Apr 4, 2011

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UFO Over Jerusalem – Important Update!

Jaime Massan brings us some interesting news!

Please watch and listen to this update which relates to the video taken of a UFO which hovered for 23 seconds over the Dome of the Rock / Temple Mount in Jerusalem at 12:57 AM on January 28, 2011. The video was taken by Eligael Gedalyovich, and in this film Mr. Gedalyovich speaks to us, clearly and sincerely, telling us that the Jerusalem UFO event did occur just as we see in the film. UFOlogist Jaime Maussan presents three side-by-side videos of the event and explains why it is highly unlikely that these videos were hoaxed. A weather cam still photo further corroborates the fact that there was in fact a UFO hovering over the Dome of the Rock / Temple Mount at the time Mr. Gedalyovich was filming! Additionally, 4 high school students also filmed the UFO over the Dome of the Rock / Temple Mount from a different, and closer location.

Any person still believing that the UFO filmed over Jerusalem on January 28,2011 was a hoax, in light of this video and all of the other good evidence we have presented on this website and many others which clearly indicate that UFO’s are real, that UFO’s exhibit technological capabilities that are not associated with machines made by human beings, and that UFO’s are intelligently controlled by an obviously non-human intelligence, (please complete this sentence as you, the reader, see fit).

To Mr. Gedalyovich, CCRF thanks you so much for your courage in presenting your video to the world! We extend to you our support and encouragement, and we respectfully ask that you not back down. We know that the days and months ahead will not be easy for you, but the evidence you are presenting is invaluable and may provide the “tipping point” that will awaken our world to a new reality. It would be extremely helpful if you might present your testimony again, side by side, with the four Ben Gurion High School students who took “video number 4”. We believe that such testimony would prove utterly convincing given that you are from Tel Aviv and the four students are (apparently) from Petach Tikva. We hope to see this in the near future. Our world needs this.

To the ET civilization(s) which are bringing the truth of their existence to our world in such an imaginative, playful, and gentle way through displays such as your craft over Jerusalem and through the beautiful Crop Circles you leave in our fields, CCRF extends to you our hearts, our gratitude, and our warmest THANKS! What you are doing, and the ways you are doing it, are so cool!

And to Jaime Maussan, it is appropriate and predictable that it would be you that would present this video to the world. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for the persistence you have shown over the years as you have continued to chip away at the wall of denial. To one of the greatest UFOlogists ever!

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  1. Thanks to Jaime Maussan and investigators for this research into this event. The Jerusalem u.f.o. is, I believe, very significant and I think symbolic for all mankind. I really hope this event is true and is a step further to peace and enlightenment in the world,if possible.

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