Feb 3, 2011

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UFO Over Jerusalem: Our Thanks To You, Our Visitors

To the Visitors to planet Earth responsible for the remarkable display of your space craft over the Earth City of Jerusalem at approximately 0100 on January 28,2011, CCRF would like to extend our THANKS. We are awed by the performance characteristics of your craft which you so clearly demonstrated to our world, and we are grateful for your attempts to awaken our civilization to a new reality. The methods by which you are gradually introducing the reality of your existence to our world’s conciousness through displays such as this one over Jerusalem, and through the beautiful Crop Circle Designs you are creating in our fields are brilliant, and they are truly appreciated by many of us.

As we review the responses of Earth’s population to your display, it is apparent that there are now many of Earth’s people who are catching on to the fact of your existence in our reality. But, due to the social programming that has been in effect here for so many decades, the cancer of secrecy that has invaded the fabric of our governments, and due to our current level of scientific (mis)understanding, the majority of our population remains quite skeptical of your existence here with us. These individuals continue to remain steadfast in their conviction that because our present understanding of science tells us that you could not be here, and because our governments tell us you are not here, the skeptics conclude that, despite what they see with their own eyes, you cannot be here.

We can only hope that you will not abandon your attempts to awaken our world to this new reality of your existence. We ask that you will continue to engage in displays such as your “UFO” over Jerusalem and the Genuine Crop Circles you are creating in our fields. Through these displays you are making real progress in transforming a world and gradually overcoming the great many barriers our civilization places in your path in your effort to effect our final awakening.

Thank you so much for all you have done and for what you are doing presently. We need for this transformation to occur, and we appreciate your efforts and your patience in carrying out this program of gradual de-sensitization of our people to the reality of your presence here with us. We look forward to any futher displays which will serve to clarify for us our knowledge of your existence here in our reality, and we look eagerly forward to the day when our entire population can say to each other, out-loud and without reservation, that we are not alone in this universe.


Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

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