Dec 21, 2013

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A Call to Healers: Montana’s Physicians and Nurses

To the Medical / Nursing Staff of St. Peter’s Hospital

Let's switch from barrels of oil to some of these!

Let’s switch from barrels of oil to some of these!

December 19, 2013

Dear SPH Medical and Nursing Staff Colleagues,

I have placed a copy of this recently published book, Gravitational Manipulation of Domed Craft by Paul E. Potter on the table in the physicians lounge at St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena. Periodically I will move the book and the accompanying (this) letter to different locations throughout St. Peter’s to give all medical staff an opportunity to become briefly acquainted with its contents. I encourage all who find the book intriguing to order your own copy from Amazon ($17.95). This book represents one of mankind’s first attempts to explain the physics which allow the UFO to perform the seemingly impossible maneuvers that have been described by many credible eyewitnesses dating back to antiquity.

Throughout our lives we have been led to believe that those who have reported their first person encounters with UFOs and their occupants were, at best, misidentifying natural atmospheric phenomena, weather anomalies, or aerial objects of human origin. At worst, these individuals have been labeled as nutcases, hoaxers, or liars. The contents of this book lead us toward a different, exciting, but also an extremely challenging conclusion – the UFO phenomenon is real. Corollary: there has been a deliberate, well organized, decades-long program of psychological conditioning intent on dissuading people from this conclusion. However, it appears as though the lid on this information may now be slowly lifting. In many ways this situation represents a proverbial “Pandora’s Box”. When all known information about the UFO and its origins is finally uncovered, our world is going to change in many profound ways, and there will be no turning back.

I draw your attention to pages marked in the book which reference the 1986 Dalnegorsk, Russia UFO event. I have personally seen charred metallic fragments in the Area 51 Exhibit at the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, NV. These metal fragments were labeled as “AUTHENTIC ALIEN ARTIFACTS”, and were further described as being debris recovered from the site of that 1986 Dalnegorsk UFO event in Russia. As you will see, Potter has referenced these artifacts and what has been learned about them in this book.

In the NOTES section, Potter claims that the reported 30-feet diameter Dalnegorsk UFO was estimated to have produced energy in the range of 10,000 gigawatts (10 to the 9th watts). A typical U.S. nuclear reactor produces 1 -1.5 gigawatts. In 2006, U.S energy consumption, all sources, was estimated to be 29.26 petawatts (10 to the 15th watts). Therefore, 3000 such machines, distributed throughout this country, would produce all the energy required to power our nation, but this will not be realized unless our society decides to finally and appropriately give the UFO the serious attention it merits. Contrast this number to 3.8 billion of our largest 7.6 MW wind turbines that would be required to produce this amount of power.

Atmospheric scientists maintain that CO2 produced as a result of our combustion of massive volumes of fossil fuels is primarily responsible for global climate change (GCC) and the increasing acidification of the Earth’s oceans. Current predictions by our most qualified climatologists predict that, as a result of GCC, 1,500 U.S. coastal communities/cities will be under seawater by the year 2100 if we continue on our present trajectory. This is essentially one human lifetime from now. Do these cities sound familiar? New York, Boston, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, and San Diego, to name a few. Well, they won’t be recognizable, or even exist as we know them today, if our energy policies don’t take a dramatic change of course in the very near future. Recurrent, massive oil spills (Prince William Sound, the BP/Gulf of Mexico spill, 146 other such spills listed in Wikipedia with some still ongoing) and nuclear reactor meltdowns (a total of 22 so far, with three currently ongoing at Fukushima) continue to occur. Radioactive tuna are now showing up in the Pacific. We should also consider the absolute certainty that future wars will be fought over dwindling world oil supplies if we elect to continue using fossil fuel hydrocarbons as our civilization’s primary source of energy. Obvious conclusion: we cannot and must not stay on our present course.

All of you are healers, and this world is increasingly in desperate need of healing. All of you are highly educated. All of you have the built-in capacity to help lead our nation’s other citizens as we navigate our way through the myriad and profound challenges that are coming as the conscious awareness that “the UFO phenomenon is real” continues to percolate throughout our society. Until now, dealing with this reality has been, for better or for worse, left only in the hands of our nation’s (and a few others) military and intelligence agencies. This situation is now changing. It is imperative that citizens, and especially physicians and nurses, have a voice in determining how this new reality will become integrated into our society – into our energy policies, our geopolitical (and exopolitical) policies, our religious dogma (some will say these beings are “demonic” and will need to be steered away from this perspective), and, perhaps most importantly, in the relationship of our citizens with a government / military / intelligence structure in which secrecy and prevarication have become policy. Determined forces will continue to exercise their political influence in attempting to keep our civilization chained to the petro-dollar. However, when this all settles out, it will eventually become obvious that U.S. taxpayers, energy consumers, universities, scientists, historians, religious clergy, members of congress, and indeed every world citizen have all been methodically denied access to this information for far too long. It is not an exaggeration to state that the very foundations of our society are going to be shaken. There will be a tremendous amount of healing to be accomplished.

