Oct 7, 2010

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Why Do The Circle Makers Remain So Obscure?

Imagine that you are from a technologically advanced civilization, and you have discovered planet Earth. This discovery may have taken place hundreds,or perhaps thousands of years ago. You have been observing a planet that is not only teeming with life, but has brought forth a species of intelligent, self-aware human beings who have evolved to construct a highly complex, but still quite fragile, and (comparatively) primitive civilization. We humans are still unaware, or at least uncertain, if there are any other sapient beings existant in the entire universe. We basically still live by the “law of the jungle”, but now, instead of spears tipped with stone spear points, we have intercontinental ballistic missiles tipped with thermonuclear warheads pointed at each other, complete with many and various ”lines in the sand”. We are holding the entire planet Earth hostage, threatening to annihilate not only each other , but every innocent living thing on this planet that has taken no part in nor had any say about producing and stockpiling these weapons of mass destruction. As you monitor this scene from your starship, you realize that you are witnessing a very volatile situation that could potentially result in the total eradication of life that has taken millions of years of evolution to produce. Your civilization, if it is quite ancient, may have seen this scenario played out before at some other time, on some other planet in the galaxy.

For many decades on planet Earth not a single day has gone by that did not harbor the potential for that day to be the day of complete and total destruction of life on this planet through a deliberate act or, perhaps even more likely, through an error in our nuclear systems or human judgement. Or, perhaps, because a starship from an advanced civilization majorly disrupts this precarious social balance by ”landing on the White House Lawn”.

So what would you do? Would you swoop down from the skies, scaring the pooh out of everybody, and risk being the cause of the potential breakdown of our society’s fragile social systems, governmental institutions, political alliances, religious orders etc., and possibly precipitating a nuclear holocaust (with you in it)? Would you interfere in the evolution of this nuclear arms wielding, “intelligent” race and save us from ourselves? Or, would you sit back and honor the process of evolution, knowing that evolutionary law would either eventually take us to our own fiery destruction, or perhaps, maybe, take us to the stars. As Dr. Seuss wrote in the final page of The Butter Battle Book, “Grandpa!” I shouted. “Be Careful! Oh, Gee! Who’s going to drop it? Will you…? Or will he…?” “Be patient,” said Grandpa. “We’ll see. We will see…”

To the credit of our Visitors, they have on several occasions attempted to give us their sage advice about our nuclear weapons stockpiles. If you will read UFO’s And Nukes by Robert Hastings (ISBN 978-1-4343-9831-4 (sc)(see Recommended Sites), you will learn of instances when our Visitors have attempted to inform our military of the unacceptability of offensive nuclear weapons through direct interference with missile test launches and through the destruction of the guidance systems of nuclear missiles (in Montana and North Dakota) while still in their launching silos. So far their warnings have gone unheeded.

It is possible that given our present-day, adolescent stage of human social evolution, and with our day-to-day potential to unleash the devastating power of our nuclear weapons arsenals, the decisions we make and the actions we take are being monitored by our Visitors. If their civilization is quite ancient, they may have witnessed this same scenario play out on some other planet, at some other time. Their civilization almost certainly went through this exact, or a very similar scenario, itself. And they, our Visitors, wised-up, survived, continued to evolve, became a space-faring civilization, and now they are here.

There is no doubt that the discovery of atomic energy is a milestone in the evolutionary development of every intelligent species in the universe. What we do with that knowledge will be a major evolutionary determinant of whether our civilization survives, through our acknowledgement that thermonuclear weapons are a zero-sum game. If we resolve, as an entire civilization, to disallow the existence of offensive nuclear weapons on ”our” (which it is not) planet Earth, we may continue to exist and evolve. If we do not act in a responsible way and rid “our” planet Earth of nuclear weapons, then it is likely to be inevitable that at some time, for some reason, the missiles will fly (Murphy’s Law). From an evolutionary standpoint and likely from the Visitors point of view, it will be a case of good riddance- the universe will be a better, safer place without us.

We cannot know, but it is conceivable that there may exist a set of principles, or a covenant, which proscribes the interaction of a spacefaring civilization with another, more primitive civilization such as ours. Our civilization is presently actively enmeshed (or ensnared) in our own evolutionary struggle as we grapple with decisions surrounding the direction we will take regarding our relatively new found knowledge of atomic energy, its potential destructive power, and our bloated arsenals of thermonuclear weapons. How much time we have to rid planet Earth of our nuclear weapons stockpiles before it is too late is unknown and unknowable, but what is certain is that we are not erring on the conservative side as we continue to delay in taking this action that will be required for our civilization’s own survival, and the biosphere of planet Earth with it.

