Nov 3, 2012

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These Linked Events Cannot Be “A Mere Coincidence”

The short video below is important for several reasons. A remarkable series of events, described here by Stace Tussel Colligan, occurred in her life in 1995 and serve to clearly demonstrate these important points:

  1. UFO’s, or rather the intelligence behind them, are responsible for producing Genuine Crop Circles.
  2. Genuine Crop Circles are produced with the intention of communicating with humanity.
  3. Telepathic communication between human beings and the Circle Makers does take place. More and more accounts of this phenomenon are being documented, as we hear in this video.
  4. The number of people who are grasping the significance of events like these is increasing, and is eventually going to reach a tipping point.

My thanks to Stace Tussel Colligan for bringing this important history of these events to our attention.

To learn more from Stace Tussel Colligan about where this life event has taken her, go to her website at


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