I knew Dr. Jesse A. Marcel Jr. as a co-worker and as a friend for 25 years. Some of you working at St. Peter’s Hospital knew him as well. I give you my word that Dr. Marcel was not a liar. Dr. Marcel told us that he personally handled debris from a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft (UFO) in July, 1947. There is now an enormous amount of other eyewitness testimony, radar data, photographic data, video data, historical artifacts (consider recent Mexican government endorsement of 1300 year-old Mayan artifacts exhibiting unmistakable, “written in stone” engravings of UFOs), and now the Dalnegorsk UFO debris in the public domain which corroborate the veracity of Dr. Marcel’s statement. Both he and his father courageously told us many years ago that the UFO(s) that crashed to Earth in July, 1947 were “not of this world”. It is time that we listen to the words of our colleague, though he is now deceased, and take action based upon the information he handed down to us.

UFOs have always been kept at the extreme periphery of our awareness. I know that everyone of you is busy and it will be difficult for you to find the time to give this matter your attention. Because I am currently working half-time, I have the opportunity to give this important subject a great deal of attention. I am willing to work on behalf of all physicians and nurses who desire to have a voice in determining how our society will appropriately respond to this new reality. I am extremely optimistic that the UFO can provide a surprising and unanticipated solution to our current and escalating energy conundrum – provided that adequate funding is made available for basic research and development which addresses the still-unknowns that Potter brings to light in this book. It is quite possible, and I believe very likely, that much of this basic research has already been accomplished by our own U.S. military. It is time that we are all informed about the existence of and results of such research, if it exists.

If you care about the futures of our children on this planet, if you care about the integrity of the biosphere of this planet, and/or if you care about the relationship between we the citizens and our government and you want to help steer us back toward some semblance of transparency in that relationship, then please consider participating in some fashion in this effort to uncover the Truth. Citizens can accelerate our military / government’s open acknowledgement of the UFO reality and help determine how this information could be applied toward helping to resolve some of these extremely serious issues facing not only our nation, but indeed the entirety of human civilization on Earth – not to mention the biosphere of this planet upon which all life depends.

I propose the following:

1. WE submit a letter/petition to our U.S. Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester demanding that they draft a Senate Resolution which will call for:

A. Disclosure of the results of energy-related UFO research carried out by our U.S. military and /or military contractors which may have previously been undertaken and the costs of which U.S. taxpayers have underwritten for many decades. U.S. citizens should rightfully own any such extant information.

B. Major funding for UFO research through our nation’s universities, modeled after the “Manhattan Project”, with the end goal of gaining a complete understanding of how UFOs are apparently able to produce prodigious quantities of energy, and then determining how this new energy source can be manufactured and applied toward providing our world’s primary source of commercial and residential energy within one decade.

C. The establishment of an appointed, civilian-directed exopolitical committee tasked with exploring how humanity’s relationship with extraterrestrial visitors might become manifest and evolve into a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship, if this is possible. This laudable goal should not be left languishing where it has been – in the hands of the military-intelligence complex.

D. A worldwide treaty / ban on the use of UFO-derived technologies to produce weapons of war.

E. A call for publicized formal hearings to be conducted through the United Nations, modeled after the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure held last April at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. (which together Dr. Marcel and I attended) in which government, military, and civilian eyewitnesses from around the world will be invited to share their testimonies concerning their first-hand experiences with UFOs, extraterrestrials, and /or extraterrestrial technologies.

F. Amnesty for eyewitnesses (“whistleblowers”) who are willing to come forward and share their information relevant to personal encounters with UFOs, their occupants, and /or UFO related technologies.

G. An investigation into, and re-assessment of, the policies and procedures of our government’s agencies which have been involved in the design and implementation of propaganda programs targeting U.S. citizens. The program which has been tasked with debunking UFOs would be one example. This investigation should initially focus on the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency.

I welcome your comments and suggestions regarding how we as physician/nurse citizens should move forward in dealing with this new reality and the changes and challenges it will bring forth. I invite any of you who wish to get involved in any way to contact me (below) as together we create a network of willing-to-be-involved nurses and physicians from around our state. This effort starts with the medical/nursing staff of St. Peter’s Hospital. This medical/nursing staff is Montana’s test case. Clearly, if I cannot find support for these proposals here, among physicians and nurses who know me personally, then I will not find success elsewhere. However, if a supportive response from a significant number of SPH medical/nursing staff is realized, I will then begin introducing other Montana physicians and nurses to this book and this letter, attempting to get them on board with this effort. I am currently composing a letter / petition expressing these points which I will circulate to those persons who have contacted me, seeking their signatures of approval. When all signatures of those who support this effort have been obtained, I will personally deliver it to our Montana U.S. Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester in Washington, D.C., at my expense.

Together, perhaps we physicians and nurses can help to initiate what will be a major alteration in the direction our world is headed. We must hope so, and we must try to make it so.

Here is a video testimony of yet another individual who explains his remarkable experience with a UFO. He seems sincere and credible to me. Assuming that UFOs are real, should we really expect for their occupants, whom we can surmise to be extremely intelligent, to arrive here and proceed directly to the U.S. Capital or the Kremlin, land, and announce their arrival? Or, would they do exactly what they have been doing – arrive, patiently observe from a distance, and process the acquired information which would allow them to completely understand our human civilization and the human psyche – our morals, our ethics, and the drivers which are informing the decisions we make and the actions we take? This is, in my judgment, exactly what is happening.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Anesthesiologist, St. Peter’s Hospital
Helena, MT
(406) 461-2823

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