It may be that advanced civilization(s) coming here operate under a self-imposed mandate to avoid any direct interaction with our civilization until we have declared through words and actions our intent to use nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes. We are not there yet, and with Iran now seeking a nuclear weapons capability it is a certainty that our civilization is headed in the wrong direction. We should be asking the question, “What percentage of worlds that evolve intelligent life and then gain the awareness of atomic energy go on to self destruct”? The percentage may be high and the odds may actually be against us.

If one day we do let the missiles fly, for whatever reason, from the eyewitness and radar tape descriptions of the remarkable flight capabilities of a UFO (magnitudes greater velocity than an ICBM; sharp, angular, high speed turns apparently unaffected by inertia; a demonstrated capability to disable an ICBM in mid flight) we can validly question whether or not those missiles will be allowed to hit their targets. And we can wonder if that that day may be our judgement day, because we are the “intelligent” species, homo sapiens, that payed for them, built them, maintained them, refined them, and then set their destructive power loose on this planet, with little regard for the sacred creation of the abundant life the Earth has brought forth. It will make no difference whether that day of widespread destruction unfolds through a deliberate act or by sad misfortune, for the result will be the same.

Pehaps another reason for this prolonged and seemingly clandestine period of observation of planet Earth and our societies by our Visitors is that their civilization may place a high value on pure knowledge. They will know that their opportunity to learn from this intelligent, self-aware species, excercising our free-will and still believing that we may be alone in the universe, is only for a limited period of time. There would be much to be learned about human beings, the underpinnings of our societies, our moral and ethical fibre, our languages, customs, art, music, philosophy, religions, technology, military capabilities, etc. during this transient period in the social evolution of our complex civilization.

Consider also how we commonly observe that our behavior changes when we knowthat a situation is being recorded on video. When the video camera comes out, we no longer interact in a completely natural and spontaneous manner. Instead, we may try to improve our personal appearance, be funny, or change our behavior in other subtle ways that change the dynamics of a given interaction. Our concious awareness that we are being observed by our Visitors would corrupt their acquisition of pure knowledge about us and our societies and would define the end, forever, of that unique epoch when our Visitors are able to carry on as unseen observers and take notes of their observations. This author feels that the day we are all aware of the fact that we are being observed by our Visitors will be a day of celebration, for then we may see a change for the better in our interactions among each other and with Earth’s biosphere.

So what would you do as an individual from a technologically advanced and spiritually evolved civilization which stumbled upon Earth and our civilization in the vastness of space? Might you also decide that you have an obligation, in accord with Evolutionary Law, to allow human beings to choose our own evolutionary path without interference? Might you also decide to remain hidden, learning all you could learn about our civilization, before revealing yourself? Might you decide to wait for open contact until you actually received an invitation?  

Hopefully you would choose to engage in a very carefully planned and orchestrated period of courtship between our two civilizations, with your aim to insure that there would be no hard feelings toward your civilization by ours because you insensitively and abruptly interjected yourselves into our world that was not yet prepared to cope with the reality of your existence. We hope that you would knock before you enter and, in a very gentle and non-threatening manner, try to inform us of your existence and your presence here with us by producing what are by now thousands of beautiful, and otherwise inexplicable, Crop Circles. CCRF can think of no better way!

