Nov 4, 2012

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This Is Exactly What Travis Walton Told Me About Human-Looking ET’s

Listen to this video as Neil Gould interviews retired USAF pilot Major George Filer. If you aren’t familiar with George Filer, he is the man who has been producing the internet-based “Filers Files” newsletter which is published, for free, each and every week and sent, via e-mail, to all of Mr. Filer’s subscribers. I have received Mr. “Filer’s Files” in my email for many years now, and I always take the time to skim through his reports. I have been amazed that he continues on with this work with such dedication and diligence, week after week, and in this interview we find out why. My hat is off to George Filer! Mr. Filer has worked tirelessly to awaken his fellow man to this new reality.  In the long term we are going to realize that individuals like George Filer, who continue to work behind the scenes and without pay, fame, or  recognition, have done much more to help mankind find our way to a better place than have any of the politicians to whom we pay so much attention.

It was interesting for me to hear George Filer speak of his direct, face-to-face interaction with ET’s who are coming here and who are concerned about humanity’s relationships with each other and about our stewardship of Earth’s biosphere. Mr. Filer’s description of male ET’s generally conforms to what I was told by Travis Walton (Fire In the Sky) when I asked him what the ET’s that he encountered looked like. I asked him “If I saw an ET on the street would I be able to recognize him as being non-human”? Travis Walton told me exactly what Mr. Filer says here in this interview. He said he did not believe that I would recognize a male ET as being non-human, and that some of the ET’s visiting planet Earth look very much like a human being! Here is the video:

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