The Sierra Club

CCRF encourages everyone to “poke” The Sierra Club. The Sierra Club (TSC) claims to have grave concerns about the plight of Earth’s biosphere due to our civilization’s addiction to and gluttonous use of oil, yet TSC continues to ignore the Crop Circles and other “mountains of evidence” that we are being contacted by another highly advanced civilization who are employing energy technologies that may be key to powering our civilization and saving the biosphere of planet Earth, our mother and our source of all that we have. Unless and until TSC, and other environmental groups, look at the evidence, embrace this cause, help us push hard to help our civilization come to terms with the truth that our “Visitors” are for real, and help us tell our governments and our militaries that “we know that they know”, then they will continue to fight a losing battle and stand no chance of actually achieving their stated goal of nurturing and protecting the biosphere of this planet.


CCRF encourages everyone to “poke” SETI. Despite the incredible abundance of reliable eyewitness testimony provided by many highly educated and well trained individuals of unimpeachable integrity, SETI continues to waste time and resources looking for a radio signal from somewhere in a distant part of our galaxy, far, far away! One cannot help but wonder whether SETI may be a deliberate sham operation intent on leading our population to continue to believe that there remains some doubt about whether or not we are alone in the universe. 

In the early 1960’s, at the time of its inception, SETI may have been a good idea. Today, knowing what we now know to be true, SETI is simply an embarrassment to the human race. SETI, how about an attempt at direct communication with the highly intelligent beings leaving their calling cards in our crop fields and showing us their craft in our skies on an almost daily basis? 

CCRF asks everyone to politely ask SETI to switch from “receive” mode to “transmit” mode, and ask them to transmit the message “We know you are here. How do we proceed?”

Mitsubishi, Hello Kitty, Korn

CCRF encourages everyone to boycott any corporation that has or will utilize the crop circle medium as a means of corporate advertising. If we support corporations (or rock bands) that use the crop circle medium for commercial advertising, by default we are supporting the activities of the human “circlemakers” who are paid to produce these well done but misleading man-made imitations of the Genuine Crop Circles. We need to do all we can to discourage the commercialization of the crop circle medium, and the most effective method at our disposal is by withholding our financial support for any and all groups who degrade the significance of the crop circle phenomenon through its commercialization.