  1. PsyProgrammer says:

    Interesting, you make many assumptions, mostly current scifi appraised. so please concider the following:
    1. alien mother ship has a commander? interesting that you assume a singled out type of society and military structure, especcially one based on hierarchy.
    2. that alien intelligences hide?? keep secret?? i have read so much in so many years this hypothesis, then they throw huge crop circles down? this is covert?
    3. that the circles as messeges are intended for us at all? they may well be messeges sent here for each other, or just art.
    4. so you have international governmental approval to communicate to alien races? as far as im aware this was made illegal years ago, as was 3rd and 4th and 5th kind ecounters. you could start a war of misinterpretation.
    5. who said they think or see us as intelligent?
    6. what makes you so sure they need ships or that they are actually physical beings, that circles are not made by one of many races and types.
    7. why are you not concidering the most obvious senario? that beings here, not human make them to communicate to life off earth and we just happen to observe this conveyence or conversation.?
    8. i have seen a crop cirlce made, with my father in a field in essex uk in i think was 1990, we watched what we saw happen and the next day helecopters all over the place, i can assure you we saw no ufo, acually what we saw was moree strange, my camera had no film much to my dads annoyance.
    9. what makes so many people think nassa knows so much more, maybe they dont, i think that scares people more, that nassa knows no more than us, its just as likely nassa personell, military personell get abducted just as anyone else if that does happen for instance… thats why people want the nassa truth, to feel safe that big nassa can save them.
    10. i hope this exp works, and in some ways i dont.. if man cannot handle a different religion, land ownership, greed, creed, colour, culture, way of thinking, sexuality, society structure how are you ever going to deal with an alien race or … a bunch of different ones??

    virtually every sci-fi, every book, every theory is based on one set of rules and way of thinking.. human. be it human ideals, social struct etc as above, remeber when if we ever make any kind of contact , have a blank page.. and do not wrte on it. because that is who will be facing you.

    i am writing a book and site about this, anyone interested please let me know..

    this post is not a so called debunk (term creeated to describe non believers) nor am i a so called believer, “i am an open book with alot in my eyes but not in my hands, i can show u my visions but i cannot give you my world.” sgbond

  2. I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

  3. This is what I really like to see on blogs and forums. Legitimate articles and not spam articles placed together by internet marketers. I really like it!

  4. Jack Sullivan says:

    Hi Richard. A bit of useful history perhaps. Andy Thomas, the author of’Vital Signs’ and ‘Vital Signs 2’, aclaimed books about the phenomenon was the editor of the “Swirled News” website, still acessable via Google. It ran from May 2001 to February 2008. It is a mine of information and comment on all the significant crop circle events of the period. Browse through the Archives and Feedback sections and enjoy the awe struck reactions and controversy regarding some of the most spectacular formations created in the history of the subject, including the Crabbewood Farm Alien and the Aricibo Reply. All required reading for serious researchers.

    • Jack Sullivan says:

      Richard, In your recent ‘astronomical proof’ posting you atribute it to Red Collie and Dr Horace Drew. Red Collie is the pseudonym of Dr Drew as he is happy to have known. He contributes regularly to ‘Circle Chasers Facebook’ You may like to know also that there is a current very informative website which compliments your own research,viz.> http//thesecrettruthabout.com/crop-circles. I myself also have some apposite research on the internet, published in 2000. Google ‘The Cetus Conjunction’ regards as ever.

    • Jack Sullivan says:

      3rd June 11.Hi Richard, a bit more from me. In you recent post re ‘astronomical proof’ which you attribite to Red Collie and Dr Horace Drew you should know that Red Collie is the pseudonym of Dr Drew . he has made this known himself. You may also be interested to know that there is a website which compliments youe own, viz, >http://thesecretruthabout.com/crop-circles.
      I myself also have an apposite article on the internet published in early 2000 which caused much comment. Please Google “The Cetus Conjunction”. Best wishes.

      • Jack Sullivan,
        Thanks for this information. I was unaware of the excellent article that you authored , The Cetus Conjunction.
        This is a very interesting series of crop circles that you described. It seems almost unfathomable that a human being could be capable of producing those highly detailed and extremely precise star maps in a crop field. I will go over what you have written more carefully and post a link to your excellent work in the near future. I am surprised that significance of this series of Crop Circles only came to my attention today as a result of your note to me. I had of course seen the photos of these crop circles before, but I was completely unaware of their meaning or significance! I am still learning a lot about this phenomenon and continue to be amazed by “new” (at least for me)discoveries. I will check out the website you have referenced (www.thesecrettruthabout.com/cropcircles). Thanks again!

        • Jack Sullivan says:

          Richard, Thanks for you comments on The Cetus Conjunction. I think I mention in the article that the site of the Galaxy formation was West Stowell Wiltshire. Steve and Karen Alexanders website ‘Tempory Temples’ in their pictures gallery, have the original 1994 photgraph together with some ground shots of the formation. I am still stricken with awe at the precision of the execution of the thing. I’m sure such perfection is not humanly possible.

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