Apr 25, 2022

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A Different Approach – A Message to “the Others”

The unclassified June 2021 UAP Task Force report submitted to Congress included reports of 144 incidents of UFO encounters over restricted US airspace. Of the 144, all but one were categorized as “Unidentified”, with no other supplied details. The one report categorized as “Identified” was labeled “a deflating weather balloon”, an inappropriately humorous reference to the lie we were told about the tragic Roswell UFO incident of July 1947 in which several of the Others lost their lives. That is what we got from the UAP Task Force Report.

So, what has resulted from that report and from other revelations that have been coming from the US Department of Defense (DoD) since December 2017? The stigma surrounding UFOs, what Steven Basset long ago labeled as the “UFO Truth Embargo”, has been partially lifted. There is now some air to breathe. We can catch a sigh of relief that a small step forward has been taken to crack open the lid of UFO secrecy. That’s about it, but that has been enough to allow qualified scientists like astrophysicist Avi Loeb to secure enough private funding to initiate The Galileo Project. This project involves the design and installation of multiple state-of-the-art imaging and sensor systems in various locations that will monitor Earth’s near atmosphere and near space for evidence of non-human life – or their high-tech signatures, aka UFOs.

Knowing this to be a reasonable and long overdue approach, Crop Circles Research Foundation installed 2 motion-triggered cameras in a specified location while posting on this website an appeal to the Others to voluntarily come to these cameras, show themselves or their machinery (craft) to these cameras, and allow a series of photos of themselves (or their craft) to be taken. It was hoped that the Others would see the request that was published on this website as an open invitation to begin a peaceful relationship through a cooperative and non-threatening effort to communicate in this way. Photographic evidence of the Others existence acquired in this way would not be simply by happenstance. Despite several years of trying this approach, the event never happened. Nearly 300,000 photos were obtained and reviewed, but the clear photographic evidence of their existence and willingness to cooperate was never captured. The effort was eventually abandoned.

Today, that effort is being reinitiated. Our 2 cameras have been reinstalled in exactly their same positions as before. They are located in the USA on the upper SE corner of a house located at 11 Ponderosa Road between Helena, MT and Montana City, MT. The latitude and longitude coordinates of that home are latitude 460 33′ 14″ N, 1110 58′ 27″ W, altitude 1333m. An estimated representation of the area in which these cameras can obtain a motion-triggered photo is shown here:

Approximate airspace monitored by our 2 cameras.

This is another appeal to the Others to introduce yourselves in a way that is straightforward, peaceful, and without any intention of deceit. This is one way we can begin a relationship. If you will allow a high quality photo of you or your craft to be captured by these cameras, I will forward this evidence to our United Nations and to Avi Loeb at The Galileo Project. With this effort, your people’s willingness and desire to enter into a different kind of relationship with mankind than has heretofore existed will, hopefully, be confirmed and eventually accepted. The secrecy imposed on your existence and your interest in this planet and its biosphere will become a thing of our past. That is the goal of this project. Your cooperation in achieving this goal is hereby respectfully requested. Let us begin.

4/27/2022: Dear Others, I have checked the camera cards and find you have not yet responded to this request. The sooner your response comes, the more obvious it will be that we are, indeed, communicating and that you have responded in good faith to this peaceful request. Please respond.

5/17/22: Cameras recorded 12 images of clouds. This morning was a “historical” open hearing in the US House of Representatives addressing UAP – that means you. The cover-up of seven+ decades of your interactions with our world, and especially our US military, continues. They denied your interactions with “our” (their) nuclear weapons. They denied holding materials from your vehicles. They denied attempting to communicate with you – stupid if true. Mention was made of “mitigating” your intrusions in US controlled military airspace. We can guess what that means. How long before your people decide to put an end to this? You apparently have a plan in mind that must not involve any revelations using these cameras. There is an opportunity here if you choose to use it. We wait.

6/1/2022: Cameras recorded 5 images of clouds. Nothing to add.

7/14/2022: There are no recorded images of your craft. By “your”, I mean you who are other than present-day human beings who are obviously here with us and interacting with our civilization. This is a simple experiment intended to determine whether you are willing and able to communicate and interact with this single human who is aware of your presence here, takes it seriously, and is attempting to establish some kind of peaceful interaction between us. There is no trickery or deceit involved in this effort. This is not an effort to “study” you, capture you, or do you harm in any way! Your identifiable response will be presented as evidence that your intentions here are of a peaceful nature and devoid of any mal intent. Please respond!

8/3/2022: Again, the cameras recorded no clear, daytime images of your amazing (to us) means of conveyance (“UFO”) we see reported so often on sites like the National UFO Reporting Center. Does this mean your people are not aware of this entreaty to communicate in this way? Or, does it mean you do not think this method of communication will be worthwhile and, therefore, you are not responding? Some think what our civilization is referring to as “CE-5” is a means by which we can interact with you. I have heard of positive results coming from these attempts from people like Dr. Steven Greer, Kosta Makreas who organizes ET Let’s Talk and, just today, from a man named Jay who runs the Project Unity YouTube channel. People are trying to communicate with you! Given that it is becoming increasingly clear that your people are communicating with our military pilots in what they call “controlled US airspace”, it is clear you are communicating with these members of our civilization in a quite noticeable and physical way. The disabling of “our” nuclear weapons is another example of your communication with us, in my view an expression of your alarm and disapproval of these threats to all life on this planet, perhaps including your own. I, for one, share your concern about these unconscionable weapons of mass destruction and believe they must be banned if we are to all have a future together on this planet that we, and perhaps you, call home. We need to develop a closer relationship with you, one that is peaceful and grounded in love for what we all hold dear. This is an attempt to do that. Please respond.

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