Dec 20, 2011

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We Will Have To Do This On Our Own (Part II)

“No government, institution, or person has the right to control the pace of our advancing human consciousness by holding back the truth – honesty directs us to a better place”. (Colin Andrews, 2009)

For over 6 decades the truth that not only are we not alone in this universe, but also that we are not the only intelligent and self-aware species in this universe, has been known by a select group within the world’s military-industrial complex, and they have done everything within their means to withhold or obfuscate that information from you, me, and the entire human race. Every American taxpayer has actually had our hard-earned tax dollars used to pay for the ways and means that have been employed to keep that information from our conscious awareness. It is time for this unacceptable situation to stop.

Stephen Bassett’s “We the People” petition, the hard work he has done over many years, and the hard work of many, many others over six decades have all failed to pry this information loose for what they, and I, believe will be for the long-term benefit of mankind and the biosphere of planet Earth. The Obama administration’s response to PRG’s “We the People” petition has made it clear that the U.S. government, or rather the military-industrial complex, has no intention, ever, of releasing their stranglehold on this truth. They are going to continue to maintain this charade, that we have not had contact with one or more off-world civilizations, for as long as they are able to maintain it, which will result in more wars and ever-increasing pollution of this planet through the continued support of the petroleum industry. UFO’s are not arriving here using petroleum distillates as an energy source. In my opinion, “Disclosure” is not going to happen unless we try a different means to bring it about.

What else might we do to bring “Disclosure” about? Here are my thoughts. UFO sightings, Crop Circles, human abductions, and cattle mutilations are all, in my opinion, clear signs that we have Contact with another intelligent civilization from somewhere else. Reports of these many events in their various forms have become too numerous to count, and they indicate (especially the Crop Circles) that this other intelligence MAY desire to have Open Contact with the human race. They have been, I think, quite gracious in letting us know that they are here in a non-threatening manner, and they leave it to us to exercise our FREE WILL to let them know when we are ready for Open Contact to occur. I am ready. Are you ready?

How might we let them know that we are ready? Before we address that question, let us review a few obvious facts. This intelligence, whoever or whatever they are and wherever they hail from, are extremely advanced in their technology. I would go so far to use the word “unbelievably” (to us) advanced in their technology. They are apparently quite able to traverse vast linear (to us) distances of spacetime to arrive here. Many reports indicate that they have the capability of telepathic communication. Their craft are capable of evading radar detection, but they do show up on radar, apparently, when they allow this to occur. They have produced machines (UFO’s) that out-pace and out-maneuver our best military aeronautical technology. They appear in “our” controlled airspace anytime and anywhere they desire. They produce, undetected, beautiful and complex Crop Circles in our fields, and it appears that they do this through the manipulation of energy, perhaps employing what many have described as “balls of light”. They have the capability of subduing and surgically dissecting large, powerfully strong animals, anywhere they desire and without detection. The point I am making is that when we consider what is, and what is not, possible in relation to these people, we need to assume that what to us might seem to be ridiculous or even impossible may, and likely will, be quite within the realm of their technological capabilities. An extra thousand years of technological development will likely find mankind at similar level of technological advancement, if we survive that long. On the track that we now are on, in my opinion, we will not.

With this awareness in mind, let us address the question regarding what we might do to precipitate Open Contact with these visitors. Here is my suggestion – we use the internet toward that specific purpose. We deliver to them, via E-MAIL, our own personal invitation for Open Contact. I believe that we can be certain that they have the capability of monitoring our world’s internet. Perhaps we can, each one of us, make our voices heard by them if we will tell them in writing, through an email sent over the internet, that we are ready for, and that we desire, Open Contact with their civilization. E-mail them your invitation through an e-mail sent to someone, anyone, which expresses your sincere desire to initiate Open Contact with these people. If you are too embarrassed to send such an email to someone you know, then send it to me ( Just get it out there onto the internet. Perhaps all we must do, together, is to let our desire for Open Contact be known to them through the internet, expressing clearly what we want to happen. The invitation must come from a deliberate decision made of our own FREE WILL. I believe that the evidence suggests that when enough people make it known to them that we are ready for Open Contact, it will come. The Crop Circles suggest that this may be what they have been and are continuing to try to bring about. Here is my message:

Dear ET Visitors to Planet Earth,

I believe that a relationship involving Open Contact between your people and the human race is the next necessary step in the social evolution of our human civilization. It is time for this to happen. I am frustrated by our own world’s leaders, some of whom know the truth of your existence, but continue to suppress and deny the fact of your existence from myself and my fellow citizens. I thank your people for the patience and the wisdom you have shown as we citizens of planet Earth continue to try to solve this conundrum. I am quite certain that your people are aware of this situation, this roadblock, which continues to impede our full and complete understanding of the reality of your existence here, and which has been in place and maintained by those human beings most able to shape our world-view for now well over 60 Earth years. With your cooperation an end could come to this impasse tomorrow. I ask your people to do whatever is safe for you and within your capability that will bring about one or more unequivocal events in the near future which will demonstrate to all of our world’s population, in an undeniable way, that you do exist and that you are here observing. Once this fact has been unequivocally established and fully understood by the citizens of our world, and all of us are then fully aware of your real existence and your presence here, it will then be left to us to determine just what we will do with this new information and awareness. I feel certain that any short-term disruption that such a demonstration might cause in the day-to-day doings of our civilization will be far out-weighed by the long term benefits that such an awakening will have on our sociologic, scientific, economic, and spiritual understanding. Please do this. If not for humanity, then do it for planet Earth.
My most sincere thanks for your consideration of this request, and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Richard O’Connor, MD

Many will think that I am delusional for suggesting that each of us take this action. This will be regarded by many as a highly unorthodox and predictably fruitless approach based only in fantastic, imaginary thinking. I say that UFO’s, although fantastic, are not imaginary. I say that genuine Crop Circles, although fantastic, are not imaginary. I say that through this action we may have a means to circumvent the roadblocks to truth that have been placed before us too many times and for too many years, and enable us to communicate directly with the intelligence which brings its UFO’s to our skies and its Crop Circles to our fields. We will have to do this on our own, and we must not allow ourselves to be dissuaded by an unresponsive government which desires only to continue on our present trajectory toward oblivion.

Richard O’Connor, MD
Crop Circles Research Foundation

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