn, grass, and several others. Each of these plants brings with it varying physical characteristics which makes each of them slightly different in their qualities as an artistic medium. Simon Beck’s artwork only occurs in pristine and realively uniform snow fields.

Here we have listed 20 reasons why Simon Beck’s snow art cannot be regarded as being essentially equivalent to the Genuine Crop Circle phenomenon. Although both are, on the suface, quite magnificent both in scope and expression, there are important differences which help to define these works of art as being of completely separate species.

I would like to refer back now to point number 1. We have been living in the crop circle era for now over 30 years, every summer, yet we still do not know who is making the crop circles, because they refuse to forthrightly identify themselves. If we have been paying attention, we have now seen over 10,000 crop circles appear seemingly from out of nowhere, and with no satisfying explanation (that sticks) as to who, how, or why. When we carefully think about why people might undertake grand and highly visible projects like crop circles, at least one factor at work will be that they, as an individual, would want to be recognized for successfully accomplishing the project, and congratulated for a job well done. Perhaps they might even be hopeful that they would, at some point, receive financial remuneration for their effort, even if such payment might come only in the form of donations from those who appreciate their effort.

In my own work as an anesthesiologist, there is an expectation that I will help deliver patients through their surgical procedure safely while “doing no harm”, despite the complexity of the procedure and despite any pre-existing physical conditions that a given patient might bring along with them. When I receive a compliment from a surgeon, a nurse, or the patient him/herself on a job well done, then I, as anybody would, feel good about that. I have been “stroked”, and everybody needs to be stroked every now and then. In most of our lives, this does not actually happen nearly often enough.

As far as I can tell, presumed human crop circle makers would never get stroked (except perhaps among each other?), and I find it extremely hard to conceive of human beings who would go out in the middle of the night, night after night, throughout the summer and every summer, in all kinds of weather, risking fines or imprisonment, for free, solely for the “thrill” of vandalizing some hard-working farmer’s crop, and “pulling the wool over our eyes”? Realize that we are talking here about a phenomenon that has our world’s attention and that brings in tourists from all over the world who are curious to see what will happen next. Such a veridical admission would bring a great deal of notoriety (stroking) to anyone who could prove that they and their group of buddies have repeatedly produced the most intricate and excellent crop circles in the world, some exhibiting very advanced mathematical concepts utilizing highly inventive methods of representation, without getting caught, and all the while fooling the world for decades. Maybe some sociopaths might do this once, or even a few times, but to make a lifestyle of this practice, to dedicate yourself to it, and to engage in all the planning and coordination which would be required to do this without getting caught, and yet forsake any recognition for these accomplishments?  I simply cannot see it. People have an inherent need to have their egos stroked at intervals, yet here we supposedly have a group of vandals who are above the need for recognition for what would be, by any measure, simply an astounding portfolio of artistic accomplishments? They do not need to hear the words “great job!”, as Simon Beck must hear all the time? Well, I am sorry, but I am not buying it, so those of you miscreants out there who are involved in the ongoing effort to distract people away from the Genuine Crop Circle phenomenon, whose mission is to lead people to believe that it is all just a bunch of mischievous drinking buddies out having a good time, will please go away and FUCK YOURSELVES (unless you feel that this would be a good thing), because you are interfering in our ability to receive and interpret a phenomenon which I and many believe may be of extremely important significance for the long-term survival of human civilization. This statement would not be directed at you, Simon Beck. You have had the integrity and the decency to let all of us know who you are and what you are about, and I really like what you are about!

The Genuine Crop Circles have a great deal to teach us about many things if humanity would only render to them the respect and the attention which they deserve. “The media” of this world are just absolutely incompetent, and if they were involved in medicine they would have had their licenses to practice medicine revoked a long time ago.  When we stop to consider the work of Simon Beck, which really is magnificent, it helps us to sharpen our focus as we practice the Art of Discernment, and this is one of the many lessons which the Genuine Crop Circles can teach us. Thank you Simon Beck!



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