Feb 2, 2011

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U.S. Astronaut Gordon Cooper’s Eyewitness Testimony

This is U.S. astronaut Col. Gordon Cooper, an American icon.

U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper is an American hero and icon.

U.S. Astronaut Gordon Cooper orbited the Earth 22 times during the Faith 7 Mercury mission, ALONE. Col. Cooper was on the cover of Time magazine, and came home to a ticker tape parade as an American hero, a status which he earned at that time and which remains so today. Listen to Gordon Cooper’s testimony regarding his first hand encounters with UFOs. Col. Cooper tells us that the UFO Phenomenon is real. Col. Cooper felt so strongly that we should pay attention to the UFO Phenomenon that he petitioned Kurt Waldheim, the 4th Secretary-General of the United Nations, to form a UN sponsored group to study the UFO phenomenon, but this great American’s advice was then and today continues to be ignored.

Why? Because the U.S. military confiscates and hoardes UFO information for its potential military applications (read for threatening and killing citizens of Earth), and to protect the interests of BIG OIL. The “truth embargo” surrounding the UFO topic has nothing to do with fear of public panic if the truth were to be made known. It is all about $ and U.S. military superiority. Follow the money. What we should feel panic about is the fact that we are losing our democracy to a quasi-military/industrial dictatorship who will tell us what we may know, what we may not know, and when we will know it (if ever).

Rather than to release this news to the rest of the world, and open up this truth to our world’s scientists and engineers who would then eventually come to an understanding of how these UFO craft produce the energy they require, we remain under an imposed “addiction” to petroleum as our main energy source. “Addiction” is baloney. Our civilization’s dependence on fossil fuels is not an “addiction”, but rather it is an imposed requirement that our civilization stay married to petroleum as our only real option for the energy we must have to run our lives and our civilization. Meanwhile Earth continues, day after day, to be increasingly polluted by our imposed use of massive volumes of oil to power our civilization. This just isn’t right, and this situation has got to change. If we cannot make the jump to a more enlightened way of thinking, humanity is not going to make it as a surviving species or as a civilization. We are at a crossroad, and we must make an enlightened decision about what direction to turn. Let us turn toward the light of TRUTH.

  1. amen brother I’ve been on your team along time. You have said it all and this truth needs to be proliferated

    • Jeff,
      Thanks for making the effort to read some of the (what I regard as) interesting articles displayed on this website. I do not receive many visitors to this website. I have never and will never post anything on this website that I do not believe to be true. Gordon Cooper’s story was a remarkable event in his life, so much so that afterwards he participated in sponsoring a petition calling for the United Nations to open a study of UFO’s. He was almost successful in this quest and probably would have been had Sir Eric Gairy not been overthrown as Prime Minister of Granada.

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