Jan 15, 2011

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A Letter To Nancy Talbott and the BLT Research Team

January 15, 2011

Dear Ms. Talbott and the BLT Research Team,

Hello. I am Richard O’Connor, M.D., founder of Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc. (CCRF), a nonprofit organization interested in promoting Crop Circle research. Like all of you, I too am certain that some “Genuine” Crop Circles are not produced by human beings. My own belief, like that of many others and perhaps including yourselves, is that one or more ET civilizations currently visiting Earth are responsible for the “Genuine” Crop Circles, and that the “Genuine” Crop Circles are being sent to us with the intention of awakening our civilization to the existence of these Visitors in our reality, and to reassure us of the their non-hostile intentions.

I am writing to you to first of all thank you for all of the work you and the BLT Research Team have done in the crop fields to help better define the Crop Circle Phenomenon and to move us ever closer toward a more complete understanding of just what these miraculous creations may mean for mankind. The efforts of BLT Research have made it much more difficult for anyone with an open mind who studies the results of your past Crop Circle investigations to “write off” the Crop Circles as all being simply hoaxes of human origin. If not for the serious attention that BLT Research Team has given to this phenomenon, we would have remained ignorant of the morphologic changes in the affected Crop Circle plants which your group have so clearly documented and which have enabled me and I know many others to understand that the Crop Circle Phenomenon represents so much more than just mischievous human activity.

My other reason for writing to you is to suggest to you that BLT Research Team and CCRF collaborate together in a new avenue of research of the Crop Circles that I believe may hold promise in helping to further define a unique marker that will unfailingly distinguish a “Genuine” (non-man-made) Crop Circle from a hoaxed crop circle of human origin. This study would involve an investigation of the microbiologic flora of the laid plants taken from within the confines of a suspected and freshly produced / discovered “Genuine” Crop Circle formation compared with the microbiologic flora of control plants taken at some distance from the Crop Circle formation. To my knowledge such a study has not yet been carried out by BLT Research or any other group, but I believe that such a study may hold promise.

It is reasonable to suspect that there may exist a readily demonstrable difference in the microbiologic flora of plant samples taken from within and from outside of a “Genuine” Crop Circle formation, and this hypothesis is based in part upon previous conclusions reached by none other than BLT Research concerning the energies involved in the creation of a “Genuine” Crop Circle formation (plasma vortices). In addition, eyewitness accounts of the real-time formation of “Genuine” Crop Circles have included descriptions of “a mist”, which may have been heated water vapor or steam, as well as reports of dead insects, birds, and even a desiccated porcupine which have been discovered within the confines of Crop Circle formations. All of these findings suggest that very significant levels of EM energy may be involved in the formation of a “Genuine” Crop Circle, and we can make a valid hypothesis that these energies may be lethal for much of the microbiologic flora that would otherwise be present within the confines of the Crop circle formation. The microbiologic flora of a freshly produced / discovered and suspected “Genuine” Crop Circle needs to be carefully studied through a scientific protocol aimed at uncovering any unique microbiologic markers which may help to further define a truly “Genuine” Crop circle. My guess is that we might be able to demonstrate that the affected plants within the formation have been essentially sterilized of viable microbiologic organisms.

It is apparent that BLT Research Team has in the past been able to organize similar Crop Circle studies in the U.K., and CCRF would be honored and willing to participate in helping to organize and to fund this study of the characteristic microbiologic flora of a suspected “Genuine” Crop Circle in a collaborative effort with BLT Research, hopefully in the coming 2011 Crop Circle season. Although funding is scarce at the moment for undertaking studies of this nature and surrounding this subject, we are hoping that the public may respond to our fund raising efforts through the CCRF website, and that we may be able to provide significant funding to see this study carried out in this coming summer’s Crop Circle season.

Please let me know of your thoughts about the possibility of BLT Research undertaking a scientific study of the microbiology of the Crop Circles, whether or not you think this avenue of study has merit, and whether or not BLT Research would be interested in participating in this project. For further details concerning CCRF, please see our website at http://cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org.

Thanks once again for all of the work you and the BLT Research Team have carried out. Your efforts have been of immense value to myself and indeed to all of humanity. Most of our world is not yet aware of this, but one fine day they will be.


Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles research Foundation, Inc